Student Groups

Student groups bring people together around a common interest. Create a group around your passion or explore what you may soon become passionate about.

APTS Holy Spirit Squad and Polity Bowl

To provide an enthusiastic/athletic/creative outlet to promote school spirit. 

African and African Descendent Student Group*

To provide support for and address concerns particular to African-American students. Our goal is to serve and support each other, the APTS community and the larger Austin area

Artists in Austin

Artists in Austin seeks to engage the Seminary community with the greater arts community in Austin, honoring both the artists at work on our campus and the artists at work in Austin. Artists in Austin wants to support student artists in their ongoing artistic process and facilitate opportunities for the greater seminary community to engage with the city’s plentiful art offerings.

Austin Seminary Patristics Society

To empower students to wisdom and virtue through communal studies of the Early Church and the writings of the Early Church Fathers and inspire appreciation for church history through critical, yet impressionable, readings of the Early Church Fathers. 

Sponsor:  David Johnson

Latinx Student Association

To provide a forum for students of Latinx decent to support each other and build community/network through the sharing of ethnic and religious experiences. As a student-centered organization, the group will provide opportunities to address specific concerns, issues and challenges in the community relating to Latinx within the APTS community. In addition, students will have opportunities to serve the APTS community and also the greater Austin community. 


Methodist Student Group

To establish a connection among Methodist Students for fellowship and discussion of relevant issues. 

MSSW/MDIV Student Group

To provide support to and a community for current dual degree students and a place where inquiring students might learn more and get questions answered. 

Queer Alliance


Queer Alliance celebrates the imago Dei in all of God’s children, recognizing God’s creative power in all gender and sexual identities. 

Thus, the mission of Queer Alliance is to create a welcoming, supportive, and brave space within the APTS community for LGBTQIA+ persons and allies through fellowship, education, worship, and advocacy both in and beyond the walls of our seminary.

Science and Theology Exploration Group

To provide a safe environment for the discussion of faith and doubt, dogma and free thought, revelation and reality, metaphor and analogy, natural philosophy and hope.

Seminarians without Borders

MISSION AND PURPOSE: Seminarians without Borders exists to faithfully witness to the plight of immigrants in the United States, both on our border and in our local community.

S.o.S. (Supporters of Seminarians)

MISSION STATEMENT: To offer support for and create a community among spouses, partners, couples, families, and students, while enhancing the experience of and the atmosphere at Austin Seminary. 

Students for Social and Environmental Justice

To encourage students to live out our ideals of social justice and environmental care as members of the body of Christ.

A Threshold to Chaplaincy

Mission Statement: A threshold takes you from one place into another, when you’re about to start something new, leave something old, or are in transition – you’re also on a threshold.  As we stand at the threshold of learning we strive to be spiritual healers to those encountering a threshold in their lives.  This group seeks to inform and guide students on the education requirements, volunteer opportunities, current events, and work options in the chaplaincy field.