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SYNOD OF TEXAS (PCUS) COLLECTION, 1851-1972, 1995-1998

Descriptive Summary

Title: Synod of Texas (PCUS) collection
Dates: 1851-1972, 1995-1998
Accession Number(s): 1992-006; 1993-009; 1994-155; 1994-193; 1994-208; 1996-012; 1996-049; 1996-061; 1997-025; 1999-004; 2008-002; 2010-004; 2010-007; 2011-001; 2011-007; 2011-008; 2012-005; 2012-007; 2016-010; 2017-013
Extent: 62.5 linear inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Administrative History: The Synod of Texas was originally formed as part of the U. S. Presbyterian Church in 1850 and held its first scheduled meeting on October 30, 1851. Due to intense division between Old School and New School Presbyterian churches, in 1861 the Synod of Texas followed Old School dissenters and joined the newly formed Presbyterian Church of the Confederate States of America. The denomination changed its name in 1865 to the Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUS) in order to distinguish itself from its northern counterpart, the Presbyterian Church in the United States of American (PCUSA). In 1868 PCUSA sympathizers withdrew from the synod, reconstituting themselves in 1878 as the Synod of Texas, PCUSA.

The original synod was formed from the Presbytery of Brazos, and was subsequently divided into three smaller presbyteries; Brazos, Eastern Texas, and Western Texas. As the synod grew, new presbyteries were formed, including Austin, Central Texas, Brownwood, Dallas, El Paso, Central Texas Union, Fort Worth, John Knox, Mid-Texas, North Eastern Texas, Paris, Southern Texas and Southwestern.

The Synod of Texas (PCUS) was actively involved in social programs, and attempted to reach and affect a diverse membership. The synod sought to better the lives of minorities and the physically and economically disadvantaged through missionary outreach, welfare services, anti-poverty campaigns, and mental and physical health programs.

Although the Synod of Texas (PCUS) was administered independently of the Synod of Texas (PCUSA) and the Synod of Texas, United Presbyterian Church in the United States of American (UPCUSA), by 1971 efforts were made for administrative cooperation with the UPCUSA synod. Joint committees were formed and joint meetings held between the Synods of Texas PCUS and UPCUSA in attempts to elect one person to serve as Joint Executive of both synods. Also in 1971, the Synod of Texas (PCUS) discussed joining the Synod of Louisiana (PCUS) and the Synod of Arkansas-Oklahoma (PCUS) in forming a larger regional synod. In 1973 they joined together to form the Synod of Red River. In 1983 the Synod of Red River (PCUS) and the Synod of the Sun (UPCUSA) joined together to form the Synod of the Sun (PCUSA).

Scope and Contents: This is an artificial collection of materials relating to the Synod of Texas (PCUS) that have been collected by the Austin Seminary Archives, including minutes, financial records, printed material, scrapbooks, photographs, and other documentation of the work of the Synod. The collection is divided into the following series: Synod Meetings; Committees & Councils; Finances and fundraising; Affiliated Institutions; Synod Publications; Presbytery albums; General; Photographs; and Artifacts.

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Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

Index Terms:
Austin College (Sherman, Tex.)
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Presbyterian Child Placement Agency (Dallas, Tex.)
Presbyterian Children’s Home and Service Agency (Itasca, Tex.)
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas.
Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly.
Presbyterian Pan-American School (Kingsville, Tex.)
Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls (Taft, Tex.)
Schreiner Institute.
Southwestern Presbyterian Home and School for Orphans.
Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute.
Westminster Encampment (Kerrville, Tex.)
Church fund raising.

