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Descriptive Summary

Title: C. Ellis Nelson papers
Dates: 1907-2011
Accession Number(s): 1994-147; 1994-158; 1996-059; 1996-062; 2007-009; 2010-009; 2011-007; 2015-008
Extent: 15 feet, 10 inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Biographical Sketch: Carl Ellis Nelson (1916-2011) was a leader in Christian education with particular focus on religious education’s role in the socialization and moral education of young people. Nelson was born on March 7, 1916 in Galveston, TX and was raised in nearby Beaumont, TX where his family joined the Westminster Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Reverend T.M. Hunter.

While studying engineering at Texas A&M College, Nelson reconsidered his vocational future and chose to follow his calling to the ministry. He transferred to Austin College in Sherman, TX and graduated in 1937 with an A.B. degree. Nelson received a B.D. from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1940. While a student at APTS, Nelson coordinated the University Presbyterian Church’s youth and student ministry programs. On May 7, 1940 he was ordained by the Central Texas Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. Following his ordination and while teaching religious education at APTS; Nelson simultaneously served as the University Presbyterian Church’s associate minister, the minister to the students at the University of Texas, and the chaplain to the Austin’s State School for the Blind.

In 1944, Nelson was awarded an M.A. in education from the University of Texas. Nelson left Texas in 1945 and took up the post of the director of Youth Work for the Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. in Richmond, VA. From 1948-1957 Nelson again served as a professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, contributing to the expansion of the religious education curriculum and the development of courses on conscience and moral development. In the summer of 1950, Nelson was named the Director of Research for the Texas Legislative Council’s Study of Higher Education in the State of Texas.

Nelson received a Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York in 1955. From 1957-1974, Nelson filled the position of Skinner and McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York. From 1969-1970 he also served as the dean of the seminary. From 1974 until his retirement in 1981, Nelson served as the President and professor of Christian education at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kentucky. From 1984-1985 he was the interim President of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where he served as Research Professor of Christian Education.

Nelson’s prolific corpus of written publications reflect his academic interest in the human conscience, Don’t Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (1978); the moral development of youth, Love and the Law (1963); faith, Where Faith Begins (1967); and religious education, Using Evaluations in Theological Education (1975).

Nelson married Nancy Gribble (1919-2012) in Austin, TX on July 8, 1941. They had three children: Ellis Stark, Joy Elizabeth, and Martha Karin. Nancy Gribble Nelson’s writings and papers are included in their own series within this collection. C. Ellis Nelson died on June 9, 2011, and Nancy Gribble Nelson passed away on February 3, 2012.

Scope and Contents: 190 inches of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, printed materials, sermons, awards, minutes, and reports (1907-2011) are arranged in two groups to document Carl Ellis Nelson and Nancy Gribble Nelson’s personal and professional lives.

Sub-group one is arranged in two series that include Carl Ellis Nelson’s personal and professional papers, artifacts and other items.

The personal series (61.5 inches) is arranged into nine sub-series: correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, biographies, writing, schoolwork, accolades and thesis. Twenty eight inches of correspondence make up the bulk of this series, beginning when Nelson was a student at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and continuing through his retirement (1938-2005). Included is correspondence with Henry Van Dusen, Edward Grant, and David L. Stitt.

Also of interest are three scrapbooks; the first includes documents from the 1920s and 1930s detailing Nelson’s youth in Beaumont, TX, another documents the 1937 “Youth Convention on World Missions” in Atlanta, GA, and the last documents Nelson’s time as the director of the Department of Youth Work in Richmond, VA. There are two bound publications of Nelson’s thesis titled “A Diagnostic Survey of Certain Attitudes and Values Related to the Development of Day Schools in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.” which was submitted in 1955 for his completion of a Doctorate of Philosophy for Columbia University.

The accolades sub-series includes a variety of honors Nelson received throughout his life, including educational diplomas. There are many artifacts, including plaques, hood and gown graduation regalia, a medal and a chalice, included in this sub-series.

The professional series is arranged in four sub-series: minister, educator, consultant, and organizations and conferences. The first, the minister sub-series, includes 17.5 inches of addresses and sermons (1949-2000), undated prayer cards, and reports and minutes from Texas Synod sessions, Presbytery of Central Texas meetings, and the PCUS General Assemblies. Items of interest include the sermons given for his daughter Martha Karin’s ordination and wedding.

