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PENICK (DANIEL ALLEN) PAPERS, 1801, 1910-1934, 1949

Descriptive Summary

Title: Daniel Allen Penick papers
Dates: 1801, 1910-1934, 1949
Accession Number(s): 1992-014
Extent: 2 feet, 11 inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Biographical Note: Daniel Allen Penick (1869-1964) was a Presbyterian educator in Texas who taught classical languages and other courses at both the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and The University of Texas at Austin. Penick was born in Cabarus County, North Carolina, graduated from the University of Texas in 1892, received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins in 1898, and returned to the University of Texas a year later where he taught classical languages. He received his full professorship at the University of Texas in 1917. From 1921 to 1938, students of the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (APTS) registered at the University of Texas to take his classes and were reimbursed by APTS for the fees. In 1939 APTS hired a professor to teach classical languages, and gradually Penick assumed the role of instructor of New Testament Languages and Exegesis at APTS.

Aside from local activities, Penick also wrote several books. In 1902 he wrote Herodotus in the Greek Renascence and Notes on Lucian’s Syrian Goddess. He edited and contributed notes and vocabulary to Bellum Catilinae (1908) and co-authored Latin with Leslie C. Procter (1927). Just prior to his death he compiled Fifty Years of Student Work at the University Presbyterian Church, edited by DeWitt C. Reddick.

In addition to teaching at the University of Texas and APTS, his accomplishments span a wide spectrum of interests. He served as the University of Texas tennis coach, the president of the Southwest Conference, assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Texas, and choir director and teacher at the University Presbyterian Church (organized by his father Dixon Brown Penick, among others).

Penick’s work for Presbyterian education across Texas is evidenced by his activity with the Synod’s causes. He served as the chairman of the Committee on Schools and Colleges of the Synod of Texas, the Synod’s Stewardship Committee, and the Committee on Home Missions. Penick Also served as the Vice-Chairman of the Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement of 1923-1924, which set out to raise $1,350,000 to pay off debts incurred by the Presbyterian institutions in Texas and to raise money for improvements to those schools.

Known for his dedication to education and Presbyterianism, Penick continued to work at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary well into his 70s.

Sources: Thomas White Currie, Jr., Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 1978), 93.

Scope and Contents: Daniel Allen Penick papers (1801, 1910-1934, 1949; 3,015 leaves 2,113 items) are arranged into the following series; I. Executive Committee of Schools and Colleges, II. Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement, III. Committee on Budgets and Audits, IV. Relocation of Texas Presbyterian College, V. University Presbyterian Church, VI. Stewardship Committee, VII. Committee on Home Missions, VIII. University of Texas/Southwest Conference, and IX. General. See the series abstracts below for more information on the contents of each series.

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

Related Collections:: Another collection of Daniel Allen Penick’s papers, ranging from 1888-1946, is located at the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. See: Robert Benedetto, Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the Presbyterian Church, U. S. (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press 1990), 440.

Index Terms:
Baird, Joseph Simon, 1869-1957.
Dickey, Brooks Irving, 1874-1944.
Hollinrake, S. P.
Leslie, J. D. (John Douglass), 1860-1935.
McGill, Stephenson Waters, 1870-1951.
Nesbitt, Raymond.
Peden, E. A.
Penick, Daniel Allen, 1869-1964.
Sweets, Henry H. (Henry Hayes), 1872-1952.
Tenney, Benjamin Kingsbury, 1889-1952.
Thompson, French Woodville, 1876-1961.
Austin College (Sherman, Tex.)
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Daniel Baker College (Brownwood, Tex.)
Schreiner Institute.
Southwestern Presbyterian Home and School for Orphans.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas--Committee on Home Missions.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas--Executive Committee of Schools and Colleges.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas--Stewardship Committee.
Texas Presbyterian College (Milford, Tex.)
Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement.
University Presbyterian Church (Austin, Tex.)

