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Welcome to the Faithful Preaching Project!

The Faithful Preaching Project is a new initiative, funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., designed to help preachers instill deeper faith in their listeners and empower them to live out their faith more fully in worship and in the community. Offerings include peer-learning cohorts, as well as the opportunity for congregants to attend worship camps to develop skills and abilities for faith-sharing in worship.

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Rev. Dr. Carolyn Helsel, Project Director

Dr. Carolyn Helsel, Associate Professor in the Blair Monie Distinguished Chair in Homiletics at Austin Seminary, is in charge of designing and implementing the Faithful Preaching Project. Contact Dr. Helsel at


Kelley DeCleene,
Program Coordinator

Kelley DeCleene, a fresh face at Austin Seminary, is in charge of operations and communications for the Faithful Preaching Project, ensuring the successful execution of the program’s many offerings. Contact Kelley at

The goal of the Faithful Preaching Project is to identify what makes sermons faith-full and faith-inspiring, then to coach preachers on how they can infuse their own preaching with those qualities. When I taught lay preachers in our Certificate in Ministry program last spring, I was struck by how the students' sermons so powerfully demonstrated and communicated a deep faith. My hope is to help more preachers cultivate a preaching life that fosters faith in listeners. - Rev. Dr. Carolyn Helsel