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Descriptive Summary

Title: Texas-Mexican Presbytery (PCUS) records
Dates: 1861-1954
Accession Number(s): 1994-190, 1996-052
Extent: Ten feet, nine inches of manuscript material, two feet of photographic material, eight 16mm films, five audio records, two VHS tapes, one DVD, and one artifact.
Language: Materials are written in English and Spanish.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Biographical Note:The Texas-Mexican Presbytery was established by the Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. in 1908, based on the missionary work of Walter S. Scott and Robert D. Campbell. These men organized and aided in the development of Mexican Presbyterian churches and religious education programs in Texas, particularly in the southwest region. Scott was the first leader of the Presbytery, and when he left Campbell took over leadership. The Texas-Mexican Presbytery became the focus of home missionary work with Mexicans in Texas. G.W. Crofoot was appointed the first Superintendent of Mexican Work, and was succeeded in 1949 by E.A. Seddon, who held the position until the Presbytery’s dissolution in 1955.

The Texas-Mexican Presbytery established Mexican-Presbyterian churches, placed ministers, disbursed support funds, and established two Mexican-Presbyterian educational institutions: The Texas Mexican Industrial Institute for Boys in 1912, and in 1924 the Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls. The Presbytery also established a Spanish speaking department at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The Presbytery was responsible for financial support, through funds provided by the Synod of Texas as part of its home missionary work, of churches and ministers within the Presbytery because the congregations were often not wealthy enough to be self-supporting. Finances were a constant source of strain. The goal set forth for the churches in the Presbytery was to become self-supporting, at which point the churches would become part of their geographic Presbytery. When all churches became self-supporting and were absorbed into their geographic presbyteries by 1955, the Texas-Mexican Presbytery ceased to exist.

Scope and Contents: This collection consists of ten feet, nine inches of correspondence, reports, financial documentation, minute books, account books, diaries and printed matter; two feet of photographs and photographic slides; five audio recordings, eight 16 mm films, two VHS tapes, and one artifact (1861-1954) relating to the founding, organization, operation, and dissolution of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery of the Synod of Texas, particularly from 1946-1954. The voluminous material is arranged in four sub-groups and twelve series. The sub-groups contain the papers of various leaders of the Presbytery, and the series are comprised of material relating more generally to the Presbytery, Synod and church. The bulk of the material dates from the last years of the Presbytery and documents the churches’ struggle, due to financial hardship or unwillingness to integrate, to merge into their geographic presbyteries.

The material in this collection seems largely to have been created and maintained by G.W. Crofoot and E.A.J. Seddon in the office of Superintendent of Mexican Work. Seddon and Crofoot’s correspondence with the leaders, congregants, and ministers of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery illuminate their peers’ and constituents’ esteem for and reliance on these men. Financial hardship is a major topic of discussion in the correspondence.

A series of tapes has been removed from this collection and is housed separately as the La Hora Presbiteriana Spanish Language Program Collection. Oversize photographs are housed separately in oversize storage drawers. Water damage has left portions of the collection illegible or difficult to read.

See series abstracts below for more detail.

Alternate Form of Material: The 16 mm films from this collection have been digitized by the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI). An index to the films with links to streaming version on the TAMI website is available here: www.austinseminary.edu/texmexfilms

Restrictions: Materials are available by appointment only. Photographic slides, audio records, and 16mm films are restricted for preservation concerns. Contact the archivist for details.

Index Terms:
Campbell, Robert Douglas, 1870-1955.
Crofoot, George W., 1928-2001.
Quinius, Henry W., Jr., 1919-2002.
Scott, Walter S., 1865-1937.
Seddon, E.A.J., 1910-2001.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.-- Presbytery of Texas Mexican.
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--Synod of Texas.
Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls (Taft, Tex.)
Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute.
Presbyterian Church--Texas--Archives.

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Preferred Citation: Texas-Mexican Presbytery (PCUS) records, 1861-1954, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

Records of Churches, 1944-1953
Records of Ministers / Church Workers, 1946-1954
Financial, 1946-1953
Publicity and Publications, 1943-1953
Synod and Presbytery Committees, 1948-1953
Churches and Church Workers, 1946-1950
Presbyterian Institutions in Texas, 1946-1953
Presbyterian Church-wide Programs and Committees, 1947-1953
General Council, 1950-1953
Media, 1896-1953
General, 1939-1952
Sub-Group: Papers of Walter S. Scott, 1861-1946
Sub-Group: Papers of Henry W. Quinius, Jr., 1948-1954
Sub-Group: Papers of E.A.J. Seddon, 1942-1953
Sub-Group: Papers of R.D. Campbell, 1882-1927


Box Number:
B147   Records of Churches, 1944-1953:

Correspondence, financial documentation, reports and printed material document the activities and operation of the churches of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery.

