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Selina Aguirre

Associate for Advancement

Sarah Allen

Associate Dean of Ministerial Formation and Advanced Studies

Ryan Arnold

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Margaret Aymer

Vice-president for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, The First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport, D. Thomason Professor of New Testament Studies

Penny Baker

Program Coordinator in the Office of Ministerial Formation & Advanced Studies

JR Barden

Director of Advancement Services

Whitney Bodman

Associate Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion

Rick Carlson

Staff Accountant

Rodney Caruthers

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Mike Castleberry

Director of Financial Services

Alan Constant

Learning Specialist

Danny Contreras

Maintenance Technician

Gregory Cuéllar

Associate Professor of Old Testament

Kelley DeCleene

Program Coordinator for Faithful Preaching Project

Phil Dieke

Director of Congregational Innovation

Jade Evans

Assistant Director of Congregational Innovation

John Everett

Director of Physical Plant

Andrew Frazier

Recruitment Associate

Ángel Gallardo

Assistant Professor of Church History

Ismael García

Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics

Sarah Gaventa

Dean of Students

Kimberly Godfrey

Human Resources Generalist

Sarah Gomez

Director of Auxiliary Enterprises

William Greenway

Professor of Philosophical Theology

Carolyn Helsel

Associate Professor in the Blair Monie Distinguished Chair of Homiletics

Philip Helsel

Associate Professor in the Nancy Taylor Williamson Distinguished Chair in Pastoral Care

John Hendrick

Professor Emeritus of Evangelism and Missions

JD Herrera

Dean of Enrollment

David Hill

Maintenance Supervisor

José R. Irizarry

President and Professor of Practical Theology

David Jensen

Professor in the Clarence N. and Betty B. Frierson Distinguished Chair of Reformed Theology

Donghyun Jeong

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Bobbi Kaye Jones

Professor in the Louis H. and Katherine S. Zbinden Distinguished Chair of Pastoral Ministry and Leadership

Rodrigo Leal

Learning Technologies Librarian & Archives and Records Manager

Timothy Lincoln

Assistant Dean for Institutional Effectiveness, Director of the Library, Research Professor in Theological Education

Jennifer Lord

The Dorothy B. Vickery Professor of Homiletics and Liturgical Studies

Usama Malik

Program Coordinator

Rykie Marx

Recruitment Associate

Judy Matetzschk-Campbell

Director of Development

Gary Mathews

Director of Alumni Relations

Mikala McFerren

Program Coordinator, Lifelong Learning

Ludwig Noya

Instructor in Old Testament

Suzie Park

Associate Professor of Old Testament

Mike Pence

Director of Information Technology

David Perry

Associate Director of Information Technology

Alison Riemersma

Executive Assistant to the Academic Dean

Cynthia Rigby

The W. C. Brown Professor of Theology

Johnny Rogerio

Maintenance Staff

Rodrigo Rosales

Maintenance Staff

Jeff Sanchez

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications