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Doing Justice: Racism

Join us as we take a direct look at the church’s response to racism in America. In this course you’ll have the opportunity to engage in courageous conversations with other Christian leaders and learners who are wrestling with this complex issue in order to deepen your understanding of the biblical, theological, and sociological perspectives held by others. 

The goal of this five-week course is to begin to understand the theology and values that drive people to land on one part of the spectrum or another. By doing so we can learn to engage in courageous conversation and move nearer to God's will for us. In this course, we will explore:
• An introduction to racism, including personal reflection and defining key terms
• Personal stories and testimonies from a variety of cultural contexts
• Biblical, theological, and social reflection on three different Christian responses to racism: 
(1) Change Social Structures 
(2) Formation and Friendship
(3) Personal Responsibility

Two ways to take this course

1. Join a small group, which will meet once each week for 90 minutes, for five consecutive weeks. After registering you will have access to all the online modules and can begin working through them at any time. 

Cost: $35 per person
Groups are limited to 15 people. 

Registration link coming soon!

2. Work with EBW to provide a facilitator for a small group at your church or ministry setting. There is a flat fee of $650 for a facilitator and administration of the course in addition to a $10 per person fee, with a maximum of 15 participants.

Contact EBW to schedule a private course

Meet the Facilitators

Doing Justice: Racism is made possible through a partnership between Fuller Seminary's Ogilvie Institute of Preaching and Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.