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Preferred Citation: Daniel Allen Penick papers, 1801, 1910-1934, 1949, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
B052   Series I: Executive Committee of Schools and Colleges, 1921-1928:
    Note: Correspondence, minutes, printed materials, financial documents, circular letters, and handwritten notes document the activities of the Executive Committee of Schools and Colleges of the Synod of Texas as they attempted to foster growth while struggling to stave off debts in Presbyterian educational institutions of higher learning in Texas. The papers illustrate all aspects of the Committee’s function, including communication between the chairman and his officers and member institutions, annual reports and minutes of the Committee, and the Committee’s financial accounting on an annual basis. Most correspondence concerns Daniel Baker College, although some material is related to the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Schreiner Institute.
  1 Correspondence:
          Daniel Baker College:
             Administrative, 1921-1927
  2          Financial, 1923-1925
  3          Debts, 1922-1925
  4       Texas Presbyterian College:
             Administrative, 1921-1928
  5          Financial, 1922-1925
  6       Austin College:
             Administrative, 1922-1927
  7          Financial, 1922, 1925
  8       Schreiner Institute, 1925-1926
  9       Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1923- 1927
  10    Officers and Advisors to ECSC:
          Executive Officers:
             Executive Secretary-Treasurer:
                John Douglas Leslie, 1922
  11-13             Brooks Irving Dickey, 1922-1926
  14          Secretary:
                French W. Thompson, 1921-1924
  15       Advisory Committee, 1921-1927
B053 1    Financial issues:
          Debts of ECSC:
             Robbins debt, 1925
  2          General debts, 1923-1924
  3       Mexican Bond, 1922-1927
  4       Individual contributors to ECSC, 1922-1923
  5    Recruitment, 1922
  6 Minutes, 1921-1927
  7 Printed materials:
       Annual Reports of the Synod’s Executive Committee of Schools and Colleges, 1921-1927
  8 Financial Documents:
       Reports of Treasurer, 1921-1925
  9    Other documents, 1921-1923
  10 Circular letters, 1922-1923
  11 Handwritten notes, 1922-1923?
B054   Series II: Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement, 1922-1928:
    Note: Correspondence, financial documents, lists of subscribers/pledges, minutes, printed materials, and creative works chronicle the activities of the state-wide campaign to help Texas’ Presbyterian educational institutions and organizations. The campaign ran from June 24, 1923 to July 15, 1924 and was successful in achieving its goal of $1,350,000 in pledges, but failed to collect and distribute the full amount.
  1-4 Correspondence:
       Collection of Pledges, Financial Secretary J. S. Baird, 1924-1928
  5    Distribution of Pledges:
             Brooks Irving Dickey, 1925-1926
  6          Benjamin Kingsbury Tenney, 1926-1928
  7       Appeals for payment of debts, 1923-1927
  8    Officers of TPEM:
          Executive Secretary of Christian Education, Henry H. Sweets, 1922-1925
  9       Chairman, E. A. Peden, 1923-1925
B055 1       Secretary, French W. Thompson, 1923
  2       Treasurer, Ray Nesbitt, 1924
  3       Director, S. P. Hollinrake, 1923-1924
  4    Institutions:
          Austin College, 1923-1926
  5       Texas Presbyterian College, 1923-1927
  6       Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute, 1923-1924
  7       Daniel Baker College, 1923-1924
  8       Southwestern Presbyterian Home and School for Orphans, 1923-1924
  9       Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1924
  10       Schreiner Institute, 1924
  11       Texas A&M College, 1923, 1925
  12    Local campaigns, 1923-1924
  13    Staff of TPEM, 1923-1925
  14    Individual subscribers, 1924-1925
  15    Recruitment, 1923
  16    Executive Committee of TPEM, 1923-1926
  17-18 Financial Documents:
       Monthly financial statements, 1924-1927
  19    Statement of expenses, 1923-1924
  20    Annual reports, 1924-1927
B056 1    Amounts paid on item #7, 1926-1927
  2    General documents, 1927
  3    General documents, undated
  4    Report of churches worked, 1924
  5 List of subscribers/pledges, 1923-1925
  6 Minutes, 1923-1927
  7 Public relations:
          Presbyterian Viewpoint, 1923-1926
  8       Speakers Bureau, 1924
  9-11    Printed materials:
          Presbyterian Viewpoint, 1923-1926
  12       Appeals for pledges, 1924, 1927
  13    Creative works:
          Draft of article for Presbyterian Viewpoint, undated
B059   Series III: Committee on Budgets and Audits, 1926-1934:
    Note: Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial documentation, telegrams, handwritten notes, and printed material document the change of the Committee of Schools and Colleges to the Committee on Budgets and Audits in response to the committee’s increasing difficulty in collecting the pledges made to the Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement and in keeping afloat the small colleges owned by the Synod of Texas. Material in this series was created under both names held by the committee. The committee’s name was changed officially in 1931. Documented extensively is the struggle to collect the pledge funds, and the proposed consolidation of Austin College, Daniel Baker College, and the Texas Presbyterian College.
