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So Love the World

Cultivate the grace of Advent through a series of holy encounters with the Divine Feminine. Learn open-hearted contemplation amid sacred, artistic, and natural expressions of Her. Practice loving mercy, walking humbly and sowing love within our Beloved Community. Be filled by the Spirit and co-create life.

All are invited!

Gathering at Austin Seminary's McCord Community Center and Shelton Chapel

Date and Time: Friday, December 9, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Cost: $15 general admission, $5 students; light dinner included

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Contemplative Guide: Terese Wier

Terese Wier is a chaplain and diplomat who strives to build beloved community through dialogue and collaborative works. The Divine Feminine is central to her theology and ministry as a reformed Catholic pluralist. Terese recently completed a year-long chaplain residency within a local hospital system and volunteers with organizations that provide civic and spiritual care. She is a member of Discerning Deacons, an organization that engages Catholics in the active discernment of the Church about women and the diaconate. Terese holds a Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and an MBA from George Washington University.