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Doctor of Ministry Program

Our Doctor of Ministry program invites you to reimagine your ministry in light of contemporary realities. This new model of engagement allows you to explore your ministerial vocation within the context of Leadership for Public Theology or Leadership for Wonder: Re-Enchanting Christian Life. Each concentration entails small classroom encounters with our resident faculty and fellow students as well as a travel seminar to the Texas-Mexico Borderlands or Ghost Ranch. As you move through the process you will integrate your learning and experiences by creating a portfolio that may include projects, artistic creations, and reflections.

Students in our Doctor of Ministry program represent the breadth of Christian liturgical and theological traditions, from both Protestant and Roman Catholic branches of the church. Through small classes led by resident faculty deeply committed to this program, you will find yourself immersed in a rich exchange of perspectives and ideas that will enhance your ability to lead faithfully.

Leadership for Public Theology

Leadership for Wonder