  1    Charter, 1926
  2    General, 1924-1932
  3    Correspondence, 1926-1929
  4    Pledges and Financial, 1926-1929
  5    Pledges and Financial, 1927-1930
  6    Consolidation, 1927-1932
  7    General, 1927-1933
  8    Financial, 1928-1929
  9    Correspondence, 1928-1929
B060 1    General:
  2       1928-1933
  3       1929-1930
  4    Report, 1930
  5    General, 1931-1934
  6    “Texas Presbyterians’ Opportunity,” undated
B057   Series IV. Relocation of Texas Presbyterian College, 1925-1928:
    Note: Correspondence and reports illustrate the activities of the committee charged with relocating Texas Presbyterian College from Milford to a city where the school could attract more students and receive more endowment funds.
  1 Correspondence:
          Arlington, 1925-1926
  2       Bryan, 1925
  3       Corsicana, 1925-1926
  4       Cuero, 1925
  5       Dallas, 1925
  6       Denton, 1925
  7       El Paso, 1925
  8       Ennis, 1925
  9       Fort Worth, 1925
  10       Gainesville, 1925
  11       Greenville, 1925
  12       Houston, 1925
  13       Mexia, 1925
  14       Mineral Wells, 1926
  15       Palestine, 1925
  16       Paris, 1925
  17       San Antonio, 1925-1926
  18       Taylor, 1926
  19       Temple, 1925
  20       Waxahachie, 1925
  21    Administrative:
          Texas Presbyterian College, 1925-1926
  22       Relocation Committee, 1925, 1928
  23    Reports of Relocation Committee, 1925-1927
B058   Series V. University Presbyterian Church, 1915-1928, 1949:
    Note: Correspondence, minutes, reports and printed material illustrate Penick’s involvement with the church that his father helped to establish. The correspondence is primarily with Henry H. Sweets, Secretary of the Executive Committee of Christian Education and Ministerial Relief, about a new building for the church. Contained in a sub-series is material recording, through Building and Finance Committee documents, the construction of the new church building adjacent to the campus of the University of Texas.
  1 Correspondence:
       Secretary of Executive Committee of Christian Education and Ministerial Relief, Henry H. Sweets, 1920-1922
       Fundraising, 1923-1925
       Student Bible Class, 1920
  2 Minutes:
       Student and Pastor Conference, 1928
       House Finance Committee, 1926
  3 Reports:
       Findings Committee for Student and Pastor Conference, 1928
       Work of University Presbyterian Church, 1926-1927
  4 Printed material
       Kirk, November 13, 1949
B060 7 Construction of University Presbyterian Church, 1915-1928:
       Building Committee of the University Presbyterian Church, 1915-1928
  8    Finance Committee of the University Presbyterian Church:
  9       1926-1926
  10       Ledger, undated
B058   Series VI. Stewardship Committee, 1922-1927:
    Note: Correspondence, an annual report, and handwritten notes document Penick’s work with this committee, which was responsible for establishing new educational institutions throughout the state.
  5 Correspondence:
       Executive-Secretary Treasurer:
          Brooks Irving Dickey, 1922-1926
  6       Benjamin Kingsbury Tenney, 1927
  7    General Secretary, 1924-1925
  8    Chairman, 1924-1925
  9    Establishment of a Presbyterian Junior College in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, 1923
  10 Annual report, 1925
  11 Handwritten notes, 1924
B058   Series VII. Committee on Home Missions, 1922-1925:
    Note: This small series consists entirely of correspondence, including letters regarding the selection of a new minister for Texas A&M College. This committee was responsible for helping to find pastors for churches and other domestic missionary activity.
  12 Correspondence:
       Administrative, 1922-1925
  13    Selection of Minister for A&M College, 1923
B058   Series VIII. University of Texas/Southwest Conference, 1923-1924:
    Note: Correspondence documenting non-religious areas of Penick’s life, including University level athletics and work as an administrator in the Southwest Athletic Conference.
  14 Correspondence, 1923-1924
B061   Series IX. General, 1801, 1910-1933:
    Note: Primarily printed material, this series of general documentation includes Penick’s administrative information forms about the Latin courses he taught at the University of Texas.
  1 Faculty Course Information Forms, 1910
  2 Synod of Texas—Printed Minutes, 1921
  3 Synod of Texas—Printed Minutes, 1921-1932
  4 Austin College—Correspondence—Financial Condition, 1933
  5 Printed Charter, By-laws, Constitution—Southern Conference, Presbyterian Foundation, 1927, undated
  6 Printed Report of the Survey of the Educational Work and Responsibility of the Presbyterian Church, 1928
  7 Handwritten Note Scrap—Bible Verse, 1801
  8 Hymn—“Church of Pentecost,” undated

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