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Descriptive Summary

Title: Presbyterian photographs collection
Dates: 1860-1960s
Accession Number(s): 1993-005, 1993-010, 1994-178, 1996-060, 1996-063, 1996-083, 1996-088, 1997-005, 1997-021, 1998-007, 1998-012, 1999-010, 2003-001, 2016-005, 2016-007
Extent: 3 inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Scope and Contents: The Presbyterian photographs collection is an artificial collection of Presbyterian-related photographs donated at various times throughout the Seminary’s history and organized initially by the first archivist at the Seminary. Photographs primarily document the early 20th century history of the Presbyterian Church, primarily in Texas and the southwest. The collection includes photographs donated by individuals as well as those transferred from the Stitt Library or different offices in the Seminary.

The collection consists of four series: Series I includes photographs of Presbyterian Churches in Texas; Series II includes photographs of churches in Missouri; Series III includes photographs of unidentified Presbyterian Churches; Series IV includes individual and group portraits of people either directly or indirectly involved with the Presbyterian Church. Each series includes photographs dating from the 1860s to 1940s.

Description for each photograph depended on various factors including original inscriptions on the actual item, identification of people or places by Seminary staff, as well as print and online resources. Additional information may be found in the holding record for the collection.

Material without an accession number noted is part of accession 2016-007. This material was found on the shelf in the archives with no donor information and officially accessioned when the collection was processed.

Processing Information: Processed by Itza Carbajal, Archives Assistant, May 2016.

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

Index Terms:
Purcell, Malcolm Lee, 1893-1978.
Eastminster Presbyterian Church (Kansas City, Mo.)
Laymen's Missionary Movement (Presbyterian Church in the U.S.)
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Presbytery of South Texas.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Presbytery of Texas-Mexican.
Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States of America.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery (Houston, Tex.)
University Presbyterian Church (Austin, Tex.)
Westminster Encampment (Kerrville, Tex.)
Presbyterian Church--Texas--History.

Other Finding Aids: This finding aid is also available in PDF format, which may be more suitable for printing. Click here to download the PDF version.

