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April 2018

Perhaps it’s a parent affirming your gifts for seminary on Easter morning your senior year of high school.

Perhaps it’s a pastor telling you that you are good enough even when you think yourself unworthy.

Perhaps it’s a mission co-worker riding with you on a bus in the middle of Eastern Europe reassuring you that said pastor and parent were on to something.

Perhaps it’s a church that lets you “hangout.” Do an “internship” even when there is no job description or set goals. Just a time to discern, and see if this “church thing” is for you.

Perhaps it’s a seminary: full of students like you discerning and faculty there to support you even though you are a newlywed and that is hard enough to figure out.

Perhaps in your search of a little grace what you find is that grace abounds.

This is my story. It’s not unique, but it is to me. It’s a story of people moved by the Holy Spirit, to serve as the still, small voice in my life, as I went through my late teens and the most of my 20s trying to answer the question, “Is it I, Lord?”

I suspect you hear a little of your own story in mine, and I suspect you may have a congregant who is on that same journey. You see it in their eyes. You hear it as they talk. You’re aware of it by how they interact with others. Perhaps you’re the parent, pastor, intern supervisor, or church leader that is the catalyst of this spiritual transformation.

Maybe they are a second-career person finally able to invest in what they are truly called to do with their lives. Maybe they are young and about to go off to college, but you know where they are headed. And maybe they are 35 with the seemingly all-American life when they walk in to your office to share with you a story that Samuel couldn’t even top.

The point is, you don’t know what you will do, or how you will influence, but you will. You will help someone like me, or like yourself, at some point. Sometimes it will be the product of deliberate, thoughtful ministry, and other times it will be the still, small voice moving through you in ways you never knew.

So keep at it, good and faithful servants. Discovery Weekend will be at the Seminary October 26-28. Perhaps a new seed will be planted, or as I suspect, it will already be there when they arrive on campus. After all, they’ve met someone like you.

Barrett Abernethy (MDiv’13)

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