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Preferred Citation: Synod of Texas (PCUS) collection, 1851-1972, 1995-1998, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
Shelves/cabinets Synod Meetings:
     Print copies, 1851-1957, 1959-1972
     Microfilm [six reels], 1851-1965
C089    Facsimile edition of 1856 Synod meeting minutes, undated
     “An Address before the Synod of Texas at Houston on the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Synod,” by S. F. Tenney, October 1905
     The Fiftieth Session of the Synod of Texas Held in the Second Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, [souvenir booklet with photographs], November 22, 1905
C103 Committees & Councils:
  Executive Committees:
     Reports of Executive Committees to the Ninety-Seventh Session of the Synod of Texas, September 9-11, 1952
  Sub-Committee on Christian Higher Education:
     Minutes, November 19-20, 1962
  Committee on Christian Relations:
     “Biblical Teaching, Reformed Theology, Presbyterian Practice as regards Church and State,” May 19-21, 1959
     Report of the Permanent Committee on Christian Relations to the 1965 Session of the Synod of Texas, May 18-20, 1965
  Church Extension Field Council:
     Report [includes Minutes, 1960 Population, Latin American Work, and Presbytery Reports], June 28-29, 1960
  Medical Center Committee:
     Report to the Synod, October 1951
  Committee on Program, Publicity and Research:
     A Study of Texas Presbyterian Ministers, Officers, and Churches, Presented at the Centennial meeting of the Synod of Texas, October 9-11, 1951
  Synod’s Campaign Committee:
     Report to the Synod of Texas, 1956 and undated
C104 Finances and fundraising:
  Synod Audit Reports [1996-012], 1939-1949, 1961-1970
  Presbyterian Educational Fund, audit report, 1947-1949
B075 Texas Presbyterians Together for Christ fundraising campaign, scrapbook, [1956]
C103 Where Your Treasure is…!: The Story of the Texas Presbyterian Foundation, by Thomas W. Currie, Jr. [2010-004], 1995
C083 Affiliated Institutions:
  Austin College:
     The Chromascope / Sherman, Texas / Volume IX, [Austin College yearbook, 2011-001], 1908
C105    Proposed consolidation of student loan and endowment funds, 1943
     Board of Trustees report to Synod, 1943-1945
     Financial data, 1948-1954
     Audit reports, 1953-1960
B025    Photograph: Campus shot with Wynne Chapel in the background, color slide, November 1966
C105 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary:
     Board of Trustees report to Synod, 1943-1945
  Southwestern Presbyterian Home and School for Orphans:
  Note: Merged with Presbyterian Child Placement Agency to form the Presbyterian Children’s Home and Service Agency in 1955
     Report to Synod, 1943-1945
     Audit reports, 1950-1954
  Presbyterian Child Placement Agency:
  Note: Merged with Southwestern Presbyterian Home and School for Orphans to form the Presbyterian Children’s Home and Service Agency in 1955
     September 1953-December 1954
  Presbyterian Children’s Home and Service Agency:
     Audit reports:
C106       1964-1971
C016    Photograph: Children playing on swing set, color slide, ca. 1960s
B025    Video: “Home – A Place to Come to,” [VHS, from the Mission Presbytery Resource Center], 1992
C106    “A Place to Call Home,” brochure, undated
C106 Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls:
  Note: Merged with the Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute to form Presbyterian Pan-American School in 1955.
     Board of Trustees report to Synod, 1943-1945
     Audit reports, 1930-1955
  Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute:
  Note: Merged with the Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls to form Presbyterian Pan-American School in 1955.
     Board of Trustees report to Synod, 1944-1945
     Audit reports:
C107       1950-1954
  Presbyterian Pan-American School:
     Board of Trustees Meetings, 1959-1960
B025    Photographs, ca. 1960s
C107    Audit reports:
        [Including separate reports for the Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls and the Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute], 1956
C016    Video: “Presbyterian Pan American School,” [VHS, from the Mission Presbytery Resource Center], circa 1990s
  Schreiner Institute:
     Board of Trustees report to Synod, 1945
     Audit reports, 1952-1958
     The Mountaineer, Volume XXXV, Number 1, September 21, 1957
C164b    Proud promise: the story of Schreiner Institute / College, 1923- 1998, Don Hedgpeth, Kerrville, Tex : The Press of the Guadalupe at Schreiner College, [2011-004; also available in Stitt Library collection, call number: q LD4881.S85 H4 1998], 1998
C103 Westminster Encampment:
     Typed minutes (copies) from the board of the Westminster Encampment, from the papers of Thomas White Currie, Jr. [2016-010], 1904-1950
B025a    Photographs [12 black and white photographs, 1996-061, selected captions below], circa 1934-1935
        “Quartet: Joe, me, Ruth Lewis, Pat Marse”
        “Leland Murphy, John D. Mosely, Tommie Smith”
        “Presbytery Presidents”
