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e-book FAQ

Problems with downloading? Just need to print a chapter for a class reading? Want to do it all on your phone? You can find the answers here! And remember, you can always e-mail with any questions.

Quick links to e-book handouts

Finding e-books

How do I find the e-books we have access to?

e-books through Sophi Search

Go to the Library home page on the Austin Seminary website. In the Sophi Search box, select E-books only from the Find drop-down menu and then do your search. Alternatively, you can do a search by Everything and identify the e-books in your result list or limit to "eBooks" under Resource Type.

If you are off campus, you can search and browse without logging in, but you will prompted to log in with your seminary credentials if you click to read or download an individual e-book.

How can I access e-books at other libraries?

e-books from Austin Public Library

Austin Public Library has a large collection of fiction and non-fiction e-books for all ages available to download for free, all you need is a library card!

Austin Public Library (need library card & pin)

How can I search for e-books in EBSCOhost?

There is a video tutorial on searching e-books available here.

Where can I learn more about EBSCO e-books?

The EBSCO e-books support site has tutorials and user guides for EBSCO e-books and audiobooks.

Troubleshooting and other questions

I'm having problems reading EBSCO e-books online with my Mac - what should I do?

To use the online viewer with a Mac, you need to install the Adobe Reader plugin for the browser you wish to use.

When I try to view EBSCO e-books online in my web browser, I'm prompted to download PDFs of the pages, one page at a time:

To fix this issue, follow the instructions for the browser you are using at this link. Additional information about this problem can be found on the EBSCO help pages here.

Where can I download Adobe Digital Editions?

Adobe Digital Editions is available for free here.

For help installing and using Adobe Digital Editions, see the E-Books for Texans page here.

Which devices are compatible with EBSCO e-books?

Compatible e-readers include the iPad, Android tablets, all iOS and Android phones, and any e-book reader supporting the Adobe e-book DRM. More detailed information is available here. Note that EBSCO currently does not support any mobilie devices that run on the Windows operating system.

Can I transfer e-books to my Kindle e-reader?

Because Kindle uses a proprietary format, you can’t download e-books directly from EBSCO to your Kindle Reader. You can, however, use Amazon’s Send to Kindle option to send e-book pages saved in the PDF format to your Kindle reader or app. Note that the number of pages you can print to PDF is set by the publisher and will vary from title to title.

How can I delete expired e-books from Adobe Digital Editions?

When your check-out period is over the e-books you have downloaded will automatically become inactive. If you click Remove from library from the dialog box that pops up when you try to open the book it will delete the book from your library, but not from your computer. To completely delete the book from your computer, right click on the cover image, click Show file in Explorer and manually delete the highlighted PDF or EPUB file from the explorer window.