The educator sub-series makes up the bulk of the collection (79.5 inches) and primarily contains articles, books, book reviews and other printed materials from Nelson’s prolific career as a Christian educator and writer (1938-2004) and his presidency of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (1973-1976). Documents in this sub-series include correspondence, drafts, advertisements and reviews relating to many of his major publications, including: Growing Up Christian (2008), Don’t Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (1978), Love and the Law (1963), and Where Faith Begins (1967). This sub-series also includes Nelson’s class and lecture notes spanning from 1958-2004. These notes cover many topics including, faith, Christian education and children’s development. Other items of interest include correspondence regarding Nelson’s acceptance of the position of seminary president and documentation of his inauguration.

The third sub-series, consultant, includes eighteen and a half inches of documentation and is arranged by the eighteen institutions or projects for which Nelson served as a consultant or chair (1948-2005). Notable projects include the evaluation of the Association of Theological School standards, the federation of the Presbyterian School for Christian Education and Union Theological Seminary, and the study of public education in the state of Texas.

The fourth sub-series, organizations and conferences, includes twelve inches of materials related to Christian youth and education organization and conferences Nelson attended (1935-2006). Included are regional conferences, (“Texas Synodical Young People’s Conference”) and international conferences, (“World Conference of Christian Youth” and the “World Council of Christian Educators.”) These materials include Nelson’s diaries, correspondence, notes and printed materials dating primarily to the 1930s and 1940s and document the search for Christian unity and understanding before and after World War II.

Sub-group two includes Nancy Gribble Nelson’s artifacts and one inch of papers. These materials include her written memories of her childhood at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, photographs, and one of her Bibles. This sub-group also includes a pocket-sized bible in Gaelic which belonged to Dr. James Campbell, an ancestor of Nancy Gribble Nelson’s, who was a Confederate army doctor during the Civil War.

Processing Information: Processed by Whitney Hughes, Archives Assistant, June 2010. Updated by Mandy Sutton, Archives Assistant, January 2013. Additions processed and updated by Nikole Koehlert, Archives Assistant, April 2017.

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

Index Terms:
Nelson, Carl Ellis, 1916-
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Education.
Union Theological Seminary in Virginia.
Christian education.
Sermons, American -- Texas.

