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You can learn new ideas and generative practices by participating in a workshop. EBW events are crafted with adults in mind, focusing on active, experiential modes of learning and on content that is relevant to the changing landscape of ministry.

EBW Springs: Online Learning Hub

We invite you to join our new online gathering space, EBW Springs. Part online learning platform, part social connection hub, you'll find e-courses, groups focused on ministry-related topics, and thought-provoking conversation threads at the Springs. There are currently two e-courses offered on EBW Springs, Creativity and Hope in Healing Trauma and Creativity and Hope in the Face of Trauma. Find out more below. 

Join EBW Springs Here

Two e-courses Available on EBW Springs now: 

Creativity and Hope in Healing Trauma e-course, FREE 







In this course, designed as a free offering to help all of us experiencing trauma, you will find practices that can begin to help the body move through trauma, including breathwork and simple movements.  After a short introduction on cultural trauma there are five lessons, each led by Healing Artist, Sadé M. Jones.  Each lesson includes:

  • Reflection Question: Framed from the Christian perspective
  • Practices: Led by Sadé on video
  • Journal Prompt: Reflect upon and internalize your experience

Clicking the link below will redirect you to the EBW Springs site for this e-course.

Access the e-Course Here

Creativity and Hope in the Face of Trauma e-course, $15







This affordable e-course is based around an online conference held in May 2020 by the same name.  In this e-course you'll find:

  • Engagement: Inspiring creative ways to build hope and resilience, with contributions from top theologians in the field, Shelly Rambo and Phillis Isabella Sheppard.
  • Practices: Breathing, movement, mindfulness practices to aid in healing yourself and others
  • Inspiration: Dance performances or spoken word poetry to begin preparing the mind for the work 
  • Resources: A curated collection of resources as well as the opportunity to connect with others interested in this topic in the EBW Springs online community.

Clicking the link below will redirect you to the login page to complete your registration.  If you have participated in one of our workshops either in person or online, you are a "Current Member."  If you are new to EBW, please enter your email and a password to create a membership in our system.

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