Your growth in broadening your vision of public life, increasing your competence to reflect theologically on public life, and gaining confidence in leadership will not happen solely through participation in Learning Intensives. Your growth also requires experimentation, practice, and reflection. The Fellowship provides two structures to encourage and support on-the-ground action and reflection: Local Actions and Site Visits. 

Local Actions

Through Local Action projects, you will take a step toward engaging the ideas and issues presented in the Learning Intensives. Local Actions also allow you the opportunity to engage additional issues of concern to your congregation and community.

PLPL Fellows are required to undertake eight Local Actions throughout the Fellowship, one after each Learning Intensive (excepting the last). Each Local Action will address one or more of the three Fellowship goals:

  1. to broaden the vision of public life,
  2. to increase competence to reflect theologically on public life, and
  3. to gain confidence in leading from the intersection of congregational and public life.

Fellows will be reimbursed as much as $50 for costs associated with each Local Action.

Example Local Action Reports

Site Visits

Site Visits to a peer Fellow’s context invite you to broaden your vision of public life by looking through the eyes of one of your colleagues. One Fellow Visit, including a written summary, is required during the Fellowship. No duration of the visit is set; you will craft a time together that works for both of you. The purpose is to see each other’s leadership contexts, both within the congregation and in the community of their ministry. In the particularity of the context, Fellows may help each other identify public issues and reflect theologically about them.

The visiting Fellow will be reimbursed for as much as $100 for costs incurred.