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Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert Francis Gribble papers
Dates: 1907-1993
Accession Number(s): 1993-004; 1997-001; 1997-003; 2000-002
Extent: 8.5 feet
Language: Materials are primarily written in English, with some Hebrew and Spanish.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Biographical Note: Robert Francis Gribble (1890-1970) was a Presbyterian pastor and educator in Texas. He was born on January 6, 1890 in Waco, Texas to Robert Fonda Gribble and Lucy Sleeper Gribble. He graduated from Waco High School in 1908, and graduated from Austin College in 1911 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. From 1912-1913 he served as Student Supply to Midland, Texas. In 1914, he received a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He traveled to the University of Chicago to study in the summers of 1914 and 1916. He was licensed and ordained by the Presbytery of Central Texas in 1915. In that same year Gribble served as Student Supply in Bartlett, Texas. The following year he married Joyce Hudson in Fort Worth, Texas. From 1914-1918 he taught Hebrew at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The Seminary closed during the latter part of World War I; consequently, he worked at the YMCA headquarters in Dallas, Texas during 1918-1919. From 1919-1923, he was the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Mercedes. In 1924, he achieved a Doctorate of Divinity from Austin College. During his tenure as professor at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (1923-1960), Gribble served Bartlett’s First Presbyterian Church as well as Leander Presbyterian Church.

Other professional activities included supervising the Seminary library from the late 1920s-1930s, serving as Moderator of the Synod of Texas in 1935, and serving as acting President of Austin Seminary from 1943-1945.

Professional highlights include a radio address delivered in 1934 in conjunction with Austin Bible Society, an appointment to the General Assembly of the PCUS “Ad-Interim Committee on Curricula of Our Seminaries,” and editing Baker’s Dictionary of Theology in 1960.

He officially retired from the Seminary in late 1960. During his retirement Dr. Gribble taught at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi (1960-1970). He died November 8, 1970 in Austin, Texas.

Scope and Contents: Sermons, correspondence, record books, reports, clippings, notes, printed material, photographs, negatives, and scrapbooks comprise the Robert Francis Gribble Papers. The collection is divided into eight series: Ministerial work, Education materials, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Administration, Creative works, Personal material, Scrapbooks, Photographic material, and Printed material. There are notes throughout the collection made in a neat, printed handwriting by Nancy Gribble Nelson, Gribble’s daughter.

Ministerial work consists of two pastoral record books, sermons, notes, clippings, minutes, reports, and outlines. The pastoral record books highlight Gribble’s ministerial career, with entries occurring almost daily. He chronologically documented his tenure as stated supply in Midland and his pastorate in Leander, Bartlett, and Mercedes with weather conditions, attendance, and type of ceremony. The sermons are arranged by the book of the Bible and then by date. Clippings and notes relating to the sermons are included. Sermons and material used for special days, subjects, and occasions follow those linked to a specific Bible verse. The Topical Index is a bound volume containing entries on a variety of topics. Some entries refer to material in Scrapbook No. 1, while others refer to material within the index itself. Texas-Mexican Presbytery records include correspondence, budget information, meeting minutes, notes, reports, and publications related Gribble served on the Board of Trustees for the Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute.

Education materials contains course notebooks, notes, outlines, class registers, printed material, and clippings and is divided into two subseries, Student and Professor. The Student subseries contains class notebooks from courses Gribble took at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, the University of Chicago, and Austin College, including a 1911-1912 session notebook from Thornton Rogers Sampson’s junior Church History class and from Samuel Alexander King’s junior Systematic Theology class. The notebook also includes notes from five of the six Seminary guest lecturers for 1911-1912. Gribble frequently used notebooks throughout his career for more than one purpose so many have wide date ranges and cover multiple topics from his career as a student and a professional. The second subseries, Professor, consists of material used by Gribble in his role as a professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Reformed Theological Seminary. Gribble kept related notes, clippings, and printed material in labeled envelopes and utilized these as resources to pull from for his courses and other events such as prayer meetings and workshops. Gribble also retained his class registers; these have been restricted due to the confidential nature of student grades.

