Spotlight: Year-End Giving

Regifting …

Ever give a Christmas present and wonder whether it will be regifted? (You know, where it gets rewrapped and given to someone else.) Well please know that your year-end gift to Austin Seminary, will be regifted! 

Consider those times when an Austin Seminary graduate:

Blesses the wedding of a dear couple—your gift has been regifted.

Stops in a hospital room and provides words of comfort through prayer—your gift has been regifted.

Baptizes a loved one and—awash in the cleansing words and ritual that encourage us to remember our baptism—your gift has been regifted.

Preaches a sermon with the message of God’s peace, hope, joy, and comfort that is received at "just the right time"—your gift has been regifted.

Asks you to lead a mission-trip or teach a Sunday School class in which countless lives are touched—your gift has been regifted.

Your gift today helps prepare those following God’s call to serve the church both today and in the future. Your gift helps provide scholarships, housing, faculty, technology, and other resources needed by our students. Your gift today will be regifted in ways that haven’t yet been considered and will reach hearts and souls in places and situations that we simply cannot imagine.

A year-end gift to Austin Seminary is a great way to honor or memorialize someone you love. Your gift to us is also a gift to them.

It is humbling for all of us who serve at Austin Seminary to watch as these students pursue wonderful journeys in Christian service. We hope you will join us! 

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