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TES for Latinx Learners

En respuesta a nuestra proximidad geográfica con la frontera sur de los Estados Unidos, el Seminario Presbiteriano se ha propuesto  proporcionar educación teológica para la comunidad hispana y latinx.

The best thing that we can do is to invest in people, and a way to do that is to invest in education, invest in your future as a church and in the expansion of the kingdom of God.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary offers theological education in Spanish that is specifically geared toward Latinx communities. Even if your own congregation has no Spanish speakers, there are always opportunities to sponsor Spanish speaking students and international students who want to further their education through our programs. So please consider partnering with us.

Your congregation might use the following resources, available in Spanish, to help promote the need for theological education or to encourage individuals to pursue a call to ministry and leadership in the LatinX community. Share this link with you congregation to hear Pastor Isabel Rivera of the Latin Presbyterian Church of Houston calls on all pastors to have a bigger vision to expand the kingdom of God and invites us all to lift leaders and equip them and prepare them with a solid Theological education base here with our Ministry Certificate!

With this in mind, two of our current offerings in Spanish are. Scroll through the Facebook pages of each for videos and other resources for your congregation:

  • Instituto Maria y Marta (IMM), a 2 year certificate program designed to provide practical theological education to Latina women. Visit our FB page
  • Certificado en Ministerio (CeM),  a 2 year online certificate program in theology, and the arts of ministry. We recently launched our FB page: 
  • Educational Outreach Program: Alongside these two projects we have an educational outreach program, called Undocumented Stories, which offers education about immigration through storytelling events, a traveling gallery and workshops for individuals and congregations or anybody interested in learning more about this topic. Visit Undocumented Stories website

For more information in any of these programs or ways to use these resources for Theological Educaion, please contact Monica Tornoe