Creative works encompasses material composed by Gribble including drafts and notes for two religious manuscripts, lectures and addresses for special events, a pamphlet, and a large amount of poetry. Poetry was clearly a life-long pastime for Gribble, as poems date from the 1910s through 1970.

Personal material primarily consists of correspondence and an account/daily register. In this register, Gribble recorded the main events of his day, the weather, and sometimes significant national events. This series also includes personal correspondence, a driver’s license, and several clippings about Gribble.

The Scrapbooks series is comprised of three scrapbooks. “Scrapbook created by Nancy Gribble Nelson” was compiled in 1993 and includes photographs, correspondence, family history materials, and World War II ration books. The Photograph scrapbook is a collection of photographs compiled by Gribble which documents family members, activities at Austin College, numerous trips to various locales, and life at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. On many pages, Gribble cut people out from photographs and wrote humorous narrations of the scenes depicted. These photos were labeled more extensively by Nancy and other relatives in 1993.

Photographic material includes both prints and negatives as well as two pages from a photo album featuring the APTS campus and the Gribble girls. Identification of individuals pictured is located in the holding record.

Printed material consists of pamphlets, clippings, and articles related primarily to religious topics.

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Contact the archivist for details. Class registers are restricted because they contain confidential student grade information.

Processing Information::This collection was partially processed by Bill Brock, Seminary Archivist, and a student assistant in the late 1990s. It was completed in November 2009 by Elizabeth Garber, Archives Assistant.

Index Terms:
Gribble, Robert Francis, 1890-1970.
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary--Faculty.
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary--Study and teaching.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Presbytery of Texas-Mexican.
Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, Miss.)
Presbyterian Church--Clergy.
Sermons, English--Texas.

Other Finding Aids: This finding aid is also available in PDF format, which may be more suitable for printing. Click here to download the PDF version.

Preferred Citation: Robert Francis Gribble papers, 1907-1993, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Table of Contents:


Box Number:
E009a   Ministerial Work:
    Pastoral record and commonplace book, 1911-1943
    Pastoral record book, 1910-1921, 1943-1970
E010   Sermons:
       Old Testament:
          Old Testament sermons, outlines, and clippings, 1913-1925, and undated
          Genesis, 1912-1968
          Exodus, 1912-1946, 1966
          Leviticus, 1936
          Numbers, 1935, 1940
          Deuteronomy, 1929-1956, and undated
          Joshua, 1912, 1937-1943
          Judges, 1945
          I Samuel and II Samuel, 1920-1923, 1935, and undated
          I Kings and II Kings, 1919-1938, 1963
          I Chronicles and II Chronicles, 1932, 1942
          Nehemiah, 1969
          Job, 1933
          Psalms, 1912-1921, 1932-1960, and undated
          Proverbs, 1919-1923, and undated
          Ecclesiastes, 1920, 1935-1943, and undated
          Isaiah, 1915-1950
          Jeremiah, 1930-1964
          Daniel, 1912
          Hosea, 1922
          Amos, 1915
          Jonah, 1936, 1949
          Micah, 1922, 1945, and undated
          Habakkuk, 1937
          Haggai, 1936
          Zecharaiah, 1938, 1946
          Malachi, 1940, and undated
       New Testament:
          New Testament sermons and outlines, 1910-1923, and undated
E011         Matthew, 1912-1966, and undated
          Mark, 1912-1967
          Luke, 1913-1964, and undated
          John, 1913-1965, and undated
          Acts, 1912-1947, 1967, and undated
E012         Romans, 1912-1921, 1940-1963, and undated
          I Corinthians, 1912-1969, undated
          II Corinthians, 1920-1947, 1962, and undated
          Galatians, 1912-1934, 1947
          Ephesians, 1913-1950, 1965, and undated
          Philippians, 1913-1941, 1964, and undated
          Colossians, 1913-1949
          I Thessalonians, 1946
          I Timothy and II Timothy, 1912-1950, and undated
          Hebrews, 1912-1964, undated
          James, 1920, 1935-1942
          I Peter and II Peter, 1934-1969, and undated
E013         I John and II John, 1913-1939, 1967, and undated
          Jude, undated
          Revelations, 1915-1938, 1951, 1967
       Special days and occasions:
          American Bible Sunday, 1947
          Armistice Day, 1920-1921, and undated
          Campaigns, 1918-1924
          Ceta Canyon Conference, 1932
          Chapel worship at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1956-1958, and undated
          Charge to the Pastor, 1915, 1933, and undated
          Christmas, 1920-1923, 1956-1966, and undated
          Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Easter, 1913-1923, 1956-1966, and undated
          Civic, 1930-1947, and undated
          Day of Prayer for Life Service in Western Texas Presbytery and Junior Congregation Day, 1921
          Easter, 1924-1947, and undated
          Eulogy for Dr. L. E. Selfridge, 1933
          Every Member Canvass, 1920-1939
          Funerals, 1925-1969, and undated
          Home Mission Week, Home Mission Conference, Home Mission Program, 1917-1939
          Installation of officials/pastors, 1929, 1942
          Labor Day, 1946
          Leadership Training Conferences: Kerrville, Texas and Silliman College, Clinton, Louisiana, 1936-1950
          Lord’s Day, undated
          Men of the Church, 1921-1949
          Mercedes Music Festival, 1926
          Minister’s Retreat/Summer School of Theology, Silliman College, Clinton, Louisiana, 1933
          Mother’s Day, 1921
          New Year, 1919
          Opening Faculty Address, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1925-1927, 1941
          Ozark Assembly, Petit Jean Mountain, Morrilton, Arkansas, 1926
          Rally Day, 1921
          Reformation Day and Universal Bible Sunday, 1919-1922, 1935-1939
          Sunday School Convention, Los Indios, Texas, 1921
          Synodical Auxiliary Training School, Kerrville, Texas, 1936
          Sunday School Institute for Valley Churches, 1922
          Texas-Mexican Presbytery Ministers’ Summer Conference, Kingsville, Texas, 1939
          Town and Country Conference, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1960
          World-Wide Communion Day, 1943
          Young People’s Conferences, 1925-1944
       Special subjects:
          Adorn, undated
          Apostle’s Creed, 1949, and undated
E014         Assorted, 1917-1955, and undated
          Baptism, 1956
          Bible, 1934-1948, and undated
          Calvinism, undated
          Children, 1947, 1967, undated
          Christian, 1951
          Commemorature of the Divine Lord, undated
          Foreign missions, 1943, 1947
          Holy Spirit, 1931, 1964, and undated
          Jesus, undated
          Pacifism, 1936, 1941
          Predestination, 1961
          Presbyterianism, undated
          Presbyterian doctrines, undated
          Priceless Ingredient, 1945
          Put into Practice the Things That Remind of Him, 1936
          Religion and the home, 1921-1924, 1940, and undated