    Angleton, 1951-1953
    Austin (El Buen Pastor), 1944-1953:
       Insurance policies, church programs, invitations and announcements
    Bay City, 1946-1953
       Monthly and general reports
    Beeville, 1948-1953
    Brownsville, 1949-1950
    Corsicana, 1949-1953
    Corpus Christi:
       El Divino Salvador:
          Rev. J. C. Palacio, 1948, 1953
          Correspondence, 1948-1951
          Budgets, 1949-1953
          Church bulletins and orders of service, 1950-1951
          Invitations, 1951-1952
          Printed material, [includes newsletter from FPC Corpus Christi], 1951-1952
B148         Correspondence, 1952-1953
          Council meeting notes, 1952-1953
          Church bulletins and orders of service, 1952-1953
          Programs of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery meeting at El Divino Salvador, 1952-1953
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana:
          Correspondence, 1950-1953
          Invitations and programs, 1952-1953
    Dallas (El Buen Pastor and El Divino Salvador):
       Correspondence, 1946-1953
       Funeral notices, obituaries and biographical material, 1951-1952
    Del Rio:
       Correspondence, 1949-1953
       Survey of Latin American work and bulletins, 1951-1952
    El Paso (El Paso Mexican Mission), 1946-1947
    Falfurrias, 1949-1953
    Fort Worth, 1946-1953
    Galveston, 1947-1953
    Gonzales, 1949-1953
       Correspondence, 1948-1953
       Clippings and statistical information, 1952-1954
       Bonita Gardens, 1953
       First Mexican Presbyterian Church of Houston:
          Correspondence, 1949-1953
          Historical report and bulletins, 1951
       San Pablo Presbyterian Church, 1951-1953
       Correspondence, 1946-1953
       Women of the church, 1951-1952
B149   Laredo:
       Correspondence, 1945-1951
       Bulletins, 1951-1953
       Printed material, 1953, undated
       NEXO, newsletter for Mexican Presbyterians in Lockhart and Gonzalez, 1949-1950
       Correspondence, 1949-1952
       Financial and administrative notes, 1949, undated
    Martindale, 1946-1947
       Correspondence, 1949-1953
       Reports and notes, 1952, undated
    New Braunfels:
       Correspondence, 1949-1953
       Reports and invitations, 1949-1952
    New Gulf, 1949-1953
       Correspondence, 1949-1951
       Correspondence, 1952-1953
       Reports and worship bulletins, 1950-1953
    Robstown, [inc. Luisa Rodriguez], 1951-1952
    San Antonio:
       Bethel Presbyterian Church:
          Correspondence, 1949-1954
          Surveys, bulletins, invitations and programs, 1952-1954
       Central Presbyterian Church, 1949-1953
       Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, 1948-1953
       Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de San Antonio:
          Correspondence, 1949-1953
          General, 1950-1953
    San Benito:
       1949- 1953
B150   San Marcos, 1949-1953
    Sinton, 1951-1953
    Taft, 1948-1953
    Taylor, 1949-1953
       Correspondence, 1949-1950
       Correspondence, 1950-1951
       Correspondence, 1951-1952
       Correspondence, 1953
       Bulletins, 1951-1953
    Waco, 1948-1953
    Wharton, 1949-1953
    Iglesia Nacional Presbyteriana, 1952
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B150   Records of Ministers / Church Workers, 1946-1954:

Primarily correspondence, this series documents the activities of ministers, leaders, and lay-workers within the Texas-Mexican Presbytery.

