"Answering the Call" - Spotlight on Alum Jeffrey B. Saddington (MDiv'11) 

As a first-year MDiv student at APTS in 2008, I immediately immersed myself into seminary life by volunteering for the fall Phone-a-thon. This was a way to connect with alumni who cared about the seminary that was now part of my own call journey. And I discovered that my most important contact that first evening was with another volunteer, Rev. David C. Duncan (MDiv’64). David committed his life to the church and to his seminary, regularly participating in the Phone-a-thon. Meeting David that night and catching his ever-youthful enthusiasm in the work of Christ eventually affected my own path toward ordination in important ways. I saw him again during Phone-a-thons, and he soon became more important in my life as my liaison to the Mission Presbytery Committee on Preparation for Ministry. In 2012 I had a privileged opportunity to serve him and his wonderful life partner, Molly, as a Chaplain Resident while they courageously battled the illness that took his life way too early.  Six weeks after David entered the Church Triumphant, I was ordained into chaplaincy at Hospice Austin wearing a treasured red stole Molly had made for David’s own ordination nearly 50 years before. I make a point each year to participate in the Phone-a-thon in memory of the Reverend David Christopher Duncan. You never know who you will meet—even in a Phone-a-thon—and how you will be affected in the course of working in the world for the benefit of others who are on their own seminary journey!

by Jeffrey B. Saddington

Above: Jeffrey Saddington in Stitt Library