          Revival, 1926-1929
          Security, 1936
          Sunday school, 1923
          Ten Commandments, 1958
          Temperance, 1920
          Theodicy, 1921
          War, undated
       Series of sermons, 1920-1923, 1935
       Sermons for special groups:
          Seminary students, 1930, 1968
          Sunday school/young people, 1931-1957
       Sermons by other pastors, 1914, 1936, 1943, 1960
       Incomplete, undated
    Related material [includes notes, outlines, and clippings]:
       Genesis, 1930-1933, 1967, and undated
       Exodus, 1915-1943, 1967, and undated
E015      Exodus, 1915-1943, 1967, and undated
       Leviticus, 1926, and undated
       Numbers, undated
       Deuteronomy, undated
       Joshua, 1966, and undated
       Joshua and Judges, 1912, and undated
       I Samuel and II Samuel, and undated
       I Kings and II Kings, and undated
       I Chronicles, 1925, and undated
       Job, 1911, 1932-1934, and undated
       Psalms, 1926, and undated
       Proverbs, undated
       Ecclesiastes, undated
       Song of Solomon, 1911, 1934, and undated
E016      Isaiah, 1916, 1966, and undated
       Jeremiah, 1952-1957, and undated
       Ezekiel, 1937, 1955-1957, undated
       Daniel, undated
       Hosea, 1968, and undated
       Joel, 1968, and undated
       Amos, 1924, 1941, 1968, and undated
       Micah, 1917, 1933, 1968, and undated
       Zechariah, 1938-1941, and undated
       Matthew, 1920-1928, 1941, 1956, and undated
       Mark, 1931, and undated
E017      Luke, 1921-1922, and undated
       John, 1919, 1956, and undated
       Acts, 1925-1933, and undated
       Romans, 1921-1933, 1944
       I Corinthians and II Corinthians, 1929, and undated
       Galatians, 1924, 1931, and undated
       Philippians, 1917-1922, and undated
       Colossians, undated
       I Thessalonians and II Thessalonians, 1912, 1934, and undated
       I Timothy and II Timothy, undated
       Titus, undated
       Philemon, 1931-1938
       Hebrews, 1924-1931, 1959, 1970, and undated
       Prophecy and Psalmody, 1937, and undated
       James, 1946, and undated
       I Peter and II Peter, 1919, 1934, and undated
       I John and II John, undated
       Jude, undated
       Revelations, 1919, 1932, 1944-1947, and undated
E009b   Topical Index [for Scrap Book No. 1], undated
E019c   Scrap Book No. 1, 1915-1955
E017   Texas Mexican Presbytery:
       Correspondence, 1928-1949
E018      Budget, meeting minutes, notes, and reports, 1923-1932, 1949-1952, and undated
       Publications and newsletters, 1931-1932, 1950
       Mo Ranch, 1948-1950, and undated
    Church bulletins featuring Gribble, 1936-1954, and undated
    Other church bulletins, 1952, and undated
E018   Education materials:
       Theology and Church History courses notebook, 1911-1914
       Notebook [contains notes from Hebrew language course at APTS and on sermons, notes from a course on Hebrews at Austin College, and notes on several books], 1911-1924, 1936-1941
       Revelation course notebook, 1912
       Notebook [includes material relating to the New Testament], 1912-1914
E020      Theology course notes [includes lectures on pastoral theology and lectures by Samuel A. King], 1912-1914
       Pentateuch notebook [contains some material from Gribble’s time at the University of Chicago and later], 1914-1916, and undated
       Course notebook [includes material on social politics, Hebrew, theology, and the Bible; from courses at the University of Chicago], 1914-1916
       Notebook [includes material for courses on prophecy, poetry in the Old Testament, and Hebrew; contains notes from Homiletic Club and a Hebrew language course taught by Gribble], 1916, 1931-1941
       Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary course materials:
          Hebrew course booklet, undated
          Apologetics, 1955, and undated
E021         Archaeology, 1933, 1950-1956, and undated
          Atonement, undated
          Bible I, 1915, and undated
          Bible short course, undated
          Bible study, undated
          Biblical theology, 1912, 1948-1949, and undated
          Books of scripture, 1946-1947
          Books of the New Testament, 1947, 1968, and undated
          Canon [Old Testament], 1941, 1954-1955, and undated
          “Canon” of New Testament, 1918, and undated
          Church history prayer meeting, 1920-1922, and undated
          Deity of the Lord, undated
          Delivery of sermons, 1931-1940, and undated
          Etiquette, 1928-1933, and undated
          Evangelism, 1912-1921
          Evolution, 1925-1930, and undated
          Forever, undated
          Heads of theology [includes material about atonement and sovereignty], 1915, and undated
          Hebraisms in the Bible/Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, 1929, circa 1941, and undated
          Hermeneutics, 1933-1945
E022         History and prophecy, undated
          Home mission sermons, 1921
