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1001 Worshiping Communities

Discover your gifts for starting new ministries—find your joy.

Discerning Missional Leadership Assessments are an important part of your development, because faithful and self-aware leaders propel new worshiping communities forward.

1001 Worshiping Communities wants to make assessments available for everyone leading or considering leadership of a new worshiping community. These assessments take place around the country in small groups, typically last 3-4 days, and are available to help anyone discern how they might better sustain or prepare for this important ministry. Austin Seminary is a host site for assessment.

During the Missional Leadership Assessment, you will work in teams of people going through the same process. You will take part in spiritual reflection and missional theological reflection about your context in ministry, do some team-work exercises, get insights on your leadership style, and take part in an in-depth behavioral interview process.

The goal is to hold up a mirror to you that allows you to see your gifts and goals clearly, and to also know the kind of people you might want around you as you pursue a new thing.  All participants will leave with concrete advice about next steps and a recommendation from the assessment team of, “it’s a fit; it’s not a fit; or it’s a potential fit in the future.”

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