Steward's Resource Navigator

Steward's Resource Navigator

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary is committed to equipping students to realize their calling to ministry. Central to this success is empowering students to navigate resources with integrity, generosity and resourcefulness.

Understanding that a budget is a document of spiritual health, and central to personal and professional successes, we ask new students to fill out this Steward’s Resource Navigator before receiving an offered financial award. Please utilize this Steward's Resource Navigator Guide to assist in proper completion of this form, which will ask you to outline your current budget actuals and project/anticipate your subsequent year’s budget.

Please do relax; this is not a test of any kind. We invite students into this process so that we can come alongside to help in the most fitting manner possible. After receiving student forms, we may connect students to helpful consultations with Financial Aid, Students Affairs or our Ministers Facing Money program.

Completing this form invites thoughtfulness about money’s relationship to your life of ministry. It begins an empowering journey toward a more nuanced understanding of money and its relationship to ministry life.


The document offers a “resource” tab in the left hand corner of the document. It acts as an aid for understanding how to complete the form. Please utilize this as a tool to help fill out the remaining tabs for Years 1,2, and 3 of your seminary experience.

Feel free to work on this form prior to receiving a financial award letter. Your award letter will provide details about where and when to e-mail a completed form.

If you have any questions about the Steward's Resource Navigator, please contact:

Glenna Balch

Director of Financial Aid