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“Holy Communion Reflection” is part three of a six-part series inviting you and a small gathering of people to share a meal and engage in intentional conversation during each meal. May this guide attune you to the mysteriously holy experience of sharing a meal.



Before the meal begins each person is invited to introduce themselves by sharing the name they prefer to be called, the pronouns they use, and their favorite type of bread. 


Invite someone to offer a blessing—this, or their own blessing:

Holy One of abundance and welcome, we give thanks for your creation and the goodness that it produces. As we open our mouths to consume and converse, may our eyes, our ears, our hearts, and our minds also be open to the sacred that is among us. Amen.

(All are invited to eat at this time)


  • Invite someone to read “Holy Communion Reflection” by Bruce Schrott.
  • As you read this together pay attention to the thoughts, the feelings, and personal previous experiences that arise.


  • What aspect of Schrott’s piece stood out to you most? 

  • What feelings arose in you? 

  • Schrott’s camp experience led him to profess, “I became aware of the presence of God and God’s love in a way I had never known.” Have you shared a similar experience? Share as you are willing. 

  • Did this piece remind you of any other previous experiences?  

  • Schrott shares his deep appreciation for the Communion Liturgy. What is your relationship to Communion Liturgy? How has it evolved over time? 

  • When called to remember the body of Christ, who is in the cloud of witnesses that comes to your mind? 


  • What is the “parting gift” you will be taking from this shared meal?
  • Invite each person to share a one-word blessing before you depart.