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PURPOSE: The purpose of the Austin Seminary Association shall be to advance the cause of theological education through Austin Presbyterian Theological seminar.

MEMBERSHIP: All former students are by definition members of the Association.  Others are encouraged to become members by declaration of intent to support the Seminary.


  1. The elected officers of  the Association shall be a president, vice president, and a secretary.  The Nominating Committee will propose a slate of officer candidates to the Board during the September meeting, so they may be elected and assume office at the Annual Meeting during the ASA Banquet at the conclusion of Midwinter Lectures.

    Officers shall perform the duties ordinarily expected of such officers and those assigned by the action of the Association.  They shall hold office from the end of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected through the next annual meeting, or until their successors are elected. In addition, the President shall serve as the Association’s liaison to the Seminary Board of Trustees at their stated meetings.

  2.  Should an office be vacated before the end of a term, the successor shall be appointed in a timely fashion by the remaining officers.  

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Responsibility for directing, guiding, and planning shall be entrusted to the Board.  The Board shall also have responsibility for proposing programs which advance the interests and concerns of both its members and those of the Seminary in areas such as, but not necessarily limited to the following:

1.    Communications – maintaining contacts with alumni/ae, and image building.
2.    Interpretation – disseminating news of the Seminary and publicizing its mission.
3.    Planning – developing pilot programs for strengthening its mission.
4.    General Support – recruiting students and raising funds.

The Board shall ordinarily meet twice a year: the third Monday in September and the Monday afternoon of Midwinter Lectures.  The Board shall be composed of the elected officers of the Association, the immediate past president of the Association, and fifteen (15) members who are divided into three (3) classes.  Members of the three classes will normally serve three year terms, beginning with their election at the Annual Meeting.  Insofar as possible, composition of the Board should reflect representation from the presbyteries in the Synod of the Sun. Representation from presbyteries outside the Synod of the Sun is also desirable. The President of the Student Senate shall be an ex-officio member of the Association Board.    

The Seminary Administration shall appoint suitable persons from its staff to assist the Association in its work with such matters as maintaining, coordinating, and administering various tasks.

ASSOCIATION MEETINGS: The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in Austin during Midwinter Lectures.  Other meetings may be held as the Directors deem expedient.

AMENDMENTS: Amendments to the purposes, members, or Board structure of the Association shall be considered by the Board.  The Board shall submit its recommendations to the membership.  No amendments shall be in effect until ratified by a majority of the votes cast at an annual meeting of the Association.


1.    Nominations for Officers and Board Members shall be proposed by a Nominating Committee appointed by the President.  At the discretion of the Board of Directors, election may take place by mailed ballot, or at the annual meeting of the Association.
2.    The Association shall be funded by the budget of APTS.  The Association Board shall submit budget requests to APTS to fit in with the Seminary’s fiscal year and shall report the budget at the annual meeting of the Association.  Gifts from members of the Association are to be made to APTS, rather than to the Association.  

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