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Descriptive Summary

Title: Charles Leonidas King papers
Dates: 1918-1982
Accession Number(s): 2007-009
Extent: 4 feet 11 inches manuscript materials, ¾ inch photographs, 32 audio cassettes, and artifacts
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Biographical Note: Charles Leonidas King (1892-1982) was a Presbyterian minister and educator in Virginia and Texas. He was born on November 9, 1892 near Covington, Georgia. He attended Davidson College and graduated in 1914. The following year, he entered Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. He received the bachelor of divinity degree in 1918 and was awarded the Moses D. Hoge Fellowship that allowed for an extra year to study at the seminary. In 1919, King was ordained and became pastor for Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. During this time, King continued to study at Hampden-Sydney College and received a doctorate of divinity in 1924.

In 1932, King moved to Houston, Texas to become pastor of First Presbyterian Church. At this time, the church was divided by issues that had led to the previous pastor’s resignation. The church was in debt and the building burned down during King’s first months on the job. However, under King’s leadership, the church made a recovery; a new building was built, the congregation doubled in size, and the financial situation was rectified.

King was chairman of the board of trustees of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary from 1951-1960. In 1960, they extended an invitation to him to teach homiletics once a week. In February 1961, he resigned his pastorate at First Presbyterian; in September he started a three-year term as visiting professor of homiletics at Austin Seminary. At the end of this term in 1964, he was granted the official status of honorable retirement by the Brazos Presbytery. In 1971, he moved to Bayou Manor, a Presbyterian retirement community in Houston. There, he acted as unofficial chaplain by preaching regularly and performing worship services. He died on January 27, 1982 and was buried in Houston.

In addition to serving as a pastor, King was actively involved with the governance of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. In 1944, he was elected moderator of the General Assembly. He also served as moderator of the Synod of Texas and of the Presbytery of Brazos. King was active in the development of new churches and his commitment to church growth resulted in the establishment of the Charles L. King Fund for Church Extensions by the Brazos Presbytery. King also served the Presbyterian Church, U.S. through a variety of committees of the General Assembly. He was a delegate to the Edinburgh Conference on Faith and Order in addition to being a denominational representative to the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. He was a member of the committee that drafted the "Brief Statement of Faith" in 1962. In 1966, he served as chairman of a committee that visited the struggling Synod of Mississippi and sought solutions for the synod’s difficulties. He advocated for unification with the United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., but died before this union was accomplished in 1983. King and others led the Synod of Texas to purchase Mo-Ranch, which became an important gathering center for Presbyterians in Texas. To honor King, First Presbyterian Church gave money to build the Charles L. King Dining Hall there; it was dedicated in 1986.

Source: Handbook of Texas Online, s.v. "King, Charles Leonidas (1892-1982)," http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/KK/fkilm.html (accessed October 23, 2008).

Scope and Contents: Creative works, printed material, correspondence, artifacts, and audio/visual materials (1918-1982) document the career of pastor and educator Charles Leonidas King. The collection is divided into nine series. The bulk of the collection consists of the Sermons, Lectures, and Related Material series; this series is comprised of typed and handwritten sermons and lectures, notes, clippings, and other material utilized for sermons and talks given at the churches King served and elsewhere. This series is broken into three subseries based on the subject matter (Sermons relating to the Bible) and form of the material (Sermons from binders and Lecture notes).

The Presbyterian Governance Material series documents King’s service to the overarching Presbyterian community. It contains information given to moderators of the General Assembly, documents produced by committees on which he served, correspondence about committee work, and packets about Presbytery meeting resources.

King’s original folder titles have been preserved throughout the collection. Information in brackets was added to facilitate access.

Materials in accession #2007-009 were originally held at the Montreat office of the Presbyterian Historical Society. They were transferred to the Austin Seminary Archives in 2007.

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

Processing Information:: Processed by Elizabeth Garber, Archives Assistant.

Index Terms:
King, Charles L. (Charles Leonidas), 1892-
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary--Faculty.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Mississippi.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas.
Presbyterian Church--Clergy.
Sermons, English--Texas.

