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Descriptive Summary

Title: La Hora Presbiteriana audio collection
Dates: circa 1953-1957
Accession Number(s): 1998-015
Extent: 41 reel-to-reel tapes, 56 audio cassettes, 4 DVDs, electronic files
Language: Materials are recorded in Spanish.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Administrative History: La Hora Presbiteriana (The Presbyterian Hour) was a 15-minute Spanish language radio program produced by the Presbytery of Western Texas. These programs consisted of sermons preached by different ministers and choral music. They were recorded in Falfurrias, Pleasanton, and Corpus Christi and broadcast in southwestern Texas. It was hoped they would also reach listeners in Mexico in order to serve as a missionary program. In 1954, La Hora Presbiteriana became too large of a production for the Presbytery of Western Texas, and the Synod of Texas began to oversee the operation. The program began airing in 1953 and was discontinued in 1957.

Scope and Contents: La Hora Presbiteriana Audio Collection was originally received as a component of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery Records but was separated to create this collection. Individual items are undated. In 1995, the original reel-to-reel tapes were copied to new reel-to-reel tapes for preservation purposes and to audio cassettes to facilitate access. In December 2014 the original reel-to-reel tapes were digitized with the support of Lydia Hernadez and her family. Preservation and access files were saved to DVD and to the server.

Information on the speakers, music, and locations of the recordings was compiled by Chris Filippi in 1995. This information was not listed for all recordings.

Restrictions: Only .mp3s are available for patron usage. All cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes are restricted due to preservation concerns. Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details.

Index Terms:
Presbyterian Church in the U. S.--Presbytery of Western Texas.
Presbyterian Church in the U. S.--Synod of Texas.
Christian radio programs.

Other Finding Aids: This finding aid is also available in PDF format, which may be more suitable for printing. Click here to download the PDF version.

Preferred Citation: La Hora Presbiteriana audio collection, circa 1953-1957, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Box Number:
D046a Reel-to-reel tapes:
  1st Series:
     HP 1, Isaac Santiago de Lugo (Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, San Antonio)
     HP 2, Carmen A. Gutierrez (Monterrey, Mexico)
D046b    HP 3
D046c    HP 4, music: selection from Mendelssohn’s oratorio Elijah
     HP 5
D046d    HP 6
     HP 7, Carlos Salazar Buck
D046e    HP 8, Carmen A. Gutierrez (San Juan, Tamaulipas, Mexico)
     HP 9
D046f    HP 10, Jose Angel Hernandez (Bethel Presbyterian Church, Falfurrias, TX)
     HP 11, Leon Flores
D046g    HP 12, Carmen A. Gutierrez (San Juan, Tamaulipas, Mexico)
     HP 13
D046h 2nd Series:
     S-1, Dramatic presentation
D046i    S-2, Carlos Buck, music: “Holy Holy Holy”
D046j    S-3, Leon Flores (Brownesville, TX), music: organ solo by Josemaria Gonzalez)
D046k    S-Easter/54, Carlos Buck (Kingsville, TX), music: “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”
D046l    S-4
D046m    S-5, Jesus Sasa
D046n    S-6, Bernardino del Pozo (Bethel Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, TX)
D046o    S-7
D046p    S-8
D046q    S-9
D046r    S-10
D046s    S-11
D046t    S-12, music: “Faith of our Fathers”
D046u    S-13, Leon Flores (Brownsville, TX)
D046v 3rd Series:
     1-A, Leon Flores (Brownsville, TX)
D046w    2-A, Leon Flores (Brownsville, TX)
D046x    3-A, Leon Flores (Brownsville, TX)
D047a    4-A, Leon Flores (Brownsville, TX)
D047b    5-A, Ramon Cabrera (San Jose, Costa Rica)
D047c    6-A, Daniel Perez
D047d    7-A, Ramon Cabrera (San Jose, Costa Rica)
D047e    8-A, Daniel Perez
D047f    9-A, Ramon Cabrera (San Jose, Costa Rica)
D047g    10-A, Aristes de la Vara
D047h    11-A, Alberto Romball
D047i    12-A, Aristes de la Vara
D047j    13-A, Alberto Romball
D047k 4th Series:
     1-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047l    2-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047m    3-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047n    4-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047o    5-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047p    6-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047q    7-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047r    8-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047s    9-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047t    10-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047u    11-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047v    12-B, Ramon Cabrera
D047w    13-B, Ramon Cabrera
E019d Audio cassettes:
  1st Series:
     HP-1 & HP-2
     HP-3 & HP-4
     HP-5 & HP-6
     HP-7 & HP-8
     HP-9 & HP-10
     HP-11 & HP-12
  2nd Series:
     S-1 & S-2
     S-3 & S-Easter/54
     S-4 & S-5
     S-6 & S-7
     S-8 & S-9
     S-10 & S-11
     S-12 & S-13
  3rd Series:
     1-A & 2-A
     3-A & 4-A
     5-A & 6-A
     7-A & 8-A
     9-A & 10-A
     11-A & 12-A
  4th Series:
     1-B & 2-B
     3-B & 4-B
     5-B & 6-B
     7-B & 8-B
     9-B & 10-B
     11-B & 12-B
I001b Original Reel-to-Reel File Copies and Station Copies [restricted]:
  1st Series
  2nd Series
D049 3rd Series
I001b 4th Series
Cab. 9/6 Access copy 2 [audio cassettes]
Cab. 9/2 Preservation and access copies of original reel-to-reel tapes [digitized in December 2014 by Steven Kantner, saved to DVD and the Library Storage Server, N:\Archives\Audio\La Hora Presbiteriana]

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