AYAVA House, in the center of our campus, is an intentional community for young adults (ages 21-29) involved in year-long service learning experiences in the Austin area. This is a home away from home for PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) who are serving in Austin for the year. If you are placed in Austin by AmeriCorps, CityYear, or other program, consider applying to AYAVA House. You will share a dedicated apartment on campus in central Austin with other young adult volunteers, where, under the supervision of Austin Seminary staff, you will engage in simple communal living, theological and vocational discernment, and reflective spiritual practices.

Why might I be interested in AYAVA House?

As a young adult contemplating your career path and interested in social justice, you may be considering the professional ministry, work for non-profit agencies, or other service-oriented professions. Austin Seminary recognizes the value of providing tools of discernment and theological reflection, as well as helping you establish networks of colleagues in ministry and service that will nurture you for a lifetime.

Austin Seminary has rich resources to share with a broader audience. We are committed to sharing the experience of the seminary community with those who may never formally enter a seminary degree program but who will nevertheless be leaders in their faith traditions and communities. 

What's it like?

You will live in a shared apartment on our campus with other young adult volunteers. The AYAVA House program coordinator, a member of the Austin Seminary staff, provides program oversight and coordination. You'll engage in the intentional living experience, from quarterly retreats to weekly house meals to monthly conversations and interactions with Seminary faculty and administration.

What will it cost?

The cost per for rent/utilities and programming is $310/month. If you are chosen to be an AYAVA House resident, you must sign an “Intent to Participate” form and pay a $100 non-refundable housing deposit (which will be applied to the first month’s rent). Proof of adequate health insurance is mandatory and is the responsibility of the participant. A shared “house budget” will be developed in the first week of residency.

How do I apply?

Apply through the Office of Admissions. Your application will be screened by the Vice President for Admissions and the Ayava House program coordinator. Selected applicants must agree to participate in all programmatic aspects of the Ayava House Program. A criminal background check is required of all adults living on the Austin Seminary campus as part of the housing application process.