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Preferred Citation: Charles Leonidas King papers, 1918-1982, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
C162   Sermons, Lectures, and Related Material:
    Sermons & Sermonettes, 1931, 1945, 1958 and undated
    [Presbyterianism], 1956
    Sermons 1919-1924, 1940, 1946
    The church, 1948-1951 and undated
    Christ concern, 1967, 1975-1978 and undated
    Series on the Holy Spirit, 1938, 1952 and undated
    Series on Faith, 1960 and undated
    The Apostles Creed, 1938, 1961-1962 and undated
C163   Paul D. Torrey Writings, 1959-1961
    Sermons: First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, 1924, 1924, 1940-1944, 1956-1958 and undated
    God – Clippings from 1st years of my ministry 1919, 1920-1932, and undated
    Farewell Prayer 13:30 Chap 17, 1947 and undated
    Resources for spiritual growth and power, undated
    Recent Sermons, 1964-1965, 1974 and undated
    Lectures on Christian Beliefs – Nov. & Dec. of 1980, undated
    Xmas, 1976 and undated
    Sermons, undated
    Sermonettes, most of which was published in Houston, 1936-1956 and undated
    Sermonettes from Houston Post, 1919-1923, 1941-1960 and undated
    Sermonettes published in Houston Post, 1957-1958
    Ministers’ Personal Life, 1960-1964
C165   Worship, 1924-1926, 1939 and undated
    Faith, 1924-1928
    Freedom, 1924, 1942 and undated
    Forgiveness, 1922-1928 and undated
    Inspiration, 1923
    The Holy Spirit. St. A[ndrew’s], undated
    The Lectures on the Prayers of Jesus 12/4/79, undated
    3 Lectures on the Holy S[pirit] delivered in 1st church in 1967, 1967 and undated
    Concerning Church Union, 1953 and undated
    My Last Sermon at First Church, 1961
    Chapel Talks at Austin Sem[inary], 1963 and undated
    Talks and Letters by others, 1941, 1962-1968 and undated
    Lectures on the Minister – Austin, U.T.S. [Union Theological Seminary], 1960-1964 and undated
    Westervelt Lectures, 1960
    Talks to Young P[eople], 1935-1939
    Talks at Various Places, 1967-1969 and undated
    Addresses by self on various occasions, 1960-1970
    Various Talks by Self, undated
    Talks to Ministers at Camp Cho-Yeh March 4 & 5, 1957 & Other Places & Groups, undated
    Prayer – Lectures, undated
    Lord’s Prayer, undated
C166   Presbyterians, 1948-1961 and undated
    Early Talks on the H[oly] S[pirit], undated
    Sermons, 1981 and undated
    [Montreat Conference on Ministers Forum], 1964 and undated
    Prayers of Jesus, undated
    Sermons & Lectures, [includes “Brief Statement of Faith” from 1962] 1938, 1949-1953, 1962, 1970 and undated
    [Confirmation Class], undated
    [Presbytery of New Covenant Resource Center], 1980
    Our Presbyterian Heritage, 1970-1982 and undated
    Church of Scotland, Report on Pentecostals, New Pente. Charismatic, 1974-1976 and undated
    Leadership [?] Luke – Parables – Miracles, undated
    Thanksgiving, 1915, 1926-1929 and undated
    Wilson (Woodrow), 1924-1927 and undated
    Teaching Value in the Old Testament, Kerrville 1936, undated
    400 Anniversary Bible in English, 1935 and undated
    Evangelism – 2 Talks in Atlanta Assembly, 1959 and undated
    Presbyterianism in Richmond, Grace Covenant, 1918-1923, and undated
C168   Grace Covenant Ch[urch], [includes printed text for Wednesday Evening Bible Studies], 1921-1924, 1932, 1974
    Dispensationalism, 1938-1944 and undated
    Left over or duplicates of little value [includes lectures, Austin Presbyterian Seminary Board of Trustees and Search Committee material], 1976 and undated
    Church History, undated
    New Testament Roads, 1949 and undated
    [Luke Circle Study and Discussion Lessons], undated
    Lectures on the Church Synod of Okla[homa], 1965, and undated
    How we got our Bible, 1921
    From Exile Through Restoration Address (Bible Study) at Christ Episcopal Church 6/2/46, undated
    Holy Spirit, 1965 and undated
    Lectures on Basic Beliefs – Spring ’61, 1961-1962 and undated
