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Legacy Giving

Through careful estate planning, gifts made upon your death continue to support causes you hold dear in life. Legacy giving designated to Austin Seminary bears witness to your faith and helps to ensure the future of the church for generations to come.

Shaping your legacy through your estate can bring great joy and meaning to your life. It can also be an inspiration to others, demonstrating God’s call to invest in a future filled with the hope of Jesus Christ—a hope that is, was, and forever shall be. It connects you to the saints who have gone before you and the saints who will come after you—all believing in the church eternal and honoring her educated leadership.

There are a number of ways your generosity and accumulated resources can live beyond you to ensure the future of theological education at Austin Seminary. Thoughtfully planning your legacy allows you to provide for your heirs while expressing your Christian values and gratitude to God. In some cases, planning can reduce estate taxes. Regardless of how you give or what you give, your estate gift reflects your values and is a proclamation to your faith.

As you plan for the future, here are several ways in which to consider giving …

Last Will and Testament

Through your will you can name Austin Seminary to receive a dollar amount or percentage of your estate.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A dependable source of income in your lifetime can support the  Seminary after you're gone.

Beneficiary Assignment

You may name Austin Seminary the beneficiary of certain assets that you no longer need.

Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance policies you no longer need can be made payable to Austin Seminary upon your death.

Retirement Savings

Donate the most heavily taxed assets in your estate and leave cash, securities, and brokerage accounts to your family.

Gifts of Real Estate

Land or a second home that your family no longer uses may be left to the Seminary.