Drawn In: Learning to Use the Creative Process for Spiritual Formation

September 17, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Presenter: Troy Bronsink

This day of contemplative experience and integrated right- and left-brained learning will rejuvenate you for your life and ministry—and help you discover a process for refreshing those with whom you serve.

Registration fee: $75 (lunch and book included)

Recommended for pastors, heads of staff, program directors, teachers, worship leaders, and all those who lead ministries in congregations or faith-based service organizations

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The Law of Someday

September 23, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

Presenter: Karl Travis

Our birth year shapes how we understand the world and behave in it.  In this day of education, we will focus on generational theory as it de-mystifies people’s attitudes and practices in relation to money, generosity and organizational life---three critical issues for most church leaders. How do you lead when one generation views giving as a public necessity, another believes giving is an option and still a third sees giving as a personal possibility? Or, when investing energy in an institution is a duty to one generation, arouses suspicion in another, only worth the effort if it works for the other? Come and engage these questions with fellow practitioners of ministry.

Recommended for pastors, stewardship committees, church leaders

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Constitution Day

Free Lunch Provided for Press

September 18, @ 12 p.m.

Austin Seminary, McCord Center, Room 204

Presenter: Regina H. Lawrence

Regina H. Lawrence will talk about freedom of the press in terms of 1) competing notions built into the constitution about what that freedom really protects; 2) questions about media autonomy from government; and 3) the future of press freedom in a rapidly changing media environment.

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Heyer Lecture

September 25, @ 12 p.m.

Austin Seminary, McMillan Center, Room 210

Presenter: Luis H. Zayas

“Undocumented, Unaccompanied, and Citizen: The Children of America’s Migrations”

In the national debate about immigration reform and record-level deportations, the plight of children caught in the middle has been overlooked.  Now, with the tens of thousands of refugee children crossing the border deliberately into the arms of border agents, they cannot be dismissed.  Luis H. Zayas, Dean of the UT Austin School of Social Work and the author of The Making of American Exiles and Orphans: How Deporting Immigrants Hurts Citizen-Children, discusses three groups of children most affected by the aggressive immigration enforcement: undocumented and citizen-children of unauthorized immigrants and unaccompanied immigrant minors.  He describes their imperiled developmental trajectories and how the policies decided today will affect our nation’s social, economic, and moral health for decades to come.

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