    [First Presbyterian Church, Houston], 1933, 1946, 1980-1982, and undated
    Bethany Pres[byterian] Church – ten miles from Covington Georgia, Dr. King’s Home Church, 1978-1981 and undated
    [Notes], 1945 and undated
    Sermons and lectures relating to the Bible:
       Lecture Material from Montreat 1955 – Lectures of John (First) & Prayer, 1959-1961 and undated
       John, Epistles of, 1924, 1957 and undated
       Jude, 1924 and undated
C169      Genesis complete series 1960, 1960
       Genesis. This is a 2nd and condensation of 1st series, 1976, and undated
       Genesis. My earliest studies, before coming to Houston in 1932, 1922-1924 and undated
       Exodus plus papers on plagues and covenant, 1948 and undated
       The Pentateuch, undated
       Leviticus, 1922 and undated
       Numbers, 1922 and undated
       Special Bible Study – Deuteronomy, Introduced February 21-March 20 – 5 Lectures, 1922 and undated
       Nehemiah, undated
       Ezra and Nehemiah, undated
       Book of Ruth, 1922 and undated
       Chronicles, 1922 and undated
       Kings, 1922 and undated
       Samuel, 1922 and undated
       Judges, 1922 and undated
       Joshua, 1924 and undated
       Song of Solomon, undated
       Ecclesiastes, undated
       Proverbs, undated
       1922 Job – Lectures on, undated
       Psalms, Bible Lectures, April 1953, First Presbyterian Church, Houston, 1953, 1973
       Psalms – Outlines, 1953 and undated
       Studies in the New Testament, 1958-1960 and undated
       Bible Study Outline – New Testament, 1940
       Beginning of N.T. out lives [empty]
       Jeremiah, undated
       Lamentations, undated
       Daniel, 1922-1923 and undated
       Joel, undated
       1st set Amos, 1922, 1957-1960 and undated
D001      2nd set Amos + 21 [?] Lectures, 1957-1960 and undated
       Prophets – Minor, undated
       Jonah, 1940 and undated
       Obadiah and Joel, 1922 and undated
       Micah, 1922-1923 and undated
       Nahum and Jonah, 1922-1923 and undate
       Habakuk and Zephaniah [empty]
       Haggai, undated
       Haggai, undated
       Zephaniah, 1922-1923 and undated
       Zachariah, undated
       Esther – Book of, 1942 and undated
       Isaiah, undated
       Jeremiah, undated
       New Testament [?] 3, 1940 and undated
       Matthew, 1923-1924, 1939, 1947 and undated
       Devotional Studies in the Gospel According to Luke – First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Holy Week, 1942 (Auxiliary sponsored, but held at noon for all comers), 1942 and undated ]
       Mark – Lectures on Gospel of, 1920, 1959 and undated
       Gospel of Luke Prayer Meeting 1936, 1923-1924, 1936, 1943 and undated
       John - Nearly [?], 1923-1924, 1940 and undated
       John – School San Antonio, 1923-1924 and undated
       Acts, 1943-1944, 1954-1958, 1967 and undated
D002      Romans – Lectures, 1930, 1938 and undated
       Romans – Houston – 1938, Mid-Week Service, 1938
       Romans, 1938 and undated
       Corinthians – Lectures – Grace Covenant, 1924, 1978, and undated
       Corinthians – First and Second, 1923-1924 and undated
       Lectures on Ephesians, Spring Bible Lectures, Intensive Bible Lectures – March 9 through April 3rd, 1954, 1960 and undated
       Philippians, 1961 and undated
       Galatians, 1920-1924 and undated
       Philemon, 1923-1924 and undated
       Colossians – Lectures:
          Outlines, 1923-1924 and undated
          Essay by Hardie, undated
          Lecture, undated
       Thessalonians, 1923-1924 and undated
       I Timothy – Lectures, January 1926, undated
       Timothy – Second, undated
       Titus, undated
       Hebrew – Lectures, 1961 and undated
       Hebrew – Sermons, 1916 and undated
       Peter, First Epistle of – Lecture, 1924, 1958-1959, undated
D003      Last Lessons on Luke – Circle Meetings, 1923, 1967 and undated
       Revelation, 1959
       Revelation, 1958-1959 and undated
       Seven Signs in John, undated
