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Affording Seminary

The financial aid program at Austin Seminary is truly significant. It is evidence of the Seminary’s focus on developing church leaders without increasing debt. Austin Seminary provides the resources to make an indispensable theological education affordable.

Austin Seminary is committed to offering the best possible theological education. We are also committed to partnering with you to make it as affordable as possible. We fund up to 90% of tuition cost for a large majority of our students. Through a competitive process, ten merit-based fellowships cover tuition plus additional expenses such as housing and books; eight merit-based scholarships cover 100% of tuition. Taken together more than 90% of all students receive some type of tuition assistance. Additionally we offer a wide variety of campus housing for an excellent value; we subsidize housing at about 50% of market rate. Austin Seminary fosters a culture of stewardship including fiscal responsibility through our Ministers Facing Money program. If a student needs to finance any part of his or her seminary education through loans, we will assist that student in learning to reasonably manage that debt. Our federal loan cohort default rate is 3.7%, which means that a vast majority of students who require loans are able to repay them on time; a much higher rate than the national average for student debt.