    Acevedo, C. C., 1946-1948
    Armendariz, G. M., 1948-1954
    Armendariz, Ruben, 1946-1954
    Bello, E. Z., 1946-1948
    Campbell, R.D., 1946-1954
    Cantu, J. S., 1946-1948
    Castaneda, E. P., 1946-1954
    Cavazos, J. G., 1946-1954
    Crofoot, G. W.:
B164      1948
    Curti, Josafat, 1948
    Dean, E. A.:
    Delgado, Pablo, 1949
    Fernandez, Alberto, 1946
    Fernandez, Beatrice, 1947-1953
    Fernandez, Robert, 1953
    Franco, J. C., 1946-1948
    Gallaher, Thomas B., 1946-1948
    Garcia, M.G., 1946-1948
    Garza, P. G., 1953-1954
    Gonzales, Eliza, 1951-1952
    Granados, Cruz, 1946-1950
    Guerrero, C. S., 1947-1954
    Guerrero, J. L., 1946-1948
    Gutierrez, Ben, 1950
    Hernandez, Daniel, 1948
    Hernandez, J. A., 1946-1948
    Hernandez, L. C.:
    Jones, T. E.:
B157   Lang, C. H., 1947-1953
    Lapsley, S. B., 1946-1948
    Long, Flynn, 1953-1954
    Luna, Alberto, 1946-1954
    McLane, Brooks, 1951-1954
    McMillan, Homer, 1946-1948
    Maldonado, I., 1946-1948
    Martinez, J. F.:
    Olivares, I. O.:
    Palacio, Juan, G., 1947-1948
    Pimentel, E. M., 1947-1954
    Pritchard, Claude, H., 1946-1954
B158   Quinius, Henry W., Jr.:
    Ramirez, S. G., 1946-1948
    Rodriguez, E. S., 1946-1947
    Rojas, J. F., 1946-1953
    Rugerio, F. P., 1946-1951
    Strickler, G. B., 1947-1949
    Tijerina, G. Saul, 1951
    Valenzuela, G. M., 1946-1954
    Van Dyke, Paul S., 1947-1951
    Vasquez, E., 1951-1952
    Vera, D. G., 1946-1954
    Walls, G. A., 1946-1952
    Warnshuis, Paul L., 1951
    Westrup, Laubert, 1948
    Unidentified, 1950-1953
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B158   Financial, 1946-1953:

Correspondence, financial reports and forms, receipts, printed material, and certificates reflect the financial situation of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery. Much of the financial tension the presbytery endured is revealed in the correspondence.

    Financial correspondence, 1947-1948
    Appropriations – Requisitions, 1946-1947
    Financial worksheets, 1946-1953:
       Pay data sheets for workers, undated
       Form “A”--Annual report and application:
       Form “B”—Information for Assembly’s Home Mission Council/Division of Home Missions:
       Salary schedule, 1947-1948
       Salary/Appropriation formula:
B151      Salary Distribution, 1950-1953
    Payroll, Monthly, Presbytery of Texas-Mexican:
    Budget Reports, 1951-1952
    Minutes—Budget Sheets—Latin American Division, 1951-1953
    Budget, Synod of Texas, 1952-1953
       Expense account statements, 1949-1950
       Invoices and receipts, 1949-1950
       Expense account statements, 1950-1951
       Invoices and receipts, 1951-1952
       Expense account statements, 1952-1953
       Invoices and receipts, 1952-1953
    Minister’s Annuity Fund:
          1947, 1949
       Certificates of membership, 1949
       Informational cards, 1949
       Pamphlet, 1949
       Life insurance materials, undated
       Statement of 2 ½ % and 7 ½ % dues:
       Certificate list, 1951
    Board of Annuities and Relief :
       Correspondence, 1952-1953
       Printed material, 1952
       Correspondence, 1948-1951
B161      Payroll statements:
       Financial reports, 1949-1950
       Salary schedules, 1950-1951
       Salary appropriation formula, 1949
       Population estimates/salary appropriation formula, 1953
       Form “A”—Annual Report and Application, 1949
       Application for Aid, 1953
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B161   Publicity and Publications, 1943-1953:

Printed material, published material and correspondence document the Texas-Mexican Presbytery’s publications and plans for publications for general purposes, publicity outside the presbytery, and as a resource for Mexican home missionary work.

