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Creativity, Hope, and Trauma

Two asynchronous e-courses available on EBW Springs 

Creativity and Hope in Healing Trauma e-course FREE 

This course was designed during the coronavirus pandemic as a free offering to help all of us experiencing trauma. It was most especially crafted with a heart toward those experiencing the twin pandemics of racism and Covid-19. 

In this course you will find practices that can begin to help the body move through trauma, including breathwork and simple movements.  

After a short introduction on cultural trauma, there are five lessons, each led by Healing Artist Sadé M. Jones. Each lesson includes: 

  • reflection question framed from the Christian perspective, for those coming from that faith tradition
  • practices led by Sadé 
  • journal prompt to help you reflect upon and internalize your experience

Because we are focusing on practices in this course, there is only brief information on trauma itself. If you want to delve into this topic more deeply, we recommend checking out the resources listed at the end of the course and signing up for Creativity and Hope in the Face of Trauma (description below), also on EBW Springs.   

Join EBW Springs to access this course. 

Creativity and Hope in the Face of Trauma e-course

Trauma leaves an imprint on the body. It does not remain locked in the past; it persists unwelcome and unbidden.  Trauma cannot simply be talked away. Healing of trauma requires creativity and attention to what the body remembers. Come learn online with us as we look for hope and creativity in the face of trauma. This course is based around an online conference held in May 2020 by the same name.

In the e-course you'll find:

  • Engaging content. We've designed this course to inspire and engage you in creativity ways to build hope and resilience in the face of trauma, with contributions from top scholars and practitioners in the field, like Shelly Rambo and Phillis Isabella Sheppard and Sarah Sloan. Each lesson is followed by reflection question that you can use with a group or on your own.
  • Practices you can use. This course offers simple breathing, movement, and mindfulness practices that you can use to aid your own healing and to help support the healing of others. These are led by Sadé Jones, Wakelyn Malitz, and Sarah Sloan.
  • Inspiration for the journey. Each lesson begins with either a dance performance Sadé Jones and/or spoken word poetry by Joe Davis to get you in a different frame of mind to engage the work. 
  • Resources for further learning. We have developed a curated collection of resources for further learning and offer you the opportunity to connect with others interested in the topic of trauma in the EBW Springs community.

Join EBW Springs to access this course.