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Undocumented Stories

Undocumented is an educational outreach project to help people learn about immigration through storytelling events and a traveling gallery. 

Undocumented Stories, a collection of personal, handwritten stories from members of the immigrant Latino community, began as part of a storytelling project from Education Beyond the Walls. These powerful testimonies were collected in immigration clinics and at events throughout Austin, Texas. It has evolved over time to become a project that gives voice to the men, women, and children who daily suffer under current U.S. immigration policies. 

More than one hundred handwritten stories have been collected, preserved, and translated into English and—with the addition of immigrant photographs—form a traveling gallery. We also offer live storytelling events (and optional video), in which five storytellers from the immigrant Latino community share their stories in front of a live audience.

If you are interested in understanding more about immigration and amplifying the voices of our immigrant friends and neighbors, Undocumented Stories can help you have an impact in your community or congregation in these ways:

• Host our traveling gallery, displaying handwritten stories and photographs of immigrants.

• Host a storytelling event, in which a group of immigrants will share their stories in front of a live audience. 

• Use our recorded stories for learning purposes. Check them out in our YouTube channel.

These opportunities offer a great way to ignite the conversation and prepare to take action. See the web site here, and contact Mónica Tornoé for more information.