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Dipping Deeper into the Well of PC(USA) Ministries

SCRAPCE Workshop

Tap into the Power of PC(USA) Programs and Missions Network with the PC(USA) to Enhance Christian Education and Formation Ministries in the Local Church

Led by Stephanie Fritz of the Christian Formation office at the Presbyterian Mission Agency, this seminar will serve dual purposes:

  • Introduce attendees to the wide array of resources available through the PC(USA) Program Ministries for use in Christian formation and educational ministry in the local church setting. Attendees will experience first-hand the many options for church school studies, mission enhancement, programming for intergenerational or age-and-stage educational and spiritual formation.
  • This course will also meet the requirements for the Program & Mission portion of the CE Certification process.

During our time together we will become familiar with the Presbyterian Mission Agency Office of Christian Formation, other PC(USA) agencies doing formation work and the partner organizations that the formation office is helping to work together in support of Faith Formation Across a Lifetime.

Dates: October 5-7
Presenter: Stephanie Fritz
Cost:  $40 per person including certification; $25 per person for workshop only
Location: Online; all times are in Central time zone
Recommended for: Christian educators, pastors and volunteers interested in learning about the denominational resources available for Christian education and formation in the local church.  Also recommended for those needing the certification course on Presbyterian Program and Mission.