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Descriptive Summary

Title: William Stuart Red collection
Dates: 1847-1936
Accession Number(s): 1996-072; 2007-009; 2010-006
Extent: Four feet and eight inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Biographical Note: William Stuart Red (1857-1933), a Presbyterian minister, author, and historian, was born in 1857* in Texas to parents who were among the first Presbyterians in the Republic of Texas. Red studied at Austin College, Princeton Theological Seminary, Austin School of Theology, and abroad in Germany and Scotland. Red served many churches in Texas, was chaplain of Texas A&M from 1892-1894, editor of the Texas Presbyterian from 1894 to 1897, and moderator of the Synod of Texas in 1902. Red was an advocate of historical preservation and theological education in Texas, and was instrumental in the foundation of what are now the Historical Foundation of the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches at Montreat, North Carolina, and the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas.

Red retired from the pastorate in 1919 to focus his efforts on writing two historical books, The Texas Colonists and Religion (1924) and A History of the Presbyterian Church in Texas (1936). Red spent many years of his life gathering materials for the latter book, and at least the last ten years of his life writing it. Red died before he could complete the book and his widow and nephew, using his collected research material and manuscripts, completed the volume.

*Note: Some sources (including the Ministerial Directory of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., 1861-1941) list Red’s birth in 1860.

Scope and Contents: Four feet, two inches of research files comprised of correspondence, typewritten transcripts of newspaper articles, minutes, published material, drafts, record books, and handwritten notes (1847-1936), used in the completion of William Stuart Red’s A History of the Presbyterian Church in Texas, reveal Red’s research methods and processes. The material is largely undated, and refers to early Presbyterians, Presbyterian schools and other Presbyterian institutions in Texas. Material is arranged in five series in accordance with the sections in Red’s history: Pioneer Days, The Synod and Presbyteries, Texas Presbyterians and Education, Pioneer Presbyterians, and a General file, respectively. The bulk of the material found in each series is typewritten transcripts of newspaper articles from the 1840s and 1850s, which is undated but was likely created and compiled in the 1920s and early 1930s. Also voluminous throughout the collection are solicited accounts of the lives of Presbyterian pioneers in Texas written in letters to Red by the pioneers’ family members. Additional research material includes notations from archival research in the Austin and Bexar collections, newspaper clippings, and early drafts of each chapter of the book.

Series I, Pioneer Days, reports upon the many difficulties early Presbyterians in Texas had in light of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in the area. The material in Series II, The Synod and Presbyteries, records the formation of the structure of Presbyterian Church in Texas, including splits in the church. Section III, Texas Presbyterians and Education, is the most voluminous, and contains detailed files on the history and evolution of Texan Presbyterian educational institutions, in particular Austin College and the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Series IV, pioneer Presbyterians, contains biographical sketches of more than 160 pioneer ministers and ministers’ wives, though only a fraction of these are included in Red’s history. The final series, General, is comprised primarily of Red’s “clippings” files, which contain various notations, typewritten transcripts of newspaper articles, and newspaper clippings relating to the history of Presbyterianism in Texas. This series also includes a folder of material relating to Red from Rev. Malcolm Purcell including a clipping, photograph, and some handwritten notes.

Materials in accession #2007-009 were originally held at the Montreat office of the Presbyterian Historical Society. They were transferred to the Austin Seminary Archives in 2007. Original folder titles and folder/subject groupings have been retained, but the order of folders has been changed from the order in which they arrived.

Materials in accession #2010-006 were found in a box of materials gathered from a 1992 inventory of the archives and added to the collection by the archivist in 2010.

Two copies of newspapers have been removed from the collection, from within the General series: The Gonzales Inquirer “Anniversary Edition,” Thursday July 19, 1923, Vol. 71, No. 5, and The Orphans Herald, January 1931, Vol. 22, No. 7. Other newspaper articles and clippings in the collection have been replaced with photocopies and discarded.

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

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Index Terms:
Red, William S. (William Stuart), 1857-1933.
Austin College (Sherman, Tex.)
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas.
Presbyterian Church--Texas--History.
Presbyterian universities and colleges.

