2014-2015 Guest Preacher Series

Worship is at the core of community and academic life at Austin Seminary. Morning prayer, student sermons, and community Eucharist led by faculty members are regular fixtures of worship in Shelton Chapel. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Seminary community will be enriched by the opportunity to hear from and worship with a number of well-known and well-respected preachers from across the county.

The Fall lineup for our Guest Preacher Series has already begun with the Reverend Roger Paynter's sermon "Here's Mud in Your Eye" and the Reverend James Lee's sermon "Pep Talk for Perilous Times." On select Thursdays throughout the semester, preachers who serve congregations from west Texas to upstate New York will join the Seminary community for the worship of God and the proclamation of the Gospel:

The Reverend Steve Schorr (October 23): First Presbyterian Church, Midland, Texas

The Reverend Leslie King (October 30): First Presbyterian Church, Waco, Texas

The Reverend John Wilkinson (November 20): Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York

Worship begins at 11:10 in Shelton Chapel on the Austin Seminary campus. All are welcome.

2014-2015 Guest Preacher Series | Shelton Chapel at Austin Seminary | Worship begins at 11:10 am | 100 East 27th Street | Austin 78705 | 512-404-800 | September 25 The Reverend Roger Paynter Pastor, First Baptist Church, Austin, TX | October 2, The Reverend James Lee, Pastor, New Covenant Presbyterian Fellowship, Austin, TX | October 23, The Reverend Steve Schorr, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Midland, Texas, | October 30, The Reverend Leslie King, Pastor, First Presbyterian church, Waco, Texas | November 20, The Reverend John Wilkinson, Pastor, Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York

Above: The featured pastors in Austin Seminary's 2014 "Guest Preacher Series."