    El Presbitexano:
       Correspondence, 1950-1951
       Correspondence and material for publication, 1952
       El Presbitexano [published issues]:
    Flying Chips:
       Material for publication:
       Draft of Flying Chips, undated
       Flying Chips, [published version], undated
    Filmstrip scripts, undated
    El Observador, 1953
    Mailing lists, 1950-1953
    Mimeograph work, 1949-1953
    Film -- “Latin American Presbyterianism in Texas:”
       Creation of motion picture—Correspondence, 1946-1947
B152      Scenes arranged for shooting, 1946
    Synodical/Presbyterial Newsletters, 1949-1953
    Presbyterian Program of Progress, 1949-1950
    Church program promotion:
       General, 1952
       Correspondence—Foundation of El Presbitexano, 1949-1952
       Description of photographs of Latin American work, 1951
       Slide scripts, undated
       Printed material, 1947, undated
          1943, 1947
          ALFA, 1946, 1950
          Nuestro Boletin, 1946-1948
          “Texas Presbyterian”—Correspondence, 1952-1953
       May 1947 Observance of Emphasis on Latin American Work, 1947
       Radio, 1947-1948
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B152   Synod and Presbytery Committees, 1948-1953:

Minutes, correspondence, legal and financial documentation, reports, handwritten notes, manuals, and rules of operation of committees of the Synod of Texas and Texas-Mexican Presbytery. Committees bulk around mission work and church extension. Not all committees are explicitly related to the Texas-Mexican Presbytery.

    Synod of Texas, General, 1952
    Synod Council—Reports, 1950-1951
    Synod Council, 1951
    Synod Council, 1952
    Synod Council, 1952-1953
    Synod’s Office, E.A. Dean, Secretary-Treasurer, 1946-1949
    Synod’s Institutions and Committees—Reports, 1948-1949
    Synod Standing Rules and Manual of Operation, 1950-1953
B162   Mission Committee of Presbytery, 1948-1950
    Libro de Gobierno, 1953, undated
    Education Committee of Tex-Mex Presbytery, 1952-1953
    Commission of Ministerial Activities—Tex-Mex Presbytery, 1949-1953
    Committee on Evangelism—Synod, 1949-1950
    Religious Education Committee—Tex-Mex Presbytery:
    Synod’s Executive Committee on Church Extension:
    Board of Church Extension—Town and Country—Tex-Mex Presbytery:
B165   Stewardship:
       Per Capita Giving—Synod, 1951-1952
       Printed material—Synod, 1950-1952
       Synod’s Stewardship Committee:
    Comitede de Mayordomia—Tex-Mex Presbytery:
    Synod’s Home Missions Committee, 1946-1948
    Synod’s Home Missions—Latin American Division, 1953
    Synod’s Home Missions—Requisitions, 1947-1948
    Synod’s Home Missions—Mission Churches, 1952-1953
    Synod of Texas—Mission Churches Department, 1951-1953
    Presbytery’s Home Mission Committee, 1947-1949
C009   Minutes—Texas-Mexican Presbytery:
C010      1918-1936
C011      1953
B165      1953
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B159   Churches and Church Workers, 1946-1950:

Lists, reports, legal documentation, architectural drawings, and correspondence record biographical information regarding church workers and structural information regarding church buildings.

    List of birthdays and weddings of Tex-Mex Presbytery workers, undated
    List of birthdays and weddings of families of Tex-Mex Presbytery workers, undated
    Annual report of workers:
       Acevedo-Hernandez, 1946
       De Lugo-Valenzuela, 1946
    Church and Manses—Floor plans, needs, 1950
    Church architecture, 1947-1948
    Families of Church Workers—Report sheets, 1950
    Prospective workers, 1947
    Donation Contracts for Mexican Churches, 1952
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B159   Presbyterian Institutions in Texas, 1946-1953:

Correspondence, minutes, and printed material document the organization, operation, and use of Presbyterian organizations in Texas. The Tex-Mex Industrial Institute, APTS Spanish Speaking Department and the Presbyterian Mexican School for Girls were operated by the presbytery, and Mo Ranch was used for religious and educational conferences.

    Presbyterian Mo Ranch Assembly—Summer Conferences, 1948-1949
    Tex-Mex Industrial Institute; Kingsville, TX:
       Board of Trustees, 1947-1949
       General, 1946-1950
    Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Spanish Speaking Department, 1947-1948
    Mo Ranch and Montreat—Conferences, 1949-1950
    Mo Ranch Campaign, 1949-1952
    Presbyterian Mexican School for Girls, Taft, TX, 1946-1953
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B159   Presbyterian Church-wide Programs and Committees, 1947-1953:

Correspondence, minutes, legal documents and printed material detail the operations of the Presbyterian Church. Programs and committees are often, but not always, explicitly related to the Texas-Mexican Presbytery, and reflect the presbytery’s position within the church at large.

