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Focus on Justice

Injustice is evident throughout our society, made manifest in many ways from racial discrimination to hostility against immigrants to inequality and the widening income gap. The God whom we serve, whose name is Justice or Elohei Mishpat, calls us to challenge injustice and to be at the forefront of the fight for the liberation of the oppressed. God’s clarion call to justice is reverberating in this time. The pandemic has uncovered and exacerbated social inequities. As educators and Christians, we have a unique opportunity to advocate for the communities directly impacted by these issues and to demand substantive change.

EBW’s “Focus on Justice” series presents an array of educational opportunities for Christians who sense an urgency to this calling and who want to deepen their knowledge of faithful engagement and action-based solutions to the complex and polarizing issues of 21st-century America. 

Upcoming Courses and Resources

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