2016 PLPL Fellows Jake Fain and Erin Hensley

Comments from Other Fellows:

"This Fellowship was an amazing opportunity to intentionally discern what it means to be a witness to the gospel which is always a public act. I am much more aware of that calling and courageous in my position of authority. I think perhaps I had been going through the motions in many ways and this learning opportunity has led me to put legs on all [my] theological study. The great question: so what? looms in the midst of planning and prayer."


“I struggled with profound depression and hopelessness trying to revive the churches in [my region] to serve their changing contexts. The ecumenical relationships among the Fellows helped me see where light is shining through.”


"If not for this fellowship the tyranny of the urgent would have covered up the important. I would had to have spent 4 or 5 times the amount of time at least to get the quality information that you all prepared for us. The worship that resonated with the social topic at hand especially resonated with me. I needed to be in a pew and I needed to be in an ecumenical group and I needed to be in a group with a covenant of presence. I feel more confident in where to connect with the local wider community. I'm more confident that the small public works lead to the public work-the common good some call it. I think Jesus would call it the kingdom of God."

“The Fellowship is not about teaching us to be activists, but about getting the wheels turning to look in to our own contexts.  Now, my questions are about how to lead the congregation given my new vision.”


"PLPL invited me to see a much larger picture of ministry action in the world. I have been encouraged to be more in my community and speak more for those without voice. This PLPL was a powerful point of ministry for me. Thank you."


"I broadened my understanding of my responsibility and opportunities in Public Life. My theological reflection increased and deepened, not only through guest speakers and material but through the relationship with other PLPL fellows. I gained confidence on how I can contribute in Public Life affairs. I will seek to continue to change my exposing myself to more ecumenical participation by attending the local ministerial alliance meetings and by been more present at my community's needs. I plan get closer to ISD district to see how we can work together for the good of our community."