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Preferred Citation: C. Ellis Nelson papers, 1907-2010, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
H005a Sub-group 1: Carl Ellis Nelson
  Series I: Personal
  Correspondence, 1938-2005 and undated
H005b Correspondence, 1938-2005 and undated
E009d Scrapbooks:
     C. Ellis Nelson [youth in Beaumont, TX through his marriage to Nancy Gribble], 1927-1941
     PCUS Department of Youth Work in Richmond, VA, 1936-1948
     “Youth Convention on World Missions,” Atlanta, GA, 1937
B091 Panoramic photographs, undated
H005b Clippings, 1936-1980 and undated
C081a Photographs, 1907-1957 and undated
     H.T. Stark remembrance card, 1907
     Scrapbook clipping, Young People’s Camp Photos (see page for listing of names), 1931
     C. Ellis Nelson portrait, Beaumont, TX, April 5, 1934
     Westminster Encampment photos, including Dr. Walter Lingle and Nancy Gribble’s mother (see attached notes with other names listed), undated
     C. Ellis Nelson and Garland Lang, Westminster Encampment, Kerrville, TX, circa 1935
     C. Ellis Nelson, Montreat, N.C., circa 1935
     Group photos, circa 1935-1939
     C. Ellis Nelson high school portrait, circa 1936
     First Presbyterian Church, Selma, AL, Summer 1938
     Council of Young People’s League, includes C. Ellis Nelson and John Anderson, location unknown, Synod of Texas (see verso for full listing of names), 4” X 5,” circa 1937-1938
     First Presbyterian Church of Selma, AL, Summer 1938
     C. Ellis Nelson standing atop the Mount Bonnell sign, Austin, TX, May 24, 1940
     General Assembly Youth Council, 1940
     “Nieuw Amsterdam,” August 1939
     Youth Conference photos, circa 1936-1940
     Mrs. L.C. Majors, Westminster Encampment, Kerrville, TX, undated
     C. Ellis Nelson receiving his Doctor of Divinity from Austin College, 1954
     C. Ellis Nelson portraits at Union Theological Seminary, Fall 1957
     Inauguration of Professors, Union Theological Seminary, New York (see photo for list of professors), October 23, 1957
  Photographs, circa 1935-1941:
     Young Peoples League Synod of Texas, 3” X 4,” 1935
     Dishwashing crew (Ellis Nelson, Kelly Neal, 5 unknown) at the Westminster encampment, 3.5”X2.5,” Kerrville, TX, 1936
     Synod of Texas Youth Council, 5”X7,” 1936-1937
     Synod of Texas Youth Council, 1937-1938
     Presbyterian Youth Conference, Kerrville, TX, September 4, 1939
     “Texas” group photo postcard, 3.5” X 5.5,” Montreat, N.C., 1937
     “Texas and Oklahoma” group photo postcard, 3.5 X 5.5 Montreat, N.C., July, 27, 1940
     Council of Young People’s League, includes C. Ellis Nelson and John Anderson, Synod of Texas (see verso of duplicate photo in folder 1907-1957 for full listing of names), 4” X 5,” 1937-1938
     Group photo, location unknown, 5” X 7,” circa 1937-1940
     Montreat? Youth conference, 4.75” X 8,” circa 1937-1940
     Montreat? Youth conference, 4.75” X 8,” circa 1937-1940
     Montreat? Youth conference, 4.75” X 8,” circa 1937-1940
     Youth People’s Conference, Westminster Encampment, Kerrville, TX (see verso of photo for listing of names), 8” X 10,” 1941
     Group photo, 7” X 11,” circa 1937-1940
  Photographs, 1964-2011, and undated:
     Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia, Africa, circa 1964
     Opening service, C. Ellis Nelson, Dr. Ritschl, Mr. Rawthorn, September 23, 1969
     World Council of Christian Education, Lima, Peru, 1971
     C. Ellis Nelson teaching his last class at Union Theological Seminary, New York, May 1974
     Inauguration as President, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (LPTS), April 28, 1975
     C. Ellis Nelson portraits, circa 1976
     LPTS meeting with students in cafeteria, circa 1976
     LPTS Graduation ceremony with Rev. Donald J. Barnes (UPC), circa 1976
     LPTS Commencement, May 27, 1979
     LPTS farewell party for Ellis, April 28, 1981
     General Assembly group photo, Shreveport, LA (see verso for list of names), June 1978
     Columbia Seminary visit, group photo (see verso for list of names), 1979
     Family photos, circa 1980
     Ellis and Nancy photos, circa 1975-1980
     Inauguration of Thomas Gillespie as President of Princeton Seminary (see verso for list of names), March 27, 1984
     LPTS photo of Ellis and “thank you” letter, August 26, 1982
     Dedication of Nelson Hall photos of Ellis and family, May 28, 1989