          Homiletics, 1912, 1923, 1938-1951, and undated
          Immortality, 1927
          Importance of doctrine, undated
          Inspiration of the Bible, 1931, and undated
          Introduction to the New Testament, 1936, and undated
          Installation and ordination, 1920-1925, and undated
          Law, undated
          Life of Paul the Apostle, 1939, and undated
          Messianism in the Old Testament, 1925, 1951-1957
          The New Testament–general characteristics, undated
          Old Testament in the pulpit, 1948-1949, and undated
          Place of preaching today, 1936, and undated
          Prayer, undated
          Preaching [also used at Reformed Theological Seminary], 1942, 1967, and undated
          Premil[lennial] position examined, 1930-1936, and undated
          Psalmody/Imprecation, 1954-1963, and undated
          Psychology/fulfillment of purpose, 1913, 1922, and undated
          Quotations of the Old Testament in the New Testament, undated
          Revival, undated
          Ritual of the altar, 1927-1929
          [Selecting] the text, 1917, and undated
          Seniors exam, 1950
          The sermon, 1938, and undated
          S.O.M., 1926, 1935, circa 1956, and undated
          Theodicy, undated
          Theology of Old Testament, undated
          Theology of prayer, 1952, and undated
          I Thessalonians and II Thessalonians, 1931
          Tutorial, 1951
E023         What to preach, 1942, and undated
          W. H. Green on the canon and text, undated
       Reformed Theological Seminary course materials:
          Divisions of sermon, 1967, and undated
          Homiletics, 1931-1947, 1967, and undated
          Dups on Gen [?], circa 1933, circa 1969
E006      Grade registers [restricted]:
E023      Course administration materials [includes attendance sheets, syllabi, exam questions, and class schedule], 1925, 1949-1952
       Research note cards, undated
E023   Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Administration:
    Correspondence, 1916-1957, and undated
    Correspondence regarding The Mr. and Mrs. John Sleeper Endowment for Professors’ Salaries [Gribble was the nephew of the Sleepers], 1941-1952, 1965
    Committee reports, outlines, and documents, 1948-1953, and undated
    Faculty meeting minutes, 1950-1952
    Old Testament courses for Th.M. degree, undated
    Seminary history, 1947-1955, and undated
    Student related material:
       Sampson Hall room assignments and related material, 1924-1936, and undated
       Policies, 1951
       Directory information, 1949-1953
       Orientation program, 1949-1952
    Alumni banquet roster, 1926
    List of donors and donation amounts for the establishment of APTS, circa 1900
    Spanish Speaking Department [includes correspondence, reports, and financial information], 1923-1947
E024   Proposals concerning seminary prerequisites, 1952
    Presbyterian Church in the U.S. Ad-Interim Committee on the Curricula of our Seminary:
       Correspondence and related material, 1935-1939, and undated
       Reports, circa 1942
    Chapel hints, undated
E024   Creative works:
    “Integrity of the Pentateuch”:
       Correspondence regarding manuscript, 1966-1970, and undated
       Drafts of manuscript, 1963-1967, and undated
E025   “Sovereignty Over Freedom” manuscript drafts, undated
    Smyth Lectures at Columbia Theological Seminary:
       Drafts and notes, circa 1944
       Comments on the lectures by George Summey, circa 1944
    Our Stewardship of Prayer pamphlet, undated
    APTS Alumni association address, 1940
       Notebook, 1909-1912
       Poetry of Robert F. Gribble [bound volume], 1908-1914, 1959-1962
E026      Poetry journal [includes several diary-type entries and loose papers], 1913-1915, and undated
       Loose poetry, 1914, 1945, 1970, and undated
E026   Personal material:
    Correspondence, 1922-1966
    Driver’s license, circa 1940
    Clipping and newsletter, 1941, 1954
    Four minute talk on budget, undated
    A Resolution in Honor of Robert Francis Gribble, 1960
E019a   Accounting/Daily events record book, 1924-1970
ART-11   Plaque honoring Gribble from the Reformed Theological Seminary, undated
E026   Scrapbooks:
    Scrapbook created by Nancy Gribble Nelson, 1907-1993
E019b   Photograph scrapbook, 1909-1924
D035   Photographic material:
    Prints, 1911-1970
FF-7   Photo album pages [images of Nancy Gribble Nelson?], circa 1924
    Graduating Class of Austin College, 1911
    Graduating Class of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1913-1914
E009c   Negatives [nitrate], undated
E027   Printed material:
    Religious pamphlets, circa 1920-1965
    Other pamphlets, 1948, 1963-1964, and undated
    Political material, 1917-1920, 1963-1964
    Clippings, 1915-1968, and undated
    Sermons for children, 1914-1915
    The Daily Meditation, 1920-1921
    Collected proverbs, undated

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