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Austin Seminary seeks to share its rich resources with the broader faith community through three podcasts. "Insights: the podcast" strives to engage listeners with the theological process. "The Austin Seminary Worship Podcast" dives into the experience of planning and preparing meaningful worship services. And "Winsome" explores the individuals and programs that make the Austin Seminary so, well, winsome!

Insights, the Podcast

Insights, the Podcast features long-form, in-depth interviews with faculty authors and convocation speakers. Catch the impromptu intonations, inflections, points of hesitation, and points of heart-felt passion as the authors respond to questions that invite us all to dig deeper. Prepare to be stimulated to richer reflections, questions, and convictions.


The Austin Seminary Worship Podcast

Welcome to the Austin Seminary Worship Podcast! Here, you can listen to faculty and student conversations about the process of worship preparation. Faculty preachers and leaders from Tuesday chapel services talk with Eric Wall, dean of the chapel, along with the Chapel beadles and student worship assistants. We explore preaching texts, music choices, and the collaborative, diverse nature of worship on the Seminary campus. 


Winsome Podcast

Plug in those headphones and join Sarah Allen, director of ministerial formation and advanced studies, and William West, director of financial aid, as they converse with members of the Austin Seminary community about all things faith, life, vocation, and the cherished Polity Bowl.