     University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Class of 1990 group photo (includes faculty and students), 1990
     Nancy Gribble and friends, March 1991
     Photos of Ellis and Nancy at Austin College, circa 1990-1995
     Austin Seminary Mid-Winter Lectures group photo (see verso for list of names), 1995
     APTS Commencement, May 17, 1995
     General Assembly with John Mulder and C. Ellis Nelson, 1998
     Austin Seminary Mid-Winter Lectures, group photo (see verso for list of names), February 1, 2000
     Austin Seminary photos, circa 2011
C014a Biographies, 1992 and undated
  Writings, undated
     University of Texas at Austin records, 1937
     Debate team records, Austin College, circa 1933-1937
     Sermon outlines, 1937 and undated
     Dissertation documents, 1954 and undated
     Papers, undated
E033    Thesis: “A Diagnostic Survey of Certain Attitudes and Values Related to the Development of Day Schools in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.,” [1994-158], 1955
F003 Fraternal organization records, 1936-1944
     Education-related diplomas and certificates, 1937-1978:
        Austin College Bachelor of Arts, 1937
        APTS commencement program, 1940
C167B       Diplomas and certificates, 1940
B191       Graduation regalia hood, circa 1940-1944
B192       Graduation regalia cap, circa 1940-1944
B190       University of Texas, Master of Arts in Education, 1944
F003       Austin College Doctor of Divinity citation, 1954
        Austin College Doctor of Divinity, 1954
B190       Columbia University, Doctor of Philosophy, 1955
C167B       Diplomas and certificates, 1978
     Plaques and awards, 1940-2009:
C167B       Austin Seminary Bachelor of Divinity, 1940
F003       Inauguration of C. Ellis Nelson as Professor of Religious Education and Psychology, Union Theological Seminary, October 23, 1957
ART-12       Member - Board of Christian Education,” presented by the Presbyterian Church in the US, 1969-1973
F003       Inauguration invitation and Order of Worship commemorating C. Ellis Nelson as the 6th President of the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, April 28, 1975
        Kiwanis Club of Louisville “thank you” for Nelson’s speech, July 1975
C167B       Centre College of Kentucky, Doctor of Letters, 1978
F003       Women of the Church Honorary Lifetime Membership Award, March 25, 1981
F003       Retirement resolution from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1981
ART-12        “Devoted Service Award,” presented by Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1981
        “Distinguished Service as President of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary,” presented by The Presbyterian Church of the United States, 1981 td>
ART-14        “Margaret Bowen Award for Distinguished Service to Christian Education,” chalice, presented by St. Andrews Presbyterian College, 1981
ART-12       “Distinguished Alumnus Award,” presented by Austin College, 1983
        “Drawing of Austin College, presented by Austin College, 1983
        “Distinguished Service to the Education of the Church and to The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary,” presented by The Austin Seminary Association, 1985
F003       Wizard of Theology” speech honoring Nelson’s work as Austin Seminary Interim President, May 1985
C167B       Ernest Trice Thompson Award, 1987
F003       Ernest Trice Thompson Award, January 22, 1987
        Presbytery of Transylvania, 50 Years of Service, December 4, 1990
        Phi Delta Kappa Lifetime Membership, 1992
        Transcript of speech honoring Nelson given by David L. Stitt, February 29, 1992
ART-12       “Nelson Hall – In appreciation of the years of distinguished service given by Carl Ellis Nelson and Nancy Gribble Nelson,” presented by Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1992
        “Dr. Nelson,” door placard, undated
B192       President and CEO APTS Geezers blue golf shirt presented to Nelson by Randall on his 90th birthday, 1997
F003       Excellence in Education Award, P.C. USA General Assembly, June 1998
        James I. McCord Outstanding Service Award, Austin College, June 23, 1999
        Stephen F. Austin Society Membership resolution, November 8, 2008
ART-12       “Award for Excellence in Theological Education,” presented by Presbyterian Church USA, 1998
