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1001 New Worshiping Communities

From 1001 New Worshiping Communities:

Leadership assessments are a vital component to the health and sustainability of new worshiping communities. Faithful and self-aware leaders propel new worshiping communities forward.

We also want to every new worshiping community leader to flourish in their work and their lives. Regardless of how things go for your new worshiping community, our hope is that you’ll see this season of your life as one in which you experienced growth personally, spiritually, and vocationally. The 1001 assessment programs are designed to help you identify your path for flourishing.

Our goal is to hold up a mirror to you that allows you to see your gifts and goals clearly, and to also know areas of growth you’ll need to pursue, and the kind of people you might want around you as you pursue a new thing. At the end of the assessment process, you’ll receive concrete advice about next steps for your own flourishing and a disposition from the assessment team about the degree to which they see point leadership of a NWC being a good fit for you.

Discerning Missional Leadership (DML)
Ready for a more comprehensive assessment? Discerning Missional Leadership is a three- to four-day, in-person opportunity offered around the country several times each year. DML assessments give you a chance to get to know others as you work in teams and reflect on your gifts and goals. You’ll come away with insight and a plan for next steps.

If you have further questions about attending the Austin DML, please email Michael Gehrling.