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PURPOSE: Austin Seminary Association, under the auspices of the Office of Institutional Advancement of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary exists to communicate, advocate, care and connect at the intersection of Austin Seminary’s mission* and Austin Seminary’s alumni.

*For the glory of God and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary is a seminary in the Presbyterian-Reformed tradition whose mission is to educate and equip individuals for the ordained Christian ministry and other forms of Christian service and leadership; to employ its resources in the service of the church; to promote and engage in critical theological thought and research; and to be a winsome and exemplary community of God’s people.

MEMBERSHIP: All former students are by definition members of the Association. Others are encouraged to become members by declaration of intent to support the Seminary and the Austin Seminary Association.


A.     Membership on the Board shall be comprised of 15-18 members, arranged in classes of up to six each, serving terms of three years’ duration, one class being elected annually. The President of the Student Senate shall be an ex-officio member of the Association Board and the President of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Director of Alumni Relations shall be advisory members of the Association Board.

B.     Nominations for Officers and Board Members shall be proposed by a Nominating Committee elected by the Board. Ordinarily, the Board shall present for election a slate of nominations to the Association at the Annual Meeting.

C.     Ordinarily, Board membership will include members from each of six regions across the United States and shall reflect in its membership selection the church’s commitment to inclusiveness. The Board may also recognize the need for appropriate experience and knowledge of such matters as are required for it to properly exercise its responsibilities. Members of the Board shall be chosen on the basis of their commitment to, concern for, and knowledge of the mission and purpose of Austin Seminary Association. Members of the Austin Seminary Association Board of Directors shall be subject to all policies and procedures of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

D.     Newly elected Board members shall take office at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting ordinarily held in late January or early February. While ordinarily members serve one three year term, members may be eligible for reelection for a second term, after which one year must elapse before they are eligible for another election.

E.     The Board shall hold at least two stated meetings per year, ordinarily the third Monday in September and the Monday of MidWinters. Preferably, two additional meetings may be called by the President at his or her initiative and shall be convened by the President at the request in writing by any five members of the Board. A quorum of the Board shall be composed of a simple majority of filled Board positions. Notice of all meetings shall be conveyed to Board members at least ten days prior to the time of the meeting.


A.            The Officers of the Board, which compose the Executive Committee shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, (all of whom shall be members of the Board) and the Immediate Past President. They shall hold office from the end of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected through the next Annual Meeting, or until their successors are elected. In case offices become vacant, they may be filled by the Board through a recommendation from the Nominating Committee.

B.     The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and at the Annual Meeting. He or she shall be a member ex-officio of all committees of the Board and shall serve as chair of the Executive Committee of the Austin Seminary Association Board. The President shall attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

C.     The Vice President/President Elect shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence, and discharge such other functions as the President shall designate. The Vice President/President Elect assumes the office of President when his or her term concludes.

D.     The Secretary of the Board shall record faithfully all the transactions of the Board Meetings and cause them to be kept in a permanent form. He or she shall maintain a file of Board minutes and papers in the Office Institutional Advancement of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


A.     Responsibility for directing, guiding and planning shall be entrusted to the Board. Further, Board members agree to be guided the “Expectations of Austin Seminary Association Board Members” (See Appendix A). To accomplish its purpose, the Board shall be organized into the following standing committees; The Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Awards Committee.

B.     The Executive Committee shall be composed of four members of the Board to include the President of the Board, who shall serve as the committee’s chair, the Vice President of the Board, the Secretary of the Board and the Immediate Past President of the Board. The Director of Alumni Relations may serve as an advisory member of the committee without vote.

C.     The Nominating Committee shall be elected by the Board. It is the responsibility of the committee to secure qualified candidates for Board membership and its officers to be presented to the Austin Seminary Association membership for election. All discussion related to potential nominees is considered confidential. Copies of all committee action, minutes and final correspondence will be forwarded to and retained in the Office of Institutional Advancement at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

D.     The Awards Committee shall be elected by the Austin Seminary Association Board. It is the responsibility of the committee to secure qualified candidates to be nominated for the Austin Seminary Association Distinguished Alumni Award. The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary catalogue states, “Austin Seminary Association Awards are presented annually to persons who have distinguished themselves through service to the Church.”

In addition to its standing committees, board members, in their various regions are charged with other tasks necessary to accomplish its purpose. These tasks include, but are not limited to the following areas: communication, alumni advocacy, fundraising and recruitment, pastoral care, student engagement and the ongoing interpretation of Austin Seminary’s news and mission. Austin Seminary may appoint persons from its staff to assist the Association with maintaining, coordinating and administering its various tasks.


A.    The approved work of the Austin Seminary Association is funded through the budget of the Office of Institutional Advancement of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. In collaboration with the Director of Alumni Relations, the Executive Committee of the Board shall submit budget requests to Austin Seminary in accordance with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s budget procedures to be approved as part of the Seminary’s annual budget by the Board of Trustees.


A.     Amendments to the purposes, membership or board structure shall be considered by the Board. The Board shall submit its recommendations to the membership and no amendments shall be in effect until ratified by a majority of votes cast at an annual meeting of the Austin Seminary Association.


Appendix A

Expectations of Austin Seminary Association Board Members

(adopted 1-31-2010 and revised 9-18-2011)

1. Attendance at the two board meetings, one in September and the other in January or February in conjunction with MidWinter Lectures.

2. Give to the Annual Fund and participate in fund raising efforts.

3. Attendance at the Austin Seminary Association Banquet which concludes MidWinter Lectures, assuming duties of hosts.

4. Active participation in the selection process of the recipients of the Distinguished Service Awards.

5. Initiate and maintain personal contact with alumni in member’s region.

6. Serve as the liaison for alumni in the member’s geographic region, further developing that function to address needs as defined by the constituency and the Board.

7. Serve as a regional resource of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary news and information, particularly regarding events within the member’s region.

8. Serve as an encourager and facilitator of the recruiting of prospective Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary students.

9. Assist in identifying likely candidates from member’s region to become future Austin Seminary Association Board Members.    

10. Active participation on one of the working committees.

11. Absence from more than two consecutive board meetings is cause for consideration of that member’s removal from the Austin Seminary Association Board.



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