        “Stephen F. Austin Society, Nancy and C. Ellis Nelson,” presented by Austin College, November 8, 2008
F003       Senate of Texas, Resolution No. 18, 2009
H006a Series II: Professional
     Certificate of Ordination, 1940
     Addresses and sermons, 1949-2000 and undated
     Prayer cards, undated
     Reports and minutes, 1939-1981
C008a    Audio recordings of sermons:
        Korea, 1984
        Jones Lecture I, undated
        Jones Lecture III, undated
        Mistakes Religious People Make, 1993
        Wake Up! The Hour Is Here, 2000
E019d    Audio recordings on cassette tapes, sermons and interviews, circa 1984-1986:
        Carl Dudley, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL; Side A (1):“Entry into the Ministry”; Side B (2): “Identity in the Congregation”, circa 1984-1986
        Carl Dudley, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL; Side A (3) and Side B (4):”Elements which mobilize congregations,” circa 1984-1986
        Carl Dudley, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL; Side A (5) and Side B (6): “Elements which mobilize congregations,” circa 1984-1986
        “How to see God,” Dr. C. Ellis Nelson, guest minister, First Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX, October 19, 1986
        “John Macquarrie”; Side A: Labelled “Conscience Save,” Ellis’ discussion about book projects with John Macquarrie, Irvington, November 16, year?
        “Nat. Faculty Seminar on Christian Ed.”; Side A: John Dewey lecture, 1984; Respondents: John Coleman, March 5, 1984; Side B: Sara Little interview, 1984
     Audio recordings on microcassette tapes, interviews and events, circa 1995-2003:
        “Bob Bullock” Louisville Seminary discussion with Pastor Bob Bullock (West Isle Presbyterian Church); Side A and B: Theological education discussion mentions Austin Seminary and Hamilton, Texas churches, circa 2003
        “After lunch, PSCE/UTS”;, Side A: Joyce Tucker interview about Louisville Seminary circa 2003; Side B: Group discussion about pastoral care, October 21, 1996
        “CAM Murchelson, June 24, 2003”; Side A: Discussion about Louisville Seminary; Side B: Discussion about Louisville Seminary, June 24, 2003
        “Lewis Weeks”; Side A: Austin hospice care course hosted by Austin Seminary (labeled “Entry into Ministry”), circa 1995-2003; Side B: Lewis Weeks interview about Louisville Seminary, circa 2003
        “Jack Stotts”; Side A: Discussion about theological education; Side B: Blank, circa 1995-2003
        “C. Campbell“; Side A: Louisville Seminary education, interview with C. Campbell, circa 2003; Side B: Group discussion with ? about theological education and internship programs, circa 1995-2003
        “Cassette #1”; Side A: Nelson dictating a paper about the programs for young pastors and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA); Side B: Conversation between C. Ellis Nelson and unknown about the First Presbyterian Church in Austin (note: only 15 minutes of the conversation was captured), circa 1995-2003
        “Cassette #2”; Not playable, undated
        “Cassette #3”;, Side A: Conversation between C. Ellis Nelson and Jason? regarding the search for a new president at Louisville Seminary, circa 2003; Side B: Conversation with Ellis’ doctor, undated, circa 2005 (RESTRICTED)
C016    Video recordings of sermons:
        Festival of Theology, 1999
E078    Sermons [Full sermon index available from the archivist], 1935- 1949
E078a    Sermons [Full sermon index available from the archivist], 1961-1988 and undated
     Sermon ideas and illustrations, undated
     Sermons by others, 1938-1956 and undated
H007a Educator:
     Correspondence, 1993-2008 and undated:
        William L. Dols, Jr., The Educational Center, Saint Louis, MO to C. Ellis Nelson, March 19, 1993
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Frank Egloff (Union Theological Seminary), November 11, 1993 and April 20, 1994
        C. Ellis Nelson to Sandi Dolbee, The San Diego Union-Tribune, December 2, 1993
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Mary Boys, Boston College, February 3, 1994
        C. Ellis Nelson to James Baskin, Attorney at Law, February 15, 1994
        John W. Ehman to C. Ellis Nelson, February 24, 1994 and C. Ellis Nelson to John W. Ehman, March 24, 1994
        Memo from C. Ellis Nelson to Christine Blair, June 1, 1994
        Walter T. Davis, Director of Advanced Pastoral Studies, San Francisco Theological Seminary, January 19, 1995
