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Reflection Questions

Answers to the reflection questions should be submitted as a single MS Word or Word-compatible document by attaching or uploading it in the appropriate place below. If you have difficulty uploading the document, please call Kathy Muenchow at 512-404-4857.

The total word limit is 3,000. You may allocate the 3,000 as you wish among the questions, but you must answer at least three of the four questions.

  1. Describe a significant theological influence on you and your ministry.
  2. When have you learned something that impacted your leadership as a pastor? How did you learn it?
  3. Dwight Moody, the American evangelist and publisher who founded the Moody Bible Institute, said, “Someday I will be a citizen of heaven, but for now I am registered to vote in Cook County.” How does your identity as a pastor at this point in your ministry fit with Moody’s self-understanding?
  4. What do you hope to gain from PLPL and what do you think you would bring to the program? 
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Please provide the information requested below for a person who will support your selection as a PLPL Fellow. The person should be a leader in your congregation, a regional leader in your communion/denomination, or a third person (seminary professor, senior minister, colleague, or mentor). We will contact this person to inquire regarding your demonstrated capacity for leadership and your potential for leadership in the next two decades.

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