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Embracing Full Humanity© Dialogue: Facilitator Training

Does it seem like folks have forgotten how to talk to each other these days? Or, that it’s harder to have civil conversations that don’t end in someone getting angry or clicking “unfriend?” Whether it’s a school board meeting, church session, or a backyard barbeque, kindness still counts. But kindness isn’t the same as going-along-to-get-along. How do we learn to move beyond mere politeness to truly listening with open minds and hearts across difference? How can we lead others to do the same? The Embracing Full Humanity© facilitator training program, designed with faith leaders in mind, will serve as a guide on your journey with the tools, resources and support needed. In the workshop we will ask, together: What does Embracing Full Humanity look like, feel like, be like? What are your hopes for community dialogue and honoring collective wisdom? What do you need to get there? How will you know you are on the right path?

Our presenters, Full Humanity, understand the integral role pastors and lay leaders play impacting the communities you serve. Volunteers count on you to connect with the support and guidance when they are most needed. Community members should see themselves represented and welcomed in meaningful ways, with their collective wisdom and cultural capital honored through an equity- and justice-centered standard of practice. 

Date for Fall (Online): Saturday, November 6, 9:00 a.m.-Noon; 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Cost (Online): Ten or fewer years in ministry, pay-what-you-can ($25 suggested minimum); More than ten years in ministry, $75.
Scholarship available. Contact our director of educational design at

● Community Agreements & Values
     ○ What is your Why?
     ○ Creating a Liberated Space
● History of Circles and the Seven Core Assumptions
     ○ Circle practices
     ○ Seven Core Assumptions
● Navigating Social Identity
     ○ Social Identity Wheel
     ○ The impact of Colorism
● Challenging your Assumptions
     ○ Unpacking the Knapsack
     ○ Recognizing and Disrupting Microaggressions
● What is your role in Social Justice?
     ○ Centering the Voices of POGM
     ○ Leveraging your skills & talents in community

Full Humanity was founded in 2020 with the desire to support our community in finding ways to show up fully in all the facets of our daily lives. We strive to achieve this through learning experiences that develop racial consciousness, by sharing tools and practices, and by creating space to share in the collective wisdom of those we serve. We are a BIPOC woman-owned firm and we have a diverse range of consultants on our team with expertise in education, staff training, and development, human resources, assessment, research, and evaluation.

The Full Humanity Team

Nicole K. Bell: Owner, Principal Consultant

Nicole K. Bell (she/her/hers) is a strategic learning and development
professional who focuses on leadership, equity, and creating inclusive
and authentic learning connections. She is currently the training and
development coordinator in human resources at Austin Community
College (ACC). She has more than fifteen years of experience in creating diverse employee leadership and development training programs. She is a
certified mediator, success coach, and graduate of both Leadership
Women-Leadership Pipeline, 2016, and the Essential Class of Leadership
Austin, 2018. Nicole is a Courageous Conversations™ affiliate practitioner with the Pacific Education Group. As an Anti-Racist educator, Nicole's passion is the uplifting and support of women and families of color. Her mission in equity work is to create spaces for everyone to be free to show up in their full humanity.


Skye Howell: Owner, Principal Consultant

Skye Howell (she/her/hers) is an equity coach, adjunct professor in health and human services, and author. Skye is from the Potawatomi and Ottawa tribal nations and grew up in Houston, Texas. Shaped by her experiences as a White, Native woman who has been detribalized through adoption, she is an advocate for Native rights and equitable student opportunities. Skye is a Courageous Conversations™ affiliate practitioner with the Pacific Educational Group. She received her graduate degree in educational equity and cultural diversity from the University of Colorado-Boulder and her undergraduate degree in recreation therapy from Texas State University. Skye facilitates anti-racist training related to equity, inclusion, restorative and culturally responsive practices through her work with P-20 educational teams, community organizations, and corporate teams. She strives to curate healing, identity-affirming space using centering practices, music, art, poetry, and writing through community building, racial healing, and restorative circles. She is honored to serve her community on the Board for Great Promise for American Indians.