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Wayne Boulton, Presbyterian School of Christian Education, December 4, 1995
        Michael Warren, Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, St. John’s University, October 5, 1995, December 18, 1995
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Walter Davis, Jr., Director of Advanced Pastoral Studies (San Francisco Theological Seminary), December 27, 1995
        Memo from C. Ellis Nelson to Tina, June 10, 1996
        John M. Mulder, President of Louisville Seminary to C. Ellis Nelson, October 28, 1996
        Allen Early to C. Ellis Nelson, October 31, 1996 and C. Ellis Nelson to Allen Early, November 13, 1996
        Chong K. (James) Baek to C. Ellis Nelson, April 14, 1997
        C. Ellis Nelson to Russell Burns, D.D., April 29, 1997
        Allen Early to C. Ellis Nelson, February 28, 1997 and C. Ellis Nelson to Allen Early, April 29, 1997
        Clayton Bell, Sr., Highland Park Presbyterian Church, open letter to all colleagues urging them to vote against an amendment that alters the definition of marriage as a “covenant between a man and a woman,” September 12, 1997
        Michael Jinkins to C. Ellis Nelson, November 1997
        C. Ellis Nelson to Sandra Bryan, Chandler School of Theology, Atlanta GA, January 6, 1998
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Aubrey Brown, January 14, 1998
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Martin A. Cohen, Hebrew Union College, New York , NY, March 23, 1998 and Martin A. Cohen to C. Ellis Nelson, February 4, 1998
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Allen Early, November 20, 1998
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Dorothy C. Bass, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN, December 1, 1998
        Dr. Dorothy C. Bass, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN to C. Ellis Nelson, December 10, 1998
        Memo from Andy Dearman to Ismael Garcia, Chair of Program and Study Committee, CC: Ellis Nelson, December 11, 1998
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dr. Arthur Van Seters, Knox College, Toronto, Canada, January 22, 1999
        C. Ellis Nelson to Dean James Hudnut-Beumler, Columbia Theological Seminary, January 22, 1999
        Diana R. Garland, Ph.D., Editor, Family Ministry to C. Ellis Nelson, February 4, 1999
        W. Guy Delany, Mo-Ranch Presbyterian Assembly to C. Ellis Nelson, February 15, 1999
        C. Ellis Nelson to President W. Guy Delany, Mo-Ranch Presbyterian Assembly, March 1, 1999
        Barbara Crane, Bethany College to C. Ellis Nelson, January 19, 2000 and C. Ellis Nelson to Barbara Crane, January 26, 2000
        Lee W. Bowman, First Presbyterian Church to C. Ellis Nelson, November 9, 2000
        Lee W. Bowman, First Presbyterian Church to C. Ellis Nelson (includes “A Charge to Dr. Lee Willey Bowman” on the occasion of her installation as Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, KY) November 20, 2000
        C. Ellis Nelson to Walt Davis, San Francisco Theological Seminary, December 8, 2000
        “Annual Epistle to the friends of the Griersons . . .,” Christmas 2001
        Robert H. Bullock to C. Ellis Nelson email correspondence, August 02, 2002
        Ralph D. Bucy to C. Ellis Nelson, September, 25, 2002
        Ralph D. Bucy to C. Ellis Nelson, January 21, 2003
        Ralph D. Bucy to C. Ellis Nelson (includes “What Is Your Defining Moment: A Devotional by Bucy), April, 24, 2003
        C. Ellis Nelson to Glenn Cummings, February 5, 2004 and Glenn Cummings to C. Ellis Nelson, February 1, 2004
        Memo from C. Ellis Nelson to Tina, July 15, 2004
        David Gardner to C. Ellis Nelson, May 17, 2007
        Craig Dykstra, Senior Vice President of Lilly Endowment, Inc., October 20, 2008
        Rev. Barry K. Gaeddert, Bonhomme Presbyterian Church to C. Ellis Nelson, undated
H006a    Printed material:
        Publications, 1938-2005 and undated
H006b       Publications, 1938-2005 and undated
H007a       Publications, 1938-2005 and undated
H010a       Love and the Law, 1962-1968 and undated
        Where Faith Begins, 1967-1980
        Issues Facing Christian Educators, 1968
        Conscience, 1972-1974 and undated
        Using Evaluations, 1974-1975 and undated
        Don’t Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide, 1977-1978 and undated
