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A student may request transfer credit for graduate-level academic work from accredited institutions. For entering students, upon favorable action by the Admissions Commission and after returning the Intent to Matriculate form accepting the Commission’s offer of admission, the Office of Admissions will request of the Office of the Academic Dean a transcript evaluation and preliminary assessment of how the transfer of credits will be handled and what the requirements will be for completion of the MATS, MAMP, or MDiv degree. Then, after matriculation into the degree program, an official memo regarding transfer credit will be issued by the Office of the Academic Dean. A request for transfer credit initiated after matriculation into a master’s-level degree program should be directed to the Office of the Academic Dean. In all cases, a review of transfer credit may require conversation between the student and the academic dean. The student may also be asked to provide a course syllabus for any course being considered for transfer. Only courses with a grade of C or better will be considered for transfer credit. No credit will be given for academic work completed more than seven years prior to a student’s matriculation into a degree program.