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Congregational Initiatives

Amid the rapidly changing world, it is difficult for individuals to keep up, much less congregations. Part of the mission of Austin Seminary is to partner with congregations to embrace education and innovation to stay rooted in tradition, dream for the future, and live fully in the present. We do this particularly through two initiatives: the 787 Collective and Houses of Hope.

787 Collective

The 787 Collective gathers and resources congregations seeking to engage with young adults through creative ventures that deepen love for God, self, and others. Many congregations express a desire for more young people in their congregations, though often struggle to fulfil that desire. The 787 Collective centers the voices of young adults and invites congregations to listen, learn, and embrace the talents, gifts, and passions of young people not only for the future of the church, but the church today.  

If your congregation is looking to center young adult leadership for today and the future or if you’re looking to broaden your network by the sharing of ideas, creativity, and connection check out our website or join our Resilience Hub

Houses of Hope

At Houses of Hope we seek to fan the embers of hope! Houses of Hope is a transformative process for small-town and rural congregations in Texas and Oklahoma. While many congregations are asking difficult questions about their future, our team of guides invites congregations to prayerfully imagine what God is calling them to in the present.  

If you’re a pastor serving in a rural congregation or a lay leader within your small-town church, and find that hope is waning, we want to partner with you. If your congregation’s ability to dream has been hindered by the struggle to survive, you are not alone. If the thought of a coach accompanying you to explore where God is calling your congregation next sounds life-giving, then Houses of Hope is for you.  

Explore our website or join Our Houses of Hope—a digital community of people asking those same difficult questions you are, people ready to infuse hope into their communities, just like you.  

For more information on our congregational initiatives email Rev. Phil Dieke, Director of Congregational Innovation

Rev. Phil Dieke, Director of Congregational Innovation, administers the 787 Collective and Houses of Hope programs. Contact him at 512-404-4866 or with your questions.