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Hesed Lecture: Remind. Restore. Reimagine

Sponsored by the LatinX Student Group and the African American Diaspora Student Group

Access the videos here


The purpose of the HESED lectureship at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary is to promote awareness and church involvement in the area of social justice, thus enabling "hesed," which is Hebrew for justice, loving kindness, and mercy. The theme, “No jUStice without US,” addresses the absence of life-giving justice for people of color in the United States. As attested from the brutal death of George Floyd, ICE raids of immigrants, and Covid-19 deaths, people of color have faced one injustice after another, from racial to economic to health to housing to food, etc. With this focus, virtual HESED 2021 aims to gather justice-minded people, activists, believers, and potential allies not only to define the injustices Brown and Black communities experience but more importantly to imagine together what justice should look like for marginalized people—hence the US.  Indeed, it is when all people receive living-giving justice that we fulfill these words from the prophet Amos: “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”(5:24).