    Presbyterian Negro Work Campaign:
    Commission on Child Placement, 1953
    Women of the Church, 1951-1953
    Women of the Church—Correspondence—“A Personal Study of the Holy Spirit,” 1952
    Youth fellowship, 1951
    Women’s Auxiliary Birthday Offering Request 1950, 1947-1948
    Boy Scouts, 1949
    Committee on Negro Work, 1949-1950
B163   Kindergartens—Correspondence, 1953
    Men of the Church, 1951-1953
    Interdenominational Council on Spanish Speaking Work in USA—Annual meeting, 1948
    Interdenominational Council on Spanish Speaking Work in USA, 1950-1952
    Christian Education, 1950
    International Council on Spanish Speaking Work:
    Board of Church Extension:
       Board’s Annual Report and Presbyterian Survey—Correspondence, 1953
       Printed material, 1951-1953
    Board of World Missions:
       Missionary Letters—Latin America, 1951-1952
B166      Missionary Letters—Africa, 1951
       Organizational Correspondence, 1952-1953
       Papers and Reports, undated
    Committee on Home Missions—Assembly:
       Grant contracts, 1949
    Assembly’s Home Mission Council—Minutes, 1947-1948
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B166   General Council, PCUS, 1950-1953:

This series comprised of correspondence, reports and printed material created by the General Council of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. contains statistical reports reflecting size and financial condition of the churches within each synod.

    Correspondence, 1950-1953
    Reports, 1950-1953
    Annual Reports, 1950-1952
    Printed Material, 1950-1953
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C015   Media, 1896-1953:

The audio records, 16mm film, VHS, DVD, photographic slides and photographs in this series were created to record and promote the Texas-Mexican Presbytery. Discussion of films and slides can be found in the Publicity and Publications series. The two VHS tapes and the DVD are preservation and access copies made from the 16mm film. Further information about the photographic slides and photographs, including handwritten inventories, can be found in the holding record. A handwritten index of people and places in the film is also available in the holding record. Access to slides, records, and film is restricted.

    Five audio records
B172-B177   Eight 16mm films (see index in holding record)

Note: These films are available online through the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. To view, search for “presbytery” from the video library page (http://www.texasarchive.org/library/index.php/Main_Page).