        Psychology of Faith, 1985-1997 and undated
Cab. 9/1       The Adult Advisor and His Youth Group, 1947
H007b       Growth in Grace and Knowledge, 1992
        Helping Teenagers Grow Morally, 1987-1992 and undated
        Childish Religion, 2003
        Spiritual Formation, 2005
        Congregational Strategy for Nurturing Disciples, 2006
           Next to last revision, June 08, 2006
           Final draft, includes discussion guide, 2006
D022          1 CD labeled “Childish Book,”, June 28, 2006; document title: Spiritual Formation-A Family Matter, final conflated book.doc; book title “A Congregational Strategy for Nurturing Disciples” by C. Ellis Nelson, June 28,2006
H007b        Growing Up Christian, 2008
        Growing Up Christian [advertising materials], 2008-2009
        Outlook Editorials, 1986-1992 and undated
        Book reviews, 1956-2010
        Book reviews (about Nelson’s work), 1988-1995 and undated
        Printed material by others, 1951-2002 and undated
        Advertisements, undated
     Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary:
        Correspondence, 1973-1975 and undated
        Inauguration, 1974-1976 and undated
        Comments, 1974
        Student body, 1976 and undated
        Nelson Hall Christening, 1989
E077 Class and Lecture Notes:
     “4 Lectures on Faith,” 1958
     “Austin Seminary Lectures,” 1959
     “C.E. Strategy – Mo Ranch,” 1961
     “Bible Study – NJ Leadership School,” 1969
     “Brief Sermon on Conscience,” 1970s
     “2 Lectures to U.P.C.E. Assoc.,” 1970
     “Assumption College,” 1972
     “Conscience and Moral Development,” 1973
     “University of Dayton,” 1975
     “Congregation + Growth in Faith – Ewart College,” 1976
     “The Impulse to Teach,” 1977
     “Articles of General Interest,” 1977, 1988 and undated
     “The Church + The Church School,” 1979
     “Family and Community – Wooster College,” 1979
     “How the Congregation Can ‘Build Up the Body of Christ,’” 1979
     “Can Conscience be Born Again? U.T.S.” 1979
     “Atlanta, March 27-28,” 1981
     “Wed. Sept. 16 – Army Chaplains – SFTS,” 1981
     “July 6-11, P.S.C.E.” 1981
     “AP 23-24, Houston,” 1982
     “Minister as Educator,” 1982
     “Synod of Pacific Staff,” 1982
     “Houston, Jan.” 1982
     “Vancouver, July,” 1982
F001    “How Faith is Communicated,” 1983
     “Spring Quarter, 1983. C.E. Workshop,” 1983 
     “Caldwell,” 1983
     “Sacramento, Nov. 14,” 1983
     “Fulton, Missouri. Oct.,” 1985
     “Mainstream Protestantism,” 1988
     “LK Charles, May 7-8,” 1989
     “Love – Lectures – Adelaide, Brisbane,” 1990
     “Montreat, N.C., July 23,” 1990
     “Teenage Morality, Westminster P.C.H. Austin,” 1990
     “ELCA Sept 29 – Oct 1,” 1991
     “Faith Development,” 1992
     “Westlake, Dec. 1992,” 1992
     “Assorted Notes,” 1993-1994
     “Protestant Strategies Christian Ed,” 1993
     “The Purpose (Goal) of Christian Ed,” 1993
     “Dallas, July 22-23, 1993,” 1993
     “Oct 14-16, Dallas, Leadership,” 1993
     “Using Congregational Life for Faith Develop.” 1993
     “Grace Covenant – Richmond,” 1994
     “Developing a Christian Mentality – Durham, N.C.,” 1994
     “Evangelism Through Adult Edu – San Antonio,” 1994
F002    “Changing Roles of Church – Hope Presby Church,” 1995
     “Covenant, June 1995,” 1995 
     “Children’s Image of God, Mission Presby,” 1995
     “Nov. 9-10, 1995, Cleveland, Ohio,” 1995
     “Workshop at LPTS,” 1997
     “Youth Ministry, 1-20-98,” 1998
     “Mission Presbytery,” 1998
     “What is Grown Up Religion? First PC Church,” 1997
     “Univ. PC,” 1997
     “What’s New Seminaries – General Assembly,” 1998
     “LPTS Sermon – Jan 31- Feb 3,” 1999
     “Oklahoma FPC,” 1999
     “Covenant Presbyterian Church,” 1999
     “Presb. School 1st P.C. Houston,” 1999
     “APCE Houston Feb 2000, UPC Feb 13, 2000,” 2000
     “Mo-Ranch April 1,” 2000
     “Mo-Ranch Apr 7-9,” 2000
     “Round Rock PC,” 2000
     “Westminster PC Aus Aug 99, Seton Cove July 2000,” 1999, 2000
     “First Presby Church, Austin, Aug 18,” 2002
     “FPC Women’s Bible,” 2003
     “Mo-Ranch Sept 27-30,” 2004
     “Problem of Socialization,” undated
     “Biblical Conceptions of Faith,” undated
H009a Consultant:
     Academies for Families and Christian Formation, 1994-1997
     ATS Standards, 1956-1997 and undated
     Auburn, 1987-1989 and undated
     Earlham College, 1989-1991 and undated
     Eden Theological Seminary, 1981-1983 and undated
