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Seminary Leadership

Greetings from President Wardlaw

There are many ways to describe Austin Seminary—as a center of pastoral formation, as a graduate school of theology, as a place of soul-searching and inquiry—but my favorite image for this place is this: a series of introductions.

To experience this place is to be introduced, over and over again. You are introduced, of course, to a stunning faculty and staff; and to inspiring students; and to the vibrant city that surrounds us; and to our enormous neighbor across the street, the University of Texas—the largest public university in America. But you are also introduced to an endless procession of interesting people from back and forth through time. 

You are introduced to such ancestors as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; to Sarah, Leah, and Rachel. You are introduced to prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.  You are introduced to Jesus, our living Lord. You meet apostles like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Phoebe and June. You meet saints like Andrew, Columba, Stephen, and Augustine. You meet other holy people like John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Hus, John Wesley, Thomas Cranmer and Sojourner Truth.  You meet Karl Barth, Thomas Merton, Dame Julian of Norwich, Thurgood Marshall, Joan of Arc, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Reinhold and Richard Niebuhr, Martin Luther King Jr., Gustavo Gutierrez, Rosemary Ruether, Rosa Parks, James Cone, Rachel Henderlite, and on and on. 

And in this living, striving community, you meet a host of conversation partners with whom you are studying and worshipping and eating and fellowshipping. Through all of these profound introductions, you also meet yourself in a new and growing way.

I hope you will explore this site for signs of whom you might meet, and whom you might encounter personally when you come here for a visit. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to meeting you!

- The Reverend Theodore J. Wardlaw
President of Austin Seminary since 2002

Board of Trustees

Chair: Keatan A. King, Houston, Texas

James Allison, Houston, Texas
Lee Ardell, Houston, Texas
Janice Bryant (MDiv’01, DMin’11), Austin, Texas 
Kelley Cooper Cameron, Canadian, Texas
Katherine B. Cummings (MDiv’05), Bentonville, Arkansas
Thomas Christian Currie, Shreveport, Louisiana
James A. DeMent (MDiv’17), Victoria, Texas
Jill Duffield (DMin’13), Charlottesville, Virginia
Britta Martin Dukes (MDiv’05), Austin, Texas
Peg Falls-Corbitt, Conway, Arkansas
Jackson Farrow Jr., Little Rock, Arkansas
Beth Blanton Flowers, MD, Houston, Texas
Jesús Juan González (MDiv’92), Ft. Worth, Texas
William Greenway (faculty member)
Cyril Hollingsworth, Little Rock, Arkansas
Ora Houston, Austin, Texas
John Kenney, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Steve LeBlanc, Austin, Texas
Sue B. McCoy, Dallas, Texas
Matthew Miller, Albuquerque, New Mexico
W. David Pardue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Denise Nance Pierce (MATS’11), Austin, Texas
Mark B. Ramsey, Charlottesville, Virginia
Stephen J. Rhoades, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sharon Risher (MDiv’07), Charlotte, North Carolina
Conrad Rocha, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lana Russell, Austin, Texas
John Van Osdall, Houston, Texas
Michael Waschevski, Fort Worth, Texas
Elizabeth Currie Williams, Dallas, Texas
Michael G. Wright, Dallas, Texas

Trustees Emeriti
Cassandra Carr, San Antonio, Texas
Lyndon Olson, Waco, Texas
B.W. “Sonny” Payne, Kerrville, Texas
Max Sherman, Austin, Texas
Anne Vickery Stevenson, Houston, Texas

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