C016   Two VHS cassettes [access copies of 16mm films listed above]
D019a   One DVD [access copy of 16mm films listed above]
C003   Photographic prints of slides:
       Port Aransas, TX (3)
       Atlanta, GA (2)
       Austin, TX (20)
       Bay City, TX (10)
       Beeville, TX (11)
       Cameron, TX (1)
       Corpus Christi, TX (13)
       Corsicana, TX (21)
       Dallas, TX (11)
       Del Rio, TX (5)
       Durant, OK (5)
       Falfurrias, TX (5)
       Ft. Worth, TX (10)
       Galveston, TX (7)
       Gonzales, TX (4)
       Harlingen, TX (12)
       Houston, TX (10)
       Hunt, TX (7)
       Kerrville, TX (11)
       Kingsville, TX (4)
       Laredo, TX (18)
       Lockhart, TX (3)
       Mercedes, TX (12)
       Montreat, NC (2)
       New Braunfels, TX (2)
       Newgulf, TX (7)
       San Antonio, TX (21)
       San Benito, TX (29)
       San Marcos, TX (31)
       Sherman, TX (4)
       Taft, TX (11)
       Taylor, TX (6)
       Tuscaloosa, AL (5)
       Victoria, TX (14)
       Waco, TX (5)
       Waxahachie, TX (6)
       Wharton, TX (5)
       Unidentified location (2)
B178   Slides:
       Binder 1—Port Aransas, TX-Harlingen, TX
C001      Binder 2—Houson, TX-San Benito, TX
C002      Binder 3—San Marcos, TX-Wharton, TX, unidentified location, duplicates, slides without photographic prints
C004   Photographs:
       Alice, TX, 1946
       Angleton, TX, 1935, 1951, 1953
       Austin, TX — R.K. Smoot, undated
       Austin, TX — Iglesia Presbiteriana, El Buen Pastor, 1936-1951
       Austin, TX — Duplicates, 1947
       Austin, TX — APTS, 1947
       Austin, TX — Home and Office of Secretary of Latin American Work, 1951
       Austin, TX — Latin American Methodist Manse
       Bay City, TX, 1935-1936, 1953
       Beeville, TX, 1953, undated
       Cameron, TX, undated
       Corpus Christi, TX, 1949-1952
       Corpus Christi, TX, 1924, 1947
       Corsicana, TX, 1928-1951
       Coyoacan, Mex., 1905, undated
C005      Dallas, TX—Mexican Presbyterian (Divino Salvador), Buen Pastor, 1952, undated
       Del Rio, TX. undated
       Del Rio, TX, 1937, undated
       Ft. Worth, TX, 1943, 1947, undated
       Galveston, TX, 1953, undated
       Goliad, TX, undated
       Gonzales, TX, 1936. 1951-1952
       Gulf, TX, 1937-1938
       Harlingen, TX, 1950-1953
       Houston, TX—Bonita Gardens (El Divino Redentor), 1949, 1953
       Houston, TX, 1942, 1953
       Houston, TX, 1930, 1953
       Hunt, TX — Mo Ranch, 1950
       Karnes, City, TX, undated
       Kerrville, TX — Westminster, 1947
       Kerrville, TX (duplicate), 1947
       Kingsville, TX, 1937, 1953, undated
       Kingsville, TX, 1937, 1950
       Laredo, TX, 1951, 1953
       Livingston, TX — Town and Country Institute, 1953
       Lockhart, TX, undated
C006      Mackey, McAllen, Martindale, Matagorda, TX, 1896, 1916, 1935, undated
       Mercedes, TX, 1929, 1950-1953
       New Braunfels, TX, 1951, undated
       Newgulf, TX, 1951
       Palacios, TX, 1935-1937, 1951-1953
       Reedville, TX—Reedville Mexican Presbyterian Church, undated
       Robston, TX, 1950, undated
       Sabinal, TX, 1907, undated
       San Antonio, TX — Bethel, undated
       San Antonio, TX — Emmanuel, undated
       San Antonio, TX — T. del Valle, 1896
       San Antonio, TX — First Presbyterian Church, undated
       San Antonio, TX — First Mexican (Central), 1908, 1952-1953
       San Benito, TX, 1920, 1946, 1952-1953
       San Marcos, TX, 1905, 1949-1950, undated
       Sinton, TX, 1950
C007      Taft, TX, 1948, undated
       Taft, TX — Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls, 1936, 1946,1951
       Taylor, TX, 1928, 1931, 1947, 1953
       Uvalde, TX, undated
       Victoria, TX, 1950-1951
       Waco, TX, 1916, 1930, 1950-1953
       Welasco, TX, undated
       Wharton, TX, undated
       Zacatecas, Mex., undated
       Portraits, undated
       Stewardship Institutes, undated
       Unidentified, undated
C008   20 envelopes of negatives, listed by city or event:
       Angleton, Austin, Bay City, Beeville, Cameron, Corpus Christi (First & Divino Salvador), Corsicana, Dallas (Divino Salvador, El Buen Pastor), Del Rio, Falfurrias, Fort Worth, Galveston, Gonzales, Harlingen, Houston, and Conventions (2 envelopes) and VCs Institutes
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B166   General, 1939-1952:

Correspondence, printed material, and creative works record general church activities, including the Presbyterian (USA) approach to Mexican home mission work.

    Printed material and correspondence—Presbyterian Book Store; bulletin supplement, 1952-1953
B156   Latin-American Presbyterian Orphans—Correspondence, 1946
    Scholarships for Latin-American Students, 1950-1951
    Evangelism — Escuela De La Iglesia, undated
    General Material, 1950-1951, undated
    Creating Church Histories—Printed Material, 1939, 1949
    Informes, Acuerdos, 1949
    Informes, comites Presbiterio, 1949
    Presbyterian (USA):
       The Bulletin:
       Brisas Misioneras, 1950-1952
       Leccion Biblica Dominical, 1950-1951
       Printed material, 1951-1952
       Blank forms, undated
    Study in the Epistle of James, 1951
    Study of the Holy Spirit, undated
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C014   Artifacts:
    Official Seal of the Texas-Mexican Presbytery
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B167   Sub-Group -- Papers of Walter S. Scott, 1861-1946:

Voluminous diaries, account books, ledgers, correspondence, scrapbook, notes, minutes, lists and published material created and maintained by Texas-Mexican Presbytery founder Walter S. Scott contains a rich history of the presbytery’s origins. Of particular note is the correspondence, which details the early steps toward formation of a presbytery for Mexicans in Texas.

