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Wednesday, March 13

"He Never Said a Mumblin' Word"

Psalm of Lament

Rev. Linda Whitworth-Reed
Graduate of Austin Seminary
MDiv '08

A Lament based on John 17:6-26

O Christ, my breath is ragged and shallow with grief
for this world’s turmoil…
for the violence that shatters children’s lives…
for the hunger of body and soul for real and spiritual food…
I wonder…
Is your life really on display in me?
Are we really of one heart and mind as you are with your Father?
Is your joy really complete in me?
I live in this culture that too often seems cut off from your love.
I feel daunted by the dimness of your reflection through me.
Have I failed to be all that you created me to be?
Reassure me, O Christ!
So fill me with your love that I may have the courage
in every situation to love as fiercely and as gently as you love.
And help me remember that you still pray for all those who follow you,
even me.

Prayer: I believe. Help me in my unbelief. Amen.

Personal Reflection

Read and reflect upon John 17:6-26
Play the audio above to accompany your time of reflection.