     Education of lay leaders, undated
     Entry into Presbyterian Ministry:
        General, 1992-2002 and undated
        Lilly Grant, 1991-1994 and undated
        Methodist SYP, 1986-1991 and undated
        Startup and first meeting, 1992
           March 10-12, 1992, 1992 and undated
           April 21-22, 1992, 1989-1992 and undated
           May 19-20, 1992, 1992 and undated
           October 13, 1992, 1992-1993 and undated
           September 22-24, 1998, 1998 and undated
        Education for congregational leadership, 1992
        Phase II, 1996-1998 and undated
     Evaluating the Christian Education of Youth, 1956-1961 and undated
     Experimental Program on the Practice of Christian Ministry, 1963 and undated
     Journal of Family Ministry, 1997-2005 and undated
     Lilly Endowment, 1989-1991
     Melbourne PhD Thesis Examiner, 2002
     Presbyterian School for Christian Education:
        PSCE General, 1982-2002 and undated
        Correspondence, 1991-1997 and undated
        Reports, 1995-1996 and undated
        Minutes and agendas, 1993-1997
        Mission and strategic plan, 1990-1996 and undated
H009b       Plan of federation, 1995-1997 and undated
        Expenses, 1996-1997 and undated
        Finances, 1992-1993 and undated
        Faculty and trustees, 1995-1997
        Notes, 1995 and undated
     Public Higher Education in Texas, 1948-1951 and undated
     Search Institute, 1986-1987
     Special Committee of Theological Institutions, 1985-1998
     Stitt (David L.) History, 1984-2003 and undated
     Wabash College, 1994-1995 and undated
  Organizations and Conferences:
     “World Conference of Christian Youth,” Amsterdam, 1939, 1939-1942 and undated
     Association of Professors and Research in Religious Education, 1982-2002 and undated
     “Centenary Conference on Christian Education,” Seoul, Korea, 1984-1992
     “Conference on Evaluation,” 1959 and undated
     “Conference on Evaluation in Theological Education,” 1979-1981 and undated
     “The Congregation as Educator,” Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education and the Religious Education Association, New Orleans, LA, November 24-26, 1996:
        Après Forum, Congregations and the Languages of Faith, Jack L. Seymour and Margaret Ann Crain, November 26, 1996
        Paper presentation, “The Congregation as Educator: Enriching the Understand of Congregational Identity,” by Marsha Foster Boyd, November 25, 1996
        Auburn Theological Seminary’s Congregational Education Project Bibliography
        “The Faith Community as Educator: Problem, Process, and Possibilities,” by C. Ellis Nelson (2 complete copies, 1 incomplete copy with notations)
        “Communications, Communication, and Communion,” by Michael Warren, July 1996
        “The Congregation as Educator: A Way of Putting the Issue,” by Michael Warren
        “How We Are Together: Educating for Group Self-Understanding in the Congregation,” by Maureen O’Brien
        A Suggested List of Religious Practices
        “Bodyfaith and the Mind’s Heart: Educational Healing For Community,” by Dr. Sally Naylor Johnston
     International Seminar on Religious Education and Values, 1991-2006 and undated
     “Lexington Seminary,” Lexington, KY, 1999 and undated
     National Council on Religion and Public Education, 1973-1974 and undated
     “National Faculty Seminar,” 1981-1988 and undated
     “World Council of Christian Educators,” Nairobi, 1967, 1967-1968 and undated
     “World Conference of Christian Youth,” Oslo, 1947, 1947 and undated
     “World Federation of Democratic Youth,” Prague, 1945, 1945-1947 and undated
     Princeton Youth Ministry, 1984-1998 and undated
     Richmond Youth Work, 1945-1951 and undated
E051    Student League, 1935-1951 and undated
     Symposium on Religious and Moral Education, 1972
     “Texas Synodical Young People’s Conference,” Kerrville, TX, 1935-1938 and undated
     University Presbyterian Church Student Work, 1940-1943
     Young People’s Council of the General Assembly, 1936-1938 and undated
C014a Sub-group 2: Nancy Gribble Nelson
  Writings, 1981, 2000
  General, 1980-1981
C081a Photographs, 1977, 1980
H007a Holy Bible, gift from Cornelia and Selma Nelson, 1995
E009d Pocket-sized Bible in Gaelic which belonged to Dr. James Campbell, an ancestor of Nancy Gribble Nelson’s, 1785

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