    Diaries (21):
       1899, 1903
       1904, 1908
       1910, 1912
       1923, 1926
B168      1930-1931
B170   Formation of Tex-Mex Presbytery:
       Mission work, 1884-1924
       Correspondence, 1908-1914
    Lists of members:
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Corsicana, TX, 1926-1935
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Crawford, TX, 1928
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Grandview, TX, 1923-1925
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Reagan, TX, 1926-1930
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Rosebud, TX, 1923
       Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Waco, TX, 1918-1934
    Lists of Baptisms and Infants:
          Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Reagan, TX, 1926
          Iglesia Betel, Ladonia, TX, 1904-1925
B169   Account books (5):
       1907-1910, 1916-1918
B168      Inspector de Hacienda, Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana, 1927-1928
       Loose account book material:
B168   Ledgers:
       Mexican Presbyterian Churches, 1905-1911
       Office of Treasurer of Mexican Presbyterian Church, Waco, TX, 1934-1935
    Notes and notebooks:
       Presbytery notebook, ca. 1910s
       Brief Biographies of Elders and Deacons of Presbyterian Church, 1914
       Handwritten notes—Mexican Presbyterian Church, 1924, 1933, undated
       “Apuntes Históricos del Presbiterianismo en México,“ [“Historical Notes on Presbyterianism in Mexico,“ includes clippings], ca. 1930s
B171   Scrapbooks—Mexican Work in Texas:
       [Includes photograph of Rev. John W. Niel of FPC San Antonio], 1889-1903
    Address books:
       (2), undated
       “Believers”—Points of Preaching Advance Field, 1924
    Printed Material:
       “Colton’s Map of Mexico,” 1861
       El Obrero Cristano, 1893
       Mexican mission work—Newspaper and periodical clippings, 1898-1933
       Programs and invitations, 1902-1911
       El Eco, [WS Scott Memorial edition], 1937
C012   Sessional Minutes:
       La Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Crawford, TX, 1928-1935
       La Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Reagan, TX, 1926-1930
       La Iglesia Betel, Ladonia, TX, 1919-1927
       El Divino Salvador, Calvert, TX, 1921-1929
C013      Mexican Presbyterian Church of Cameron, TX, 1935
       Iglesia Presbiteriana de Rosebud, TX, 1921-1929
       La Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana de Wichita Falls, TX, 1920-1926
       La Iglesia Mexicana Presbiteriana de Bay City, TX, 1916-1946
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B146   Sub-Group -- Papers of Henry W. Quinius, Jr., 1948-1954:

Correspondence, financial documentation, and minutes created and maintained by Henry W. Quinius, Jr., record the activities of the Synod’s Committee on Latin American Work during the Synod’s push for the Texas-Mexican Presbytery to integrate.

    Synod’s Committee on Latin American Work:
       1948, 1953
       Correspondence, 1951-1952
       Financial, 1953-1954
    Synod’s Committee on Latin American Work/Church Extension:
    Latin American Division—Minutes, meeting notes and materials, 1952-1954
    Tex-Mex Industrial Institute and School for Mexican Girls Board of Trustees Minutes, 1953
    Survey Forms and Correspondence, 1949
    “La Hora Presbiteriana” Fliers, undated
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B146   Sub-Group -- Papers of E.A.J. Seddon, 1942-1953:

Correspondence, printed material, and account books illuminates the involvement of Superintendent of Mexican Work E.A.J. Seddon with Mexican home mission work.

    Correspondence, 1942-1949
    Correspondence, 1949-1950
B160   Correspondence, 1949
    Correspondence, 1950
    Correspondence, 1951
    Correspondence, 1952
    Correspondence, 1953
    Administration of Latin American mission work — Notebook,1946-1950
    Financial account books, 1949-1950
    Printed Material:
       Religious Education, 1953, undated
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B160   Sub-Group -- Papers of R.D. Campbell, 1882-1927:

Correspondence, minutes, and general material created and maintained by Texas-Mexican Presbytery founder R.D. Campbell contains mostly personal documents, and very little information regarding the presbytery.

    Correspondence, 1927
    Presbytery Minutes, 1915-1918
    Family documents, 1882, 1886, undated
    Sketches, addresses, printed material, certificate, handwritten list, 1911-1916
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