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The Truth in Our Stories

Immigration continues to be a complex and polarizing issue. How can we find common ground? Come listen to "The Truth in Our Stories," hear the voices of people directly impacted by immigration, and then consider how we are being called by Christ to respond.

There are multiple ways to engage The Truth in Our Stories. We're offering an e-course with video stories and discussion questions for small group or individual use—on your schedule. EBW is also offering a facilitated small group course that you are welcome to join. In the Truth in our Stories small group course, you will explore the complexities of immigration over six weeks with other Christian learners and leaders. You will have access to thirteen online modules, each featuring stories told by immigrants and including theological reflection questions. 

Make sure to purchase our beautiful, paperback edition of The Truth in Our Stories. For a fuller description of the course and book visit This workshop is designed for use in small groups in congregations, youth groups, and high-school-aged children.

Workshop dates to be announced soon!

This material is also available as a facilitated private course for your congregation or ministry setting. There is a flat fee of $650 for administration of the course with an EBW facilitator in addition to a $10 per person fee, with a maximum of 15 participants. Contact us at to discuss!

About the Facilitator

Rev. Elizabeth Wright is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. She studied history and public policy at the College of William & Mary before earning a master of divinity from Duke University. She served local congregations for eight years, primarily along the Texas-Mexico border, before taking on the role as first executive director of Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors in March of 2019.