       Studies in the Old Testament
       Studies in the Parables (Y.P. Conference, Kerrville 1941; Y.P. Leadership School, Montreat, 1941), undated
       [Hosea], undated
    Sermons from Binders:
       Acts 1-9, 1936-1961 and undated
       Creeds, Carols, Young People, 1931-1943, 1956-1961 and undated
       Worship, Christianity, Misc., 1928-1943, 1951-1961
       Sermons on Matthew, 1934, 1970-1973 and undated
       [Sermons on John], 1973-1974 and undated
D004      [Sermons on Corinthians], 1931-1940, 1952-1954, 1973-1975 and undated
       [Sermons on Phillippians], 1927-1938, 1974 and undated
       [Sermons on Romans], 1954, 1974 and undated
       [Sermons on the Holy Spirit], 1970 and undated
       Various sermons, 1924-1976 and undated
D005      Various sermons, 1924-1976 and undated
    Lecture notes [unknown authorship, potentially Dr. King]:
       Outline Studies in the New Testament, undated
       The Existence of God, undated
       “What Presuppositions…” [incomplete], undated
I001   Personalized binder from First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas
D005   The Holy Spirit in the Bible:
    Draft manuscripts, undated
    Printed copy, 1978
D005   Congregational Materials:
    [Bayou Manor Chapel bulletins], 1973-1978 and undated
    First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas [includes bulletin and directories], 1977-1981
    Pastoral Record Book [includes records of weddings and funerals], 1949-1961
D005   Presbyterian Governance Materials:
    General Assembly:
       Moderator 1944, 1944
       Friends of Presbyterian Union, 1955
       Committee on Mississippi Visitation:
          Miss[issippi] Visitation by Assembly Com[mittee], 1955, 1966-1967 and undated
          Report of the Ad-Interim Committee on Visitation, 1970
        Joint-Control of Austin Seminary, [includes Distinguished Service award from Austin Seminary Association] 1957-1958, 1980 and undated
       Charles L. King Fund for Church Extension, 1961
       Joint Comm[ittee] of 12 Report 1979, 1979
       [Presbytery of New Covenant Resource Center], 1980
       Presbytery Green Books:
          The Presbytery of Brazos:
             March 13, 1979
             June 9, 1979
D006            March 11, 1980
          The Presbyteries of Brazos and Gulf Coast:
             November 13, 1979
             June 7, 1980
          The Presbytery of New Covenant:
             November 18, 1980
             March 14, 1981
             June 9, 1981
             September 19, 1981
D006   Correspondence:
    Mary Baldwin College – Invitation to consider Pres., 1946
    [Correspondence], 1978-1981 and undated
I005   Appointments, Awards, Diplomas, and Honors:
    Moderator of General Assembly Presbyterian Church U.S.A. plaque, 1944
D006   Austin College, Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa diploma, 1945
I001   Austin College, Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa diploma cover, 1945
PRES   State of Georgia, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel certificate, 1959
D006   Austin College [and other honors], 1961-1966 and undated
    Austin College, Austin College Development Commission certificate, 1963
    St. Edward’s University, Coronat Medal certificate, 1963
    Davidson College, 1979
I006   Davidson College, Doctor of Divinity plaque, 1979
I001   Austin Seminary Association, Distinguished Service Citation plaque, 1980
D006   The Institute of Religion, 1980
D006   Biographical information:
    [Biographical information], undate
    Oral history, 1979
C112b   Audio Cassettes:
    Sermons from First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, 1960-1961
    Bible Study from First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, 1955-1960
C112c   Bible Study from First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, 1955-1960
C111   Photographs
I008   Artifacts:
    Academic regalia, undated

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