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Preferred Citation: Presbyterian photographs collection, 1860-1960s, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
F110 SERIES I –Texas:
  Austin, TX:
     Felder Photo Company. Presentation of old photos, circa 1933-1946
     NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: left to right Stuart Purcell, unidentified, unidentified, Malcolm Purcell, Mayor Tom Miller of Austin
     University Presbyterian Church:
        University Studio. 50th anniversary of the University Presbyterian Church taken at the Parlor, now known as the Edleen Beg Parlor, [1993-005], circa 1942
           NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: Conway Wharton and wife, Jeannette R. Currie, Alice Wharton, Louissa Roe, D.A. Penick, Mrs. L. C. Majors, C. Ellis Nelson, Nancy Gribble Nelson, John A. McCurdy, Miriam Warner, Fred (?) Penick, Stuart Purcell, Albert Purcell, Thomas McElhenney, Robert A. Law, Stuart D. Currie, Eugene E. Wood (?), Rosa Penick, John M. Purcell, Mrs. Pettigrew, Mrs. T. B. Cochran, Rev. and Mrs. Fred (?) Kerns, George Endress, J.B. Wharey, Flynn Long and wife
        Groundbreaking of new sanctuary at the University Presbyterian Church, [1996-088], undated
        NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: James McCord, Daniel Penick, Hulon Black, and Billy Syers (young boy)
  Baytown, TX:
     Brazos Presbytery Church Camp at Camp Ross Sterling [1996-060]:
        YMCA house, people standing on porch, 1943
        Grounds, including cabins, 1943
        Group picture near dock (youth), [two photos], circa 1943
        Group picture near dock (adults), circa 1943-1944
        Group picture near dock, 1944
        NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: Elizabeth Glasscock, Henry Quinius, Martin Singleton, “Manny” Douglas, Sarah Hunt, Palmer Delotus, Elizabeth Hunt, Caroline Purchell, Joy Wade, Margaret Purcell, Oscar Landry, and Mary Landry
  Corpus Christi, TX:
     Karl Swafford Company. First Presbyterian Church, [two photographs], circa 1921-1922 and undated
     T.W. Swofford’s Studio. Unidentified church, undated
FF 6/3 Fort Worth, TX:
     General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church (PCUS). Broadway Presbyterian Church. O.L. Swartz, Photographer, [1998-007], May 1905
F110 Hillsboro, TX:
     First Presbyterian Church, [1996-063], circa 1960s
     NOTE: left to right Rev. and Mrs. Bob R. Moon and Mrs. Jack Pruitt
  Houston, TX:
     St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, groundbreaking, [1993-005], circa 1946
     NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: left to right Malcolm Lee Purcell and Lowry Owen
  Kerrville, TX:
     Austin College Clubhouse at Presbyterian Westminster Encampment, [2016-005], 1910
     NOTE: One of the men pictured is Rev. William H. Foster, Sr.
     Meeting of officers of the Young People’s Conference at Presbyterian Westminster Encampment, [1993-010], circa 1935
     NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: front left to right unidentified, Bill Foster, Sara Bernice Honea (Mosely), Ellis Nelson, unidentified, Fred Schmidt, unidentified, Evelyn Spikes, Linda Wharton (McDonald), Vince Hammond (?) back left to right Bill Elliott, Clark Redman, Gene Wood, John Anderson, unidentified, Ann Tandy (Early), unidentified, Ida Frances Clark, Evans Munroe, John D. Mosely, Mrs. L.C. Majors
  Livingston, TX:
     Brazos Presbytery Youth Council at Camp Cho Yeh, [1996- 060], 1949
        “Brazos Pres Youth going to Cho Yeh,” 1949
        “Getting ready to go to camp Cho Yeh,” 1949
        “Cho Yeh Presbytery Youth Council,” 1949
        “Brazos Presbytery Youth Council at Camp Cho-Yeah (1st year), circa 1949
        NOTE: Subjects include: front left to right Hugh Norman Brown, Jane Ella Brooks, Margaret Purcell, Martha Parse back left to right Margie Stauffer, Phillip Blatt
        “Brazos Presbytery Youth Council at Camp Cho Yeh site,” circa 1949
        Uncaptioned photo, circa 1949
        NOTE: Subjects include: front left to right Margie Stauffer, Margaret Purcell, Martha Parse, Jane Ella Brooks back left to right Hugh Norman Brown, Phillip Blatt
        “Brazos Presbytery Youth Council at Camp Cho-Yeh,” circa 1949
        Uncaptioned photo, circa 1949
        NOTE: Subjects include: Phillip Blatt and Hugh Norman Brown
         Robert H. Johnston Jr. Photographer. Camp Cho Yeh, circa 1950
        NOTE: Subjects include: front left to right Margaret Purcell, Martha Parse, Jane Ella Brooks, Jane Duraps middle left to right Hugh Norman Brown, Bill Schlaudt, Homer Reynolds back left to right Suzanne Oelfke, Sonny Sundermyers, Walter Eldreth, Phillip Blatt
  Natalia, TX:
     Studer’s Photography. Natalia Community Church, undated
     Studer’s Photography. Group portrait, [Natalia Community Church], undated
  Rule, TX:
     Presbyterian Church at Rule, Texas. Built in 1910, while James F. Hardie spent his summer vacation doing home mission work there, during his Seminary days,” February 26, 1950
  Rusk, TX:
  NOTE: James McCord’s home church [1997-005]
     First Presbyterian Church, undated
     First Presbyterian Church historic marker, undated
     First Presbyterian Church altar, undated
     First Presbyterian Church pastor’s study, undated
  Waco, TX:
  NOTE: from Mr. Purcell via Dr. Street
     2nd Presbyterian Church, interior, circa 1896-1899
     2nd Presbyterian Church Manse, circa 1896-1899
     2nd Presbyterian Church minister’s study, circa 1896-1899
     Room in the Adam’s home, circa 1896-1899
F110 SERIES II – Missouri:
  Kansas City, MO
     Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Anderson Avenue and Benton Boulevard, undated
F110 SERIES III – Virginia:
  Richmond, VA
     2nd Presbyterian Church and manse, NE corner of 5th and Main streets, photo taken from the rear, undated
F110 SERIES IV – Unidentified Location:
  Taylor’s Mountain Church, undated
  Stained glass window, undated
F110 SERIES V – Portraits:
     T. W Archibald, 1892
     George Washington Belk Sr. or Jr? , undated
     Evander Dickson Brown, [Austin Seminary faculty, 1904- 1906, 1999-010], circa 1920s
     Studson Photography. George Allen Brown (1834-1925), includes memorial card, undated
     Frank Emmett Clark, undated
     S.M. Erickson, undated
     Robert McAlpine Hall, 1917-1919
     Homeier & Clark Photography. Thomas Cary Johnson, undated
     Stephenson Photography. A. A. Lassle?, undated
     Walter Lee Lingle, undated
     Harris & Ewing Photography. F. Louise, undated
     Ernest Carlyle Lynch, undated
     John Sprole Lyons Jr. or Sr.?, undated
     Majestic Photo Finishers. Mrs. L. C Majors, Synod’s Religious Director of Texas, Dallas, [1998-012, see also group portraits below], circa 1930s
     Homer McMillan, undated
     Samuel Monroe Neel, circa 1888-1912
     Larry Owen, undated
     Benjamin Morgan Palmer, circa 1860
     George S. Cook Photography. W.J. Richardson, undated
     George S. Cook Photography. Henry Ruffner, undated
     Alexander Sprunt, undated
     Henry Hayes Sweets, undated
     [Elias Treviño], undated
     Thornton Whaling, “The newly elected moderator,” undated
  Unidentified individuals:
     Wear’s Studio; Sherman, Texas. Portrait of a man, undated
     Portrait of a man, undated
     Portrait of a man, undated
     Toyohiko Kagawa and Harry White Myers, September 1934
     A.R. Levering Photography. Group portrait, undated
     NOTE: Subjects include: front left to right unidentified, unidentified, Harris Kevk, unidentified, unidentified back left to right unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, James J. Vince, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified
     Mrs. L. C. Majors and Stella Winogene, [1998-012], circa 1930s
     Mitchusson / Conoley family:
        Group portrait of four girls, undated
        NOTE: Subjects include: left to right Ann Elizabeth Sellers Conoley Allcom, Frances Tate Conoley Bonds, Virginia Graham Conoley Boone, Mary Hadley Conoley Bonds
        Group portrait of four girls and a boy, undated
        NOTE: Subjects include: left to right Lucy Anna Conoley Moseley, Sarah Ballentine Conoley McGregor, Catherine Shaw Conoley, Margaret Amy Conoley Mitchusson, Malcolm Cambell Conoley Jr.
        William Edward Mitchusson and Amy Conoley Mitchusson, [tintype], undated
     P.F. Goben Photography. “S.M. Pickett and wife,” 1896
     Group members of South Texas Presbytery Council, [1993-005], undated
     NOTE: Subjects include: standing left to right Cecil H. Lang Jr., Ralph D. Bucy, Malcolm L. Purcell, seated Howard Blake

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