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Doing Justice: Racism

Join us as we take a direct look at the church’s response to racism in America. In this course you’ll have the opportunity to engage in courageous conversations with other Christian leaders and learners who are wrestling with this complex issue in order to deepen your understanding of the biblical, theological, and sociological perspectives held by others. 


The goal of this five-week course is to begin to understand the theology and values that drive people to land on one part of the spectrum or another. By doing so we can learn to engage in courageous conversation and move nearer to God's will for us. In this course, we will explore:
• An introduction to racism, including personal reflection and defining key terms
• Personal stories and testimonies from a variety of cultural contexts
• Biblical, theological, and social reflection on three different Christian responses to racism: 
(1) Change Social Structures 
(2) Formation and Friendship
(3) Personal Responsibility

There are two main WAYS to engage in this course.

Join the small group starting on Thursday, January 21, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. (CST). This group will meet for 90 minutes once a week for five consecutive weeks. Once you register you will have access to all the online modules and can begin working through them at any time.

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OR Purchase this course for use with your Sunday school, church fellowship group, high school youth group, or any other group that wants to engage anti-racism work in a Christian context. You will need 5+ people to join a group. The per person cost decreases as you add more participants. If you would like EBW to provide your group with a facilitator, we can do that for an additional fee.

Group of 5: $150
Group of 10: $250
Group of 15: $300

Contact us to purchase this course for your group

About the Facilitator

Dr. Adelina Longoria is a researcher, storyteller, problem solver, creator, and encourager. She is a Houston native and currently resides in Austin, Texas. Dr. Longoria is a graduate of the University of Houston where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology; she is a graduate of Oklahoma State University’s Experimental Psychology PhD program.  

She served as associate professor in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s International Psychology PhD program in Washington, D.C. where she taught political psychology, research methods, and behavioral statistics; she chaired and served on dissertation committees.  She’s currently a senior UX researcher for a large enterprise software company, where she helps uncover design problems, serves as the voice of the user, and helps put the human experience at the center of HR products and services for millions of users across the globe.

Dr. Longoria is a layperson with experience in church planting both Spanish- and English-speaking congregations.  She is passionate about building the church, helping others find purpose, and creating understanding and cohesion between people.  Dr. Longoria is also a cohost and collaborator for Instituto Maria y Marta’s social media radio program, where she helps encourage and build-up Spanish-speaking women.

Doing Justice: Racism is made possible through a partnership between Fuller’s Seminary Ogilvie Institute of Preaching and Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. It is facilitated by Dr. Adelina Longoria.