2018 Cohorts

And Now What?

As African-American clergywomen nearing retirement we’re asking the question, “And Now What?” Through study, reflection, conversations, artistic expression and spiritual disciplines, we will design a creative approach to guide us through our transition into retirement and share it with younger women.

Friends of the Long Road

Pastor and theologian, Carlyle Marney, once used the phrase “Friends of the Long Road” to describe those holy relationships that support and sustain us. We have found such faithful friendship in one another, and are convinced it is core to our continued flourishing in life and ministry.

Nevertheless, They Persisted

“Nevertheless, they persisted”—these words characterize our lives and ministry as four female Seventh-day Adventist chaplains. Despite our denomination’s consistent refusal to ordain women to ministry, we have persisted in our callings. This cohort provides us with a structure to explore the lives of female mystics and the spiritual practices of lamentation, ritual, and social justice. Through our study, refection, and conversation, we will root ourselves in the tradition of holy persistence and link ourselves to the women who have tread the same holy ground.

Second Wind

We are a group of innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers searching for fresh ideas and inspiration. Some of us wear robes, others hiking boots, others jeans. Whether we are preaching at a bar, beside a lake, under a bridge, or in a sanctuary, we long to help new generations hear good news in a way they understand. We will stretch our creative muscles though non-traditional learning.

Vitality in the Diaspora

This cohort is comprised of five pastors who are members of Glacier Presbytery. The members come from all three of the presbytery's regional clusters. Their ordination status ranges from newly ordained to 25 years of ordained service. Their ages span from 29 - 63 and includes both male and female members.

Wild and Holy

We serve church starts, established congregations, a university chapel, and we serve the wider Church through writing, speaking, and consulting. We are women who carry the burden of God’s kingdom in unique ways and believe the embodied presence of the community is central to our joy and survival in ministry.