        “Highway Chairmen”
        “Warren Hall”
        “Ed Bayless”
        “The Big Three: Richard – President; Evelyn – Vice President; Grace – Secretary”
        “We all lived together”
        “Don Cowan, 1934”
        “H. Leland Murphy, Paul Pratt, Jonathon D. Moseley, Eugene Wood, Thomas Smith Jr., Martha Logan, Bill Strauss, Ellis Nelson, Margaret Kerlagon, Lillie Marie Caskl, Lisa-Marie Nelson, Bobby Bull[?], Evelyn Green, Warren R. Hall Jr., Maida Mauryne McRamey, mary Etta Banks, Kelly Neal, Dick Scobu[?], Lawrence Wharton, Mrs. L. C. Majors, Caroline Faulker [?],” 1935
C107    Presbyterian Synodical Young People’s Conference [including The Howl o’ the Hills camp newsletter, Volume 11, 1938], 1934-1938
     Statement of Operations, October 1930-Summer 1933
C108    Audit reports and financial documentation, September 1933-1949
  Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly:
     Audit reports:
        September 1950-1964
C109       1964-1970
C089 Synod Publications:
  The Fiftieth Session of the Synod of Texas, Held in the Second Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, [includes portraits], November 22, 1905
  Presbyterian Expansion in the Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., prepared and published by order of the Synod, [two copies, also available in the Stitt Library stacks, 1999-004], 1927
  “A Paper on Early Cumberland Presbyterian History in Texas,” read in part by Rev. S.M. Templeton in a joint session of the Synods of Texas, U.S. and U.S.A. in Fort Worth, Texas, September 23, 1931
  The Howl o’ the Hills camp newsletter, Volume 11, No 1-5, [2011- 007], June 1938
  Standing Rules and Manual of Operation, 1938, 1953-1958, 1960, 1961, 1965
B031b “The First Hundred Years: A Review of the Hundred Years’ History of the Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.,” by the Rev. James F. Hardie and “Reformed According to the Word: The Faith of the Reformation,” by Rev. James I. McCord, Delivered before the Synod of Texas Presbyterian Church in the U. S. in the First Southern Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, [2012-007], October 9-11, 1951
  A Study of Texas Presbyterian Ministers, Officers and Churches, Committee on Program, Publicity, and Research, Synod’s Council of Texas, PCUS, Presented at the Centennial Meeting of the Synod of Texas, Austin, Texas, October 9-11, 1951
  “Synodical’s Fiftieth Birthday,” [photocopied clipping], The Texas Presbyterian, November 1, 1954
Shelves Church Statistics [2012-005], 1958-1966, 1968-1970
B031b Communicant and Population Data: The State of Texas – 1960, by Norman N. Huneycutt, Joint Presbyterian Synods’ Planning Survey, October 1963
  The Mexican American Churches in the Synod of Texas, published by the Mexican American Task Force of the Synod of Texas, Presbyterian Church in the U.S., 1971
B179a Texas Presbyterian, [2011-008, continued as The Presbyterian, see the Congregational History Collection]:
     Special issue: “100th Anniversary of the Synod of Texas,” Volume 1, Number 1, [sleeved and bound in an embossed binder, 2017-013], October 1951
B179    Volume 1-4, [missing Volume 3:5, August 1954], 1951-1956
B180    Volume 5-11, 1956-1962
B181    Volume III-IV, 5-11, [missing Volume 11:9, September 1971], 1963-1971
B179    Volume 12, 1972
     See also: Bound Archives Copy 2 set shelved with Folios [2011-008], microfilm rolls M102, M133, M424, M766, M1028, and bound serial f BX8901.T432
C031 Presbytery albums [94-208], October 9-11, 1951:
  Note: The Presbytery albums were compiled for the 1951 meeting of the Synod of Texas by E. A. Dean, secretary-treasurer of the Synod. They primarily consist of photographs of the churches (past and present, through 1951) within the presbytery. Also included are samples of letterhead, lists of pastors, membership and Sunday School attendance figures and other information.
  Presbytery of Brazos [two albums, second duplicates some material from the first]
C032 Presbytery of Central Texas
  Presbytery of Dallas
C031 Presbytery of El Paso
C032 Presbytery of Mid-Texas [two albums]
C033 Presbytery of Paris:
     Two albums
B031a    Correspondence and documents related to the collection of information for the albums
C032 Presbytery of Texas-Mexican
C033 Presbytery of Western Texas [two albums]
I001 Artifacts: Original albums, 1951
C103 General:
  Letter to alumni from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia [includes list of graduates from the Synod of Texas; 2010-007], 1916
B025a General photographs:
  Group photograph, “Synod of Texas convened at Tyler, Texas, October 17-18, 1888, Rev. W. N. Dickey, Moderator,” H. ?. Hiester, Photographer, Tyler, Texas, [1993-009], 1888
  Synod of Texas reorganization and Synod staff [Gene Dean, Jim Campbell, Lena Clausell, Linda Zeigler and unidentified man], ten color transparencies and six slides, 1965-1968
Archives Office Artifacts:
  Texas Synodical Gavel
C103    Description of gavel and W. S. Red, written and signed by Malcolm Purcell, [2010-007], September 19, 1952

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