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Preferred Citation: William Stuart Red collection, 1847-1936, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
C059   Series I: Pioneer Days (Section 1), 1900-1933
    Early Pioneering—Section 1, undated
    Early History of Texas, undated
    History of Texas, sundry letters (1 of 2), 1919-1933
    History of Texas, sundry letters (2 of 2), 1902-1904, undated
    Missionary Work, undated
    Indians, 1932
    Mexican Work, 1930
    Mexicans and Mexico, 1900-1930
    Foreign Missions for Texas, undated
    Domestic Missions, 1925-1927
    Biographical data [ministers and churches], undated
C060   History of all local churches A-L:
       A-B, 1902, 1925-1929, undated
       C, 1909, 1932, undated
       D (Dallas), 1914, 1928
       E-L; unidentified, 1906, 1924, undated
       G, 1923, 1935, undated
       H, 1924-1929
C122   Drafts, undated:
       Ch. 1-3
       Ch. 4-6
       Ch. 7-10
    Research material:
       Correspondence and notes, 1914-1936
C060   Series II: The Synod and Presbyteries (Section 2), 1898-1928
    Section Two Originals, undated
    Minutes of Synod of Texas (extracts) 1890-1894, undated
    Minutes of Texas Presbytery/Synod (Cumberland), undated
    Notations for history of Synod, undated
    Presbyteries, 1898, 1907, undated
    Presbyteries and Synods, 1914
    The Synod and Presbyteries, undated
    Minutes of Brazos Presbytery 1840-1857, undated
    Presbytery of Western Texas/Brazos Presbytery, undated
    Central Texas Presbytery, undated
    Presbytery of Eastern Texas, 1928, undated
    Presbytery of Western Texas, undated
C061   Texas Presbytery (New School), 1927-1928, undated
    Presbyterian Historical Society, 1911, undated
    Sunday School Union, undated
    U.S. and U.S.A., 1922-1925, undated
    Presbyterian Church U.S. and U.S.A. (in Texas), undated
C122   Drafts, undated:
       Ch. 1 (2 folders)
       Ch. 2-3
       Ch. 4-5
    Research Material:
       Correspondence and notes, 1930
       Correspondence, 1929
       Correspondence--Ch. 2, 1908
C061   Series III: Texas Presbyterians and Education (Section 3), 1887-1933
    Early education in Texas:
       1887, 1932, undated
       T.P.C., 1924, undated
       Duplicates, section III duplicates, undated
    Education, undated
    Early schools, undated
    Schools and Colleges—General, 1924-1925, undated
    Presbyterian educational institutions/Exec. Comm. of Schools and Colleges, 1915-1929
    Early education in Texas—Austin College original, undated
    Austin College:
       Austin College appendices, undated
       Austin College data, 1917, 1930, undated
       Publicity materials, 1931
       Loose material, 1924, 1932, undated
       Austin College, Austin School of Theology, Texas Pres. Univ. (R.K. Smoot), 1919-1925
       1924, undated
       Trustees Lists, undated
       Presidents, undated
       Inaugural of Dr. Bailey, undated
       Biographies—Charter Trustees of Austin College / biographies to be typed, undated
       Sundry letters, clippings—Austin College, 1924-1930
    Texas Presbyterian College for Girls, undated
    Daniel Baker College, 1920-1927, undated
C063   Austin School of Theology:
       1930, undated
    Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary:
       1914-1928, undated
    Texas Literary Institute/Texas Educational Conventions, undated
    Round Rock Institute, 1926-1931
    B. J. Smith’s School, undated
    Live Oak Seminary, undated
    Live Oak and Stuart Female Seminaries Reunion, 1927-1943
    Stuart Seminary, 1891-1933
    Various schools, 1903-1921
    Schreiner Institute, 1929-1931
    Evangelical Theological Seminary, 1928, undated
C064   Presbyterian Encampment, 1916-1929, undated
    Orphans Home [20th Century Fund], 1914-1928
    Methodist education, undated
    Baptist Church, undated
C122   Drafts, undated:
       Ch. 1
       Ch. 2
       Ch. 3
       Ch. 4
       Ch. 5
       Ch. 6-8 (2 folders)
    Research Material:
       Correspondence and notes, 1929
       Correspondence, 1914
C111      Samuel McKinney Photograph, undated
C064   Series IV: Pioneer Presbyterians (Section 4), 1847-1933
    Biographical Sketches of Ministers A-Z:
       A, undated
       B (1 of 2), 1915-1929
C065      B (2 of 2), 1913-1929
       C (1 of 2), 1900, undated
       C (2 of 2), 1916, 1933, undated
       D, undated
       E-F, 1916-1931
       G, 1927, undated
       H (1 of 2), 1914-1931
       H (2 of 2), 1931, undated
       J, 1931, undated
       K, undated
       L, 1900, 1916, undated
       M (1 of 2), 1909-1929
C066      M (2 of 2), 1929, undated
       N, undated
       P, 1916-1933, undated
       R-S, 1873, undated
       R-S, 1914, 1924, undated
       S, undated
       T, 1907, undated
       V, 1910, 1914, undated
       V-W, 1890, 1904, 1916, undated
       W, 1906, 1924, 1929, undated
       W, 1847, 1875, 1916, undated
C122   Drafts:
       Drafts, undated
C120      Drafts, undated (2 folders)
    Research material:
       Research notes—biographical sketches, undated
       Research correspondence, 1914-1931
       Research article, 1914
C067   Series V: General, 1900-1933
    Sundry letters, clippings:
       (1 of 5), 1905-1930
       (2 of 5), 1908-1931
       (3 of 5), 1900-1926
       (4 of 5), 1909-1933
       (5 of 5), 1904-1927
    Clippings—Scrapbook, notation book, undated
       (1 of 4), 1912-1929
C068      (2 of 4)—Notations, undated
       (3 of 4)—Notations, undated
       (4 of 4), undated
    Notations, undated
    Notations, undated
    Biog, laymen:
       Negroes, undated
       Evangelism, 1923-1930
       Laymen (Presbyterian), 1907-1931
    Periodicals of Texas, 1923-1932
    Texas Bible Society, undated
    General, 1907
    General, undated
    From Rev. Malcolm Purcell [2010-006]:
       Photograph of Live Oak Seminary building, circa 1926
       Clipping, “Texas Feudists Quit When Early Day Practitioner Begins Praying in Street: Dr. George Clark Red, Sought by Women to Stop Killings, Resorts to Unique Method – Pioneer Family and Education. Does Much for Religion,” by Mabelle Purcell, from San Antonio newspaper, [includes information on William Stuart Red and rest of Red family], October 1933
       Financial notes, circa 1934-1935
C111   Photographs, undated

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