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What does living the faith look like today? How can we engage the world as it is and as it is becoming? As the answers—and questions—shift, one thing remains clear: the world needs adaptable, imaginative Christian leaders to help heal our fractured communities and lead faith into the future.



Austin Seminary will challenge your assumptions, your abilities, and your comfort zone as you expand your horizons and mature into your calling and your sense of self. Here, learning is not only about scholarship, but also about practical experience and spiritual formation.
EBW event in San Antonio


At Austin Seminary, you will connect with your calling, your colleagues, and your community as you find your foothold in Christian ministry and service. Whether you fully understand your aspirations or are unsure of your ultimate path, Austin Seminary will help you flourish in your faith and your future vocation.


At Austin Seminary, you will be changed by your experiences—and you will in turn become a change-maker, in your communities, in your church, in the world. Austin Seminary students, alumni, and faculty are recognized as curious learners and creative leaders who